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Breeding diaphragms and ‘death rubber’

A Milex Wide Seal Omniflex often used as a gas-guard

A ‘Death Rubber’ Omniflex & Chi: Chi: the bodies vital life force a portion of which is left contained in objects the owner was wearing when s/he died. I’m CD3 and bleeding heavily today so I have a diaphragm inserted for flow control and contraceptive protection, though with my 28 day cycles it is very unlikely that I would become fertile during my menses. Recently a German reader has been searching this blog with the term ‘death rubber’ which is the reason I mention that the Omniflex I’m wearing I got when I pulled it out of an escort trainee who died during training encounter in Adolph’s deep water training facility, ‘the well’. She was a 23 y/o Dutch escort and friend of a French Dom who had sent her to Adolph’s facility for proficiency training in underwater intercourse below 30 meters. She apparently had an adverse event of some sort, possibly a blood clot or a nitrogen bubble to her brain during her second extended 30 meter dive of the day. She was over her nitrogen loading limit and was also on Yaz and was a smoker. She was dead by the time she reached the surface. I was at Adolph’s for dinner with him and her as well as another student in the same course and Adolph, knowing my interest in rubber clothing and equipment women were wearing when they died during sex, hence the term ‘death rubber’, suggested I remove and keep her gas-guard, which he knew was my size, for my collection and personal use. I love wearing a diaphragm another woman died while wearing! I can feel her Chi still trapped in the rubber which I feel enhances my strength, confidence and eroticism. Additionally, when I wear a death rubber diaphragm during my period I think I have less cramping and am in a better mood.

Cyndi’s first death rubber: When Cyndi accompanies me on cleanup projects she has second pick (I have first) of any clothing and equipment the dead women are wearing. She had taken pointe shoes one girl had been wearing and a dildo that another had inserted when she was drowned during a solo underwater masturbation session, but until this past week she had never found a death rubber diaphragm/gas-guard that was her size. What she imagined would be a triumphal moment pulling a dead woman’s most intimate possession out of the body and inserting it in her own vagina, turned out to be bittersweet because the dead woman had been one of her best friends.

It happened at Splash, Adolph’s private swim club, where Cyndi has an after-school job as a Red Door qualified Towel-Girl. Her mentor, a 28 y/o blond Swede who has been at Splash since it opened and had guided Cyndi through the intricacies of Towel-Girl competitiveness for advancement and the best clients was with a client in an encounter suite where they were having dry-SCUBA sex. That’s where the couples is both in latex fetish dive gear and wear regulation OTS FFM dive gear and breathe compressed gas from regular scuba tanks mounted on a tank trolley next to the bed.

What happened was that a nearly empty tank was left on or exchanged for a tank on the trolley and Inga connected her mask to that tank. Since the Towel Girls are responsible for ensuring that they and their clients are breathing the correct gas mix and from full tanks at the start of the encounter it’s hard to understand how Inga with her years of experience could have made such a serious mistake. She was on her hands and knees, her client opened her relief zipper and entered her from the rear, taking her doggie style, and the security videos don’t show her making any attempt to stop the encounter or remove her mask. Since they were not underwater there was no tell-tale bubble stream to watch so that security could tell she was still breathing. She just quivered and moaned as though she was enjoying his getting to her G-spot so the first time anyone knew she was in trouble was when the client came in her and withdrew taking his hands off her hips and she toppled over. There was an ambient breathing valve on her mask so if she was having a problem breathing off the tank she could have opened the valve and been fine. So it seems to me she must have been mentally incapacitated in some way otherwise she would have opened her ABV. I suppose the good news is that a client didn’t die.

The tragedy of Inga’s death had at least one small bright spot in that while Cyndi was helping strip her mentor’s body of the fetish dive gear and breathing equipment she also pulled out Inga’s Omniflex and swapped diaphragms. Since the Towel-Girl uniform is thong bikinis she quickly removed her own diaphragm and inserted Inga’s then stuffed her own back in Inga’s body. Since the diaphragms at Splash don’t have RFID chips in them there is no way to tell the swap was made other than by DNA. The switch was accomplished while everyone else was distracted righting the tank trolley that had tipped over when someone tripped on a hose. Inga had given Cyndi one of her old discolored Omniflex Ds so she knew it would be the right size. She told me that to have an Omniflex she pulled from her friend who died while wearing it during sex and while her body was still warm and with the client’s seed dripping from it was just awesome, in a really sad way!

Cyndi is so pleased that she can feel her mentor’s Chi coursing through her 17 y/o body while she has her death rubber protecting her cervix. Since she has a GyneFix IUD implanted Cyndi has no need of a diaphragm for birth control, but does use it for sex when she is menstrual and as a gas-guard when she is likely to have dive-sex, which means it is continuously worn when she is at Splash. And of course she will wear it for dive-sex in the cove when we go to Virgin Gorda.

Breeding diaphragms: Since there has been an increase in the number of men asking for breeding encounters with our escorts I’ve started training the girls to use a ‘breeding diaphragm’. For rape fantasies I take a different approach when providing contraceptive protection that ‘accidentally’ fails. Rather than sabotage my partner’s condoms which they hate wearing anyway I wear what I call a breeding diaphragm. A breeding diaphragm is one that is two sizes smaller than the size the woman should wear for it to be effectively used for contraception. And it is worn ‘dry’, that is w/o spermicide in the dome. I’ve found the type diaphragms that work best are an Ortho All-Flex (arcing spring) or a Milex Omniflex (coil spring) rim styles

When a woman has a diaphragm inserted that is considerably smaller than her correct size it is much easier for her partner/attacker/fantasist to under-thrust the rim with his penis and plant his seed under or in the dome so that when he withdraws the rim will reseal on the anterior wall of her vagina trapping almost all of his semen inside the dome where the tip of her cervix is submerged in a pool of semen while she sleeps. Or if the couple is into bondage and the woman is tied down and gagged during the encounter an additional advantage of using a diaphragm during a rape/breeding encounter is that it can be pulled out by her attacker and shoved in her mouth as a gag.

Ideally an Ortho All-Flex is the best breeder because the rim is the easiest to under-thrust. However, the smallest size All-Flex is a 65mm and some adult women might take a 60mm in a breeder so they would need an Omniflex which makes a 60mm in a coil spring rim.

Someone unfamiliar with cervical barriers might ask why not use a cervical cap, such as FemCap for breeding? The answer is that while an improperly sized FemCap can be displaced off the cervix with a thrusting penis it may fill with semen, but it is very unlikely to reseat itself on the cervix after withdrawal. And a diaphragm rather than a FemCap is far safer for the woman since a FemCap if pulled out and used as a gag can easily be lodged in the woman’s throat and her partner, with his mind elsewhere, may think she is squirming in ecstasy when in fact she is being asphyxiated, especially if she has been penetrated from the rear, taken doggie style, where he can’t see her face.

Personal protection during breeding/rape fantasy encounters: Of course our escorts have IUDs inserted or are on long acting hormonal birth control, but for me during a rape fantasy I 'double bag' and wear an Oves cap screwed down tight on my cervix under my diaphragm so when my ‘attacker’ under-thrusts the rim and shoots his wad or pulls my D out and stuffs it in my mouth I’m still well protected. Of course, when I’m having my period (as I am now) I can’t safely do rape fantasies and so if I’m with a man I know to be mischievous I wear a Reflexions flat spring so it’s nearly impossible for a him to under-thrust the rim.


  1. where can I buy Reflexions Flat spring D? please write to thank you!

    1. Hi... I'm sorry to have to tell you that Reflexions diaphragms were discontinued at the first of 2015. If you are in the UK there may still be some pharmacies that have a small stock, but they probably won't ship outside the UK.


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