Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pointe Shoe quiz December 7, 2011

Name two pointe-shoe makers shoes shown in this video.

This video is on the Australian Ballet’s website. The direct link is:! However, I’ve not been able to get that link to open for me. [link corrected 12-10-2011. Thanks Paul S!]

What I had to do was go to: Then highlight ‘watch&listen’, and scroll down to and click on ‘video’, then click on ‘en pointe’.

The video is well worth watching and with real dancers talking about and showing how they prepare their shoes it puts to rest the complaint about pointe shoe preparation shown in the film Black Swan where it was said shoe prep was ‘over dramatized’.


  1. Hi Jill

    Nice video!

    For some reason it's not included the '!' in the actual hyperlink you've posted... if you add that then it works fine.


    Paul S

  2. One is Bloch, because there was a shot of the first girl breaking in a Bloch (with "Bloch" imprinted on the sole). Another is Freed, because I saw the second girl turn a pair of Freeds inside out with Freed printed on the insole at the heel.

  3. Hi Jill,
    any chance to get a PM address?
    Need you help for one topic in your blog: UDP

  4. Hi Fabi, Welcome to my blog! You can contact me by commenting here and let me know what exactly you need my help with. And you can give me your email address. I have to approve all comments before they are posted so it won’t be published if it's something you'd rather not have seen by others.

  5. Very nice video Jill,

    Jessica Fyfe wore a Bloch
    Amber Scott wore a Bloch Aspiration
    Natasha Kusen wore a Freed Judging by the logo imprinted on the sock liner
    How did I do? Paul D

  6. Hi Paul S, thanks for the catch of the link error which I've corrected...

  7. Hi guys! Yes, this was an easy one. You are all correct that Freed and Bloch are the makers. Thanks for participating!


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