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Counterfeit DiveGel, Spring Break pregnancies, Girl-girl dive-sex

Extreme uterine cramping

Adulterated intimate lube: Our clinic is seeing cases of severe uterine contractions and bleeding from the use of counterfeit DiveGel that has been laced with a high dose of Misoprostol (Cytotec). The counterfeit product is available on the black market because DiveGel+ (a product of Labia Labs) is only available to professional escorts working for our casinos and for training purposes for a few select student groups.

The poisoned gel is packaged in 10 ml disposable applicators that look very similar to DiveGel and it takes about 25 minutes after vaginal application for a sufficient quantity of Misoprostol to be absorbed in the woman’s bloodstream to bring on uterine cramping and bleeding. That’s just long enough time for her to lube up, put on her scuba gear and be penetrated in an underwater tryst at the bottom of a swimming pool.

The targets appear to be the several groups of collage age women freelancing now that school is ending for the summer, the weather is warm enough to use outside pools and as the interest in dive-sex continue to increase. There have been two near drowning, one 19 y/o diver drowned on the bottom of a foreclosed mansions swimming pool in her own vomit filled FFM tethered to the bottom while masturbating solo and an 18 y/o bled to death after she was pulled out of a pool in addition to the eight or so who were just sickened and managed to get to the surface safely before becoming incapacitated.

It’s not clear who is responsible for distribution of the poisoned counterfeit gel, but it certainly makes the women’s jobs more dangerous as they need to use Vaseline petroleum jelly which washes away quicker than a silicone gel and can quickly destroy both latex and silicone cervical barriers used by the girls for ‘flood insurance’.

Teens with mom’s diaphragms: As the interest in diaphragms continues to increase for reproductive tract protection during underwater sex we are beginning to see instances of teen pregnancies from ‘borrowing’ their mother’s diaphragms during Spring Break. Fortunately most of the adult’s diaphragms are too large to fit comfortably for much of that to happen, but there have been a few, with tiny moms and a large father where the mom’s D is too small for her daughter. Without being properly fitted inexperienced girls covertly wearing cervical barriers often feel so confident they forget to take their birth control pills and she conceives. If the girl is 16 or older we keep her situation private. The moms who find out are in shock when they find the spare Omniflex was in her daughter’s vagina 15 feet below the surface of a pool in Baja California during the encounter from which she got preggers. The girls who come to our clinic after finding themselves in this situation elect to have a vacuum aspiration rather than take Mifeprex because it is much faster and less likely to cause serious side effects.

Fitting barriers at The Lorelei: Adolph’s spa, The Lorelei, attracts a lot of perimenopausal and menopausal guests as well as women of reproductive age and most of them want to experience underwater sex with one of the spa’s ‘Young Gods’ available as Service Masters, though they will switch and be either Dom or Sub depending on the guests requirements. Most of the guests are European and enjoy kinky sex though not of the type that will mark their bodies since they are all socially prominent and are often seen in revealing gowns or bikinis. Most of the older women have vaginas as well toned as any twenty-something Towel-Girl at Splash and most use Pyrex glass training balls daily as part of their beauty regimen.

For the Guests with deep post-pubic vaults who are not sensitive to latex I fit them with Reflexions flat spring diaphragms which are almost impossible for a partner to under-thrust. For women with a latex allergy or a shallow post-pubic vault I fit them with FemCaps. Since I am fitting them with gas-guards for ‘flood insurance’ (to prevent having pool water forced into the uterus by the hydraulics of a partner’s thrusting if the vagina floods) they only need to keep the cervix protected during the time they are underwater (less than an hour at a time) not for the six hours that it takes to ensure sperm is dead when used for contraception. So it doesn’t matter if the fit isn’t perfect if it will stay in place comfortably for more than an hour. Women with IUDs are taught to use DiveGel in the dome of their Reflexions or FemCap to prevent the strings of the IUD sticking to the barrier and pulling the IUD out when the barrier is removed.

The Well and Bottom debris: Last week it was time for the semi-annual cleaning of the bottom of ‘The Well’, Adolph’s 200 ft. deep training facility. Since Taryn started classes at Cambridge Cyndi has been helping me clean the debris off the bottom and it’s a treat for us both diving to the bottom at 216 feet and breathing Trimix while having sex with Adolph with a pair of HP steel 130 tanks strapped to our backs. Well, the treat isn’t having sex with Adolph, he can be a bit rough and no woman friend of mine should ever dive alone with him as so many accidents seem to occur to lone female divers in Adolph’s company.

The fun part is getting to have girl-girl sex with Cyndi at that depth and to see what items have littered the bottom of the training facility since we last cleaned it. The litter on the bottom is primarily birth control devices or vaginal toys; crushed shallow-water vibrators, Pyrex dildos, training balls etc. This time the contraceptive devices littering the bottom were: ParaGard (4) and Mirena (1) IUDs, NuvaRing (3). Diaphragms: Reflexions flat spring (2), All-Flex (6), Semina coil spring (2), Milex Omniflex (8), FemCap (3) Prentif (1). Training ball sets: Glass (4) and steel (3). Menstrual protection: Instead (3), Diva Cup (1), and the FC2 condoms (7). There were also disposable counterfeit DiveGel applicators most empty, but some still full and crushed by the water pressure. That’s another way to tell if the DiveGel is counterfeit, the applicator will be crushed below 60 feet, not a depth at which many users have dive-sex.

The reason these items litter the bottom of his training facility is that Adolph surprises his partner’s by removing their protection after reaching encounter depth before having sex with them, which routinely results in at least one pregnancy every few months in the group of (mainly European) women he trains. There were no Oves Caps, but as far as I know Oves hasn’t been generally available in at least six years and I’m the only one using it. I was surprised to see someone had lost her 22 mm Prentif, there are very few women using a Prentif any more since they stopped making them years ago. The three sets of ¾” chrome steel training balls lost almost certainly means he had several of my escorts or St Lucy’s students or staff in The Well, because no one else is using ¾” training ball sets right now. I suspect it was a St Lucy’s Professor (Miss M) the only woman his age he is romantically interested in and whose repudiation for loving rough sex is common knowledge on campus

Girl-girl dive-sex sex with Cindi: The girl-girl sex came after we had gathered the debris off the bottom with hand held fish nets which sped things up considerably so we had plenty of bottom time left for sex as we had pre-positioned oxygen tanks at 30 feet to help speed decompression. We were both in thong bikinis and I took Cyndi first with her tethered to the bottom with her legs spread held in place by ankle leashes. We both inserted another 10 ml applicator of DiveGel+ as Adolph had fucked us both and we were then full of his semen rather than DiveGel. DiveGel+ contains a powerful biocidal agent, so after handling other women’s contraceptive devices (even though we had worn gloves for the bottom cleanup and afterward removed them) it was another layer of protection to minimize the possibility of getting an STI from fingering one another. Wearing twin 130 HP steel tanks the only way either of us could be approached was from the front which wasn’t a problem since getting finger-fucked doesn’t require max depth or even being fully aroused. We both wore latex flat spring diaphragms and had our nails trimmed very short so when we caressed each other’s G-spots though the protective latex membrane we wouldn’t puncture the dome. Cyndi and I had had several underwater encounters in my pool so we were familiar with each other’s bodies, knew what to expect and how to turn each other on. The cool thing for us both was the depth since Cyndi had never had sex below 200 feet before and I was the first to give her a girl-girl encounter that deep.

I pushed aside the fabric of her thong, spread her labia and inserted my first two fingers and could tell she was already aroused because her nipples were erect her clit engorged and I couldn’t feel her cervix which I can before she becomes aroused. With the pad of my muddle finger I caressed the engorged area of her G-spot through the latex membrane of her protection and watched the increase in her respiration and the tension in her body as she approached orgasm. I listened to he hiss of her demand valve as she sucked air and the roar of her bubbles as she exhaled and felt her rings of muscles surrounding her vaginal barrel began to spasm tightening around my fingers and her entire body started to quiver as she began to gasp and moan over the comm. Link. I could see the sweat running down her forehead and was grateful for the design of our FFMs that directed part of each breath against the masks lens to prevent fogging. When she came her muscles clamped down on my fingers and ground my knuckles together painfully, so I had some Idea what it must feel like for a man who his shaft buried as deep as he can planting his seed when she reaches climax and clamps down milking the last drops of semen out of him. We took five minutes after she orgasmed for her to enjoy the afterglow.

Then it was my turn. She tethered me with the ankle leashes then fingered me to orgasm. I had thought I would try not to clamp down so tight on her fingers when I came, but she is so skilled with her fingers that I was gasping, mewing, moaning and sweating and so completely involved in my own orgasm that I forgot all about trying to be gentle and I clamped down every bit as hard as she had while my mind was centered on that magic spot on my anterior vaginal wall. It had taken 35 minutes (not including the 5 minutes each to enjoy the afterglow) to get us both off and we were about 5 minutes late starting for the surface, but we spent a bit longer at 30 feet after switching to oxygen and came up only 10 minutes over the safe intervals our dive computers had calculated. It was a great dive!


  1. About DiveGel+ and the counterfeit: Is there any possibility of having that substance or at least its formula available any time soon for the general public, at least to avid divers who want to experiment underwater, as it were?

  2. "Is there any possibility of having that substance or at least its formula available any time soon for the general public"

    It's in clinical trials now here for the groups that it was originally designed to protect - primarily escorts and dancers who are likely to be sexually active underwater. The trial is expected to take several years. The base is small and the turnover high so it's going to take time to collect the large amount of data needed.

  3. Whilst practicing part-time as a GP, I became popular with mother's seeking first internal exams and other "issues" with their teen age daughters - mainly because I was the only woman doctor for a few hours drive in any direction. It was not uncommon to face a mothe demanding that her daughter be put on the pill "to control her periods" or some such. One mother was quite direct with me. She went to insert her diaphragm one evening and found the box empty. Got out condoms instead and the next day found the diaphragm back where it belonged. All prties were surprised, the daughter received her own diaphragm and, after private consultation, received a prescription and decided the pill plus condom was more to her risk level.

    And, you are quite correct, that the ill-fitting mum's D was of little protection for the daughter. Incidentally, she had been "borrowing" for a year and was aware of the patterns of use of her mother's diaphragm.


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