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Ballet-sex training, Lesbians and diaphragms

Escort in Suffolk shoes during ballet-sex training

Solo ballet-sex training: As I mentioned in a comment on my post for March 31, 2012 [Ballet-sex exams, dome suction] in that post I didn’t go into all the hours of solo training each girl spends perfecting her compartmentalization skills to be able to control her legs and vaginal muscles while balancing en pointe during penile vaginal intercourse. In Solo training she works en pointe fully penetrated from behind, having backed on to a suction mounted dildo attached to the mirror in an encounter Sallé. That way she can perfect the angle and depth of penetration she needs to successfully reach orgasm, so that when she is with a man she can guide him to give her exactly what she needs before her tight spasming bands of vaginal muscles milk him of the last drop of the thick cream filled with his seed. Practicing alone a student can quickly determine the most comfortable and safest angle for being penetration. Being penetrated at an angle significantly off the long axis of the vagina can lead to having a diaphragm/gas-guard under-thrust or quickly developing painful vaginal tears.

The small encounter Sallé preferred for solo training has three mirrored walls one with a barre and a digital media player for music. Each escort/or student brings her own reproductive tract protection, diaphragms or cervical caps, penetrative devices, dildos or a Penetrator Plug (for cervical orgasms from rubbing her pelvis against a barre bracket) and lubricating gel (typically DiveGel+) as well as a good decongestant, a ball-gag and gasmask or respirator to compromise her ability to breathe worn to simulate the exertion experienced during extended encounter sessions. We also recommend that students who don’t have an IUD inserted/implanted also carry in their dance bag a few condoms and a tube of Semécide spermicide. The condoms are in case she calls for an instructor and he needs to demonstrate a particular thrusting technique and the Semécide is back-up in case the condom breaks or slips off. Use of stimulating gels (such as K-Y Intense) during training is forbidden as their use tends to make the woman less interested in learning how to get the most intense experience from her training equipment.

UNLV Lesbian Subs and diaphragms: At the clinic we are seeing more lesbian students coming in to be fitted for diaphragms. This seems to be happening because there are several lesbian Dommes who have begun trolling UNLV for partners and who enjoy giving their Submissives very rough sex with a strap-on. The Dommes, not wanting to permanently damage submissive partners, are sending them to us to be fitted with protection for the G-spot and cervix. We are fitting them with diaphragms to prevent epithelium tears during strap-on encounters. Since with lesbian strap-on vaginal sex there is usually no danger of pregnancy (unless the strap-on has a spring loaded syringe for ‘ejaculate’) no spermicide is necessary, but a good thick silicone gel (DiveGel+) is used. For vaginal strap-on sex the diaphragm I’m fitting the Subs with is a silicone Milex arcing spring. That’s because the Milex arcing spring rim is more difficult to under-thrust than an All-Flex or Omniflex. Also important is that the Milex dome is thicker than All-Flex, Reflexions and Semina so the friction of the strap-on tip against the dome won’t wear a thin spot in the dome too quickly. And, the thicker dome provides some measure of thrust buffering if the Domme wants to batter her Sub’s cervix.

Warming/stimulating gels and diaphragms: At the clinic we are finding that stimulating gels, like K-Y Intense, applied to the inner surface of diaphragm domes in place of spermicide are becoming a popular experience enhancer at vanilla sex parties. Vaginal use of Intense is not recommended by the maker and even when used on the clitoris as directed about 25% of the women who try it find it has no effect or they are allergic to the ingredients. However, that vaginal application is an off-label use hasn’t slowed its increasing popularity among twenty somethings to heighten the woman’s experience.

Intense can be purchased on the internet in bulk to drop the cost of an application (about 10 vaginal applications to a container instead of the 20 recommended for application to the clitoris) to about $2.50 per application. That’s because you need about twice as much as is recommended for application to the clitoris to make sure the G-spot is stimulated. Solo sex using a G-spot vibrator or riding a Sybian machine is spectacularly enhanced because the user has control of the depth, direction and pressure of the vaginal probe, but using a diaphragm with a mechanically rotating plug (like a Sybian) inserted can shorten the life of even a Milex Arcing spring the most structurally robust diaphragm available.

The Real estate market and Porn Palaces: Taryn’s video company has leased several secluded estates in the Spring Mountains. They are lovely homes with large enclosed pools that had been foreclosed on and she has had them refurbished for use as sets for porn films. This arrangement is working a lot better than trying to sneak into a foreclosed property and possibly have the real estate agent appear during a shoot or worse the police. This way there are no bribes to pay, no possibility of arrest, access is 24/7 and there is plenty of room to stage camera and editing equipment. The cost of the lease and right of first refusal to purchase if the bank finds a buyer is about the same and there is far more stability on the set for the actors and crew and much less drama off-camera.

Depo-Provera and breast cancer: “There appears to be a link between an injectable form of progestin-only birth control, best known as Depo-Provera, and an increased risk of breast cancer in young women, new research suggests.” For the complete article click HERE

Personal comment: If it weren’t bad enough that using the injectable progestin Depo-medroxyprogesterone acetate causes weight gain in a significant percentage of users as well as loss of bone density now there seems to be a doubled risk of breast cancer with use of the injectable contraceptive for a year. There may be good reasons that some few women need to use Depo-medroxyprogesterone acetate, but it is a hormonal method to avoid if possible.

At St Lucy’s we forbid students to use Depo-Provera unless they must, because no other women controlled contraceptive method will work for them. Currently no St Lucy’s student is on Depo.

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