Monday, December 5, 2011

Ankle ribbons, dive-sex and mystery meat

Trolling for men in ballet-wrap stilettos

Ankle ribbons are in for Spring 2012: From Alice+Olivia’s Spring/Summer 2012 line. A ballet look for wannabes in 4 in stilettos that accent the ankles and legs. Even the most bookish women can give her ballet-girl alter ego a romp in these lovely shoes that scream “take me” to any man with a ballet fetish.

Why I like dive sex: I keep getting reader’s comments asking why I love dive-sex. I’ve answered this question before, but for new readers I’ll answer it again. My interest in dive-sex developed because being weightless in water shows off my toned body to its best advantage while providing a hostile environment in which to enjoy the physical delights a man can provide as well as an opportunity to savor the affects of asphyxia during weightless sex. I discovered that facet of breath play when I accidentally ran out of air during an orgasm at the bottom of a friend’s swimming pool. It was amazing, an epiphany for me, and has provided an entirely new more intense level of carnal pleasure! Surviving a breathplay encounter during dive-sex is such an adrenaline rush that when I surface immediately afterward I need to be taken by my lover again. I understand that side effect, needing sex, is common for men after combat and is also what I have experienced after a KP-boot fight where the mind is so glad to be alive that it needs to experience sexual pleasure to relieve the tension.

Adolph’s Thanksgiving gift of mystery meat: I’m sorry to say that Adolph’s contribution to the gravy served during our Thanksgiving dinner proved to be a disappointment. As I wrote in an earlier post I didn’t tell any of the guests about its supposed aphrodisiac effects. I just observed the behavior of the women (it is supposed to significantly increase only the female libido) who consumed it. As far as I could tell there was no increase in libido of any of my female guests and I’ve been around them (even Adèle) enough under intimate circumstances to have a pretty good idea of how randy they are at different points in their cycle from menstruation to fertility and ovulation. While they enjoyed themselves by sampling the different men available none of the women were over the top in erotic behavior. I’m wondering now if the tales told about the aphrodisiacal power of the organ meat were apocryphal as there is nothing I could find in medical texts of the period. Perhaps he was scammed and was provided with boar’s testes.

Thanksgiving weekend side effects: It’s now been a week since I had my Thanksgiving smorgasbord of studly men for the women in my circle to enjoy in safe and comfortable surroundings. None or us has come down with yeast or other normal infections that typically occur from being sexually intimate with so many different men in such a short interval of time and that’s as expected since we all used DiveGel+. There is no reason to suppose our contraceptive protection was any less effective, but no method is 100% effective so we should know for sure in another week or so.

I played Aphrodite to make sure all the woman got to experience all the men. I even managed to get Cyndi taken by her Mom’s boyfriend while Fiona was off shopping at Hermès with Anya. Anya took her to both Hermès stores - the Crystals and at Wynn’s Encore - and then lunch so Colin had plenty of time to be gentle with Cyndi since it was his first time with her. Cyndi’s experience with Colin seemed to help reassure her that he can meet Fiona’s considerable physical needs from a lover (they both like well hung men with plenty of stamina) and Cyndi came away from the weekend thinking far more favorably of Colin than that he was just the latest set of male genitals in her mother’s life.

I want to thank my good friend and regular reader Eric for bringing the article below to my attention.

“Stiletto Self-Defense
By Lolita Lopez Saturday, Nov 19, 2011

"I wanted women to just know enough ... to be able to tap into their inner power and ward off a predator"

Stiletto heels aren't just fashionable, they also serve a purpose.

Local self-defense expert Jennifer Cassetta has created the Stiletto Self Defense program that demonstrates how women can protect themselves.

She developed the techniques after she was attacked several years ago while walking on the street late at night.

"He grabbed me from behind and in that half a sec, like, I knew in my head from my training that I had an instant to choose whether to be a victim or a victor and I turned into what I liked to call a 'she beast,' basically went crazy like I was going to attack him," Cassetta said.

According to RAINN, the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted every two minutes.

The 5 foot 1 inch third degree black belt in HapKido, a Korean martial art, was able to chase off her attacker while wearing high heels. She began teaching the program in 2006 using her 12 years of experience.

"I wanted women to just know enough of the basics to be able to tap into their inner power and ward off a predator," Cassetta said.

Cassetta explained her ABC's of self-defense: Awareness, Boundaries, and being Centered and Calm in the face of adversity.

"We have on our bodies five different weapons, pretty much, and they start with the hands, elbows, knees, feet and your head," Cassetta said.

As for those heels, Cassetta suggested wearing comfortable ones that you can run in if necessary.

"The first thing you do with those sexy stilettos is stomp your heel right down on the foot," Cassetta said. "Hopefully it will go right through the foot. You can also take the foot and go up the groin with that stiletto, as well."

Cassetta said, remember to let out your inner "she beast" and be loud, calling attention to your situation.

"It all starts in the mind and it's a mind body spirit class ... if you think you are powerful enough to get away in a situation like that, most likely you can," Cassetta said.

Another tip: think like a predator.

"How can you avoid being a target? You want to stand up straight make sure you are looking around, shoulders back,” she said. “You see girls texting and headphones. None of that.”

Two 20-something's taking her class were inspired by what they learned.

"I walk around with my headphones and disappear into my music, and I never thought I am very vulnerable at that moment," Stephanie McCall said.

Tina Pareedes said the class challenged her habits, as well.

"I usually avoid looking at people in the eye walking around the street but once you get that in your head to just go after someone in the face, yea," Pareedes said.

Cassetta holds local workshops once a month but is also available by appointment for special classes. She recently held a class in one part of Los Angeles where there was a spike in sexual assaults.

"I have mothers, a lot of mothers, who have girls going off to college that will call me and schedule a class" Cassetta said.

For the video see:

Her techniques are also available on DVDs. For more information check out”

Personal Comment: I’ve always liked the idea of fighting back and using whatever is at hand as weapons and punching a 3 or 4 inch stiletto heel through an attacker’s foot can be pretty effective. Of course if you miss you lose the advantage of surprise that you are actually fighting back. Another tactic I like if I’m in flats or sneakers is to kick back into an attacker’s knees. If you break the knee he’s down and not going very far then you can safely run. Of course too there is the Wal-Mart Black Friday weapon of choice, pepper spray, if you have it where you can get at it, like in your hand as you walk to your car.


  1. Also, since the platform of pointe shoes is pretty hard, I've heard from you that a pointe shoe to the groin can be painful. I remember from your old blog on Yahoo! 360 that you flung your pointe shoe at a dude's cell phone trying to take an upskirt video of you and broke it.

    The thing is, women can turn anything they wear or carry as a weapon. Stiletto heels to the groin or foot, a loaded purse to the head, car keys to the eyes, whatever.

  2. Hi Eric, actually I was wearing pointes at the time and when we got to the top of the escalator I kicked the cell out of his hand and over the rail of the third level at the Mall. I agree that we often have a lot of things in a purse that can be used in a pinch for self-defense.


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