Saturday, April 21, 2012

The New Blogger GUI (2011)

The new Blogger GUI (2011) is tutu much!

Blogger GUI (2011): The New Blogger GUI (2011) was pushed out, during the past week. Other’s on Blogger know it has been available as an option for several months while the Google techies work to get the bugs out of it. I had resisted Blogger’s suggestion that I convert early, before I was forced to in the hope that most of the major bugs were corrected before my blog was converted. Yesterday I was forced to convert. So far while it is different it seems to be ok (fingers crossed) and this is a test post to see if I can create and publish a post in the new software. I don’t have any bells and whistles (other than a colored border) on the blog because there have been so many problems with software features and the more features the more likely I am to have a problem.

One thing I’ve noticed is the number of my viewer’s today is way, way down, less than a third of my normal daily count. Perhaps that’s because there was a forced mass migration to the new GUI (as I was) and everyone is sorting out what has happened to their own blog(s), or not! I guess we will see!

I hope readers will comment – if you can access my blog - about how you like the new software (not that I can do anything about it) the ease of reading the posts and leaving comments. For those readers who have my email address if you can’t leave a comment please email me to let me know.


  1. Looks like there hasn't been a problem with me accessing your blog. I may have to see how my blog got converted...

  2. Hi Jill,

    It's like going into a shopping mall and they move all the goods to different aisles :)

    Nah, it looks fine to me... is the line partition down the page normal/part of the page template? Not sure if it would look better with your posts covering the entire page instead of it being squashed over to the left?

    Anyway, hope you are keeping well :)


  3. Hi Eric and Paul_S! Thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure if I can move the entry to fill the screen. In compose there are information fields in that space. I'll probably try some time when I'm a bit more confident about using the new interface. I was concerned about losing page views which when I posted were way off for yesterday, but the count came back to about normal so that seems to have resolved itself.

    Thanks again for replying so promptly!



  4. BTW, I like the top picture. The lower half traditional ballet garb (tutu, tights and pointes) with the upper half being a T-shirt is a nice contrast.

  5. As long as I can read your posts, I'm happy :)


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