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Menstrual sex

Primolut-n, generic Aygestin (norethisterone acetate) 5-mg tablets for inducing periods.

Menstrual sex, inducing a period: Escorts specializing in menstrual sex can safely induce their periods every 3 weeks, that way they can have as many as 17 bleeds a year. The way this is done is to take a 5 day regimen of the progestin Norethindrone (nor eth in' drone) acetate (NEA) - either Aygestin or its generic Primolut-n - taking two 5 mg tablets per day. After stopping the drop in progestin level will induce the woman’s period. Patient information for Aygestin can be found HERE. The picture at the top of this post shows blister packs of the generic Primolut-n, which we dispense at the clinic. A single 10 tablet blister pack is sufficient for a 5 day regimen of 2 5mg pills a day. Another off-label use for 5mg Norethindrone acetate pills is to delay a woman’s period if she is on her honeymoon, a diving or hiking trip or on a photo shoot.

Norethindrone acetate side effects: The down side of inducing periods for menstrual sex is that the hormonal swings can be hard on the woman’s body and the loss of blood will cause anemia unless she takes iron supplements and eats an iron rich diet. Another problem is that Norethindrone acetate can contribute to fluid retention so diuretic pills are often required for the woman to retain her figure.

Escorts specializing in menstrual sex have copper IUDs inserted for two reasons; first because inducing will not necessarily prevent ovulation so unlike sex during a woman’s normal period it is frequently possible to conceive from induced menstrual sex. The second is that a copper IUD will often cause heavier menstrual flow thus giving her clients a more complete experience covering them with her blood. Both ParaGard and GyneFix IUDs are satisfactory; however our Gyns and escort clients prefer GyneFix because it is far less likely to be expelled during strong uterine contractions.

Norethindrone (a less potent form of Norethindrone acetate) is also used in much lower doses as a progestin-only-pill (POP) birth control pill for new mothers who are lactating since progestin will not affect milk production. Some POPs containing 0.35mg norethindrone (NE) are: Ortho Micronor, Nor-QD, Camila, Errin, Jolivette and Nora-BE.

Recent clinic patients:

An overview: Returning readers will recall that several of my primary interests are in cervical barriers and physically risky sex, excluding STIs of course, which I’m very careful to avoid. Also, the clinic at which I volunteer is known for it’s expertise in reproductive health and especially the now (in my opinion) underused contraceptive method of cervical barriers. Which explains why we have so many patients who need counseling, fitting and training in the correct use of cervical barriers. So while it might seem from my posts that every woman in Vegas is now wearing a diaphragm that’s not the case at all. It’s just that a very large percent of the ones who are or want to come through our fitting rooms.

In the last several years diaphragms and caps have begun to regain importance as effective protection as social mores change so that it’s no longer just escorts specializing in underwater sex who are the most enthusiastic users of diaphragms and cervical caps. Now even young vanilla women (especially college girls) who become more sexually adventuresome are finding they need effective upper reproductive tract protection, not for contraception, but to protect their fertility as they participate in extreme sexual adventures. It is in this area that I have begun to concentrate my skills as a barrier fitter and teacher.

Latex-grab: There have been several instances of pregnancies due to latex-grab for couples using both male condoms and latex flat spring diaphragms. From the patients our clinic is seeing this seems to be happening with younger UNLV girls being taken w/o sufficient lubrication. I’m teaching the necessity of foreplay and using plenty of a good lubricating gel to St Lucy’s girls for both safety and comfort, but many of the UNLV girls are going it on their own w/o even the most elementary training other than how to insert and remove their diaphragms.

There have been three pregnancies that I know of. One from the diaphragm being pulled off the student’s cervix and the condom pulled off her partner. Another was from the diaphragm being pulled off the cervix and the condom tearing from friction. And the third was from friction wearing holes in both the dome and condom. This last is troubling because it means that the woman wasn’t inspecting her diaphragm for thin spots, cracks or tears in the latex membrane before insertion. The thing these three cases have in common (in addition to latex-grab) is that the women were on hormonal birth control but weren’t using it correctly. They had been fitted for diaphragms as a prerequisite for dive-sex training (not in my course) and were with new partners which accounts for them insisting on their partners wearing condoms. Perhaps they thought that when using three effective forms of protection nothing could go wrong and as a consequence used none of the methods correctly. Effective birth control is all in the details, using it correctly and consistently

Depo Provera and pregnancy: In spite of the possibility of serious side effects the popularity of Depo-subQ Provera 104, medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA), has increased since March of this year when women in the U.S. began reading the Fifty Shades trilogy, where the heroine, Anastasia Steele, was put on the contraceptive injection. While Depo is very effective it’s not foolproof and users must get an injection every 12 weeks. The user is considered safe for otherwise unprotected sex 7 days after the initial injection. The perfect use failure rate is .3% while the typical use failure rate is 3% because the user was either late getting her next scheduled injection or ignored the prohibition on unprotected sex for 7 days after receiving her first shot. The clinic is seeing pregnancies in teens on Depo primarily from those who have had what they say were “just this once” unprotected encounters with partners during the 7 day interval immediately after their injection while the progestin is suppressing ovulation. But we have also had 2 in girls who were late getting their next shot. Typically they want the pregnancies terminated by vacuum aspiration which is quick and very safe, and we can do that the same day if they can get the needed releases signed


  1. 1. I adore menstrual sex - my best orgasms always come at height of flow - and find that all that is needed is a large, burgundy towel.
    2. Sex workers are in a risky profession and many take additional risks, especially in the niche specialities. A few patients I see regularly are top end specialists and want a woman as their physician.
    All that said, I discourage women from using various hormones to control their periods. It is very hard on the body and can actually increase the risk of pregnancy. For women who need to "make it while they can," I help but for the rest of us, be careful messing with your system.

  2. Hi Brenda, I love working with the specialists and in the niche specialties. Copper IUDs are the best all around protection for menstrual specialists and those of us who want to enjoy the ebb and flow of our hormonal cycle w/o being sterilized. Of course with me I primarily wear an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix. It's statically riskier than an IUD, but I haven't had a Pg scare in the ten years I've been wearing Oves and I love that a partner can’t feel it, it doesn’t cover my G-spot and that a tiny bit of transparent silicone rubber sucking on my cervix is keeping me from conceiving!

  3. how often does a diaphragm have to be changed?

  4. The FDA approved guidelines for diaphragms say that a diaphragm should be worn continuously for no more than 24 hours. However, that was based on the fact that it was more likely to develop an odor after that interval. Its contraceptive efficacy was tested successfully for continuous wearing up to 48 hours. Some male rubber fetishists enjoy the pungent rubbery smell of a ‘ripe’ diaphragm, but I think that’s an acquired taste.

    When using a diaphragm for menstrual flow control the maximum length of time between emptyings will be determined by the size of the diaphragm (dome volume) and the rate of menstrual flow. That's something that will vary from woman to woman and a wearer will learn the limits by the feel when the dome is near capacity. I've found it's best to empty when the dome is about half full because you have to compress the rim to remove it and if the dome is full when the rim is compressed it spills. When used for flow control a diaphragm should be emptied as necessary or removed when the user is no longer bleeding and thoroughly cleaned. That’s because leaving D inserted with old blood in the dome can lead to a serious infection.

    If used for contraception while menstrual the diaphragm should be emptied before intercourse and left inserted for at least 6 hours after the last act of IC. After each use the D should be cleaned with a mild unscented soap and reinserted or left to air dry for storage. Please ask if you have more questions.

  5. A flat spring diaphraph must be worn in dive sex below 30 ft correct? other than that any diaphraphm works? Which of each type would you recommend buying and from where, I noticed oves caps are discontinued?

  6. >A flat spring diaphragm must be worn in dive sex below 30 ft correct?

    Yes, the rims of the other styles will distort due to the pressure acting on the hollow rim spring. Also, a correctly sized flat spring is nearly impossible to under-thrust which is important if you are having sex with a man who loves playing practical jokes like going around your barrier to get you preggers. The Reflexions FS is made of latex so it is out as a choice for women or their partners with a latex allergy. An arcing spring rim (All-Flex or Milex Arcing) can fit women with a wide range (lax to strong) of muscle tone, but is not for every one.

    >Other than that any diaphragm works? Which of each type would you recommend buying and from where, I noticed Oves caps are discontinued?

    Any diaphragm works for what? Dive-sex above 30 feet, or vanilla contraception or both? First you need to be examined to see if a diaphragm is suitable for your pelvic anatomy and if it is properly fitted by a qualified and experienced diaphragm fitter to determine the proper size and rim style for your anatomy. Only then will you know what style diaphragm will be best for you.

    I strongly recommend against trying to self fit! A too large D is extremely uncomfortable and can contribute to UTIs. A too small D is difficult to insert, more likely to be inserted incorrectly and more easily under-thrust.

    Once you know the size and rim style if you are in the U.S. and your Rx is for an Ortho All-Flex you should be able to purchase it at your local pharmacy. If you are in Canada the All-Flex is no longer distributed there and your fitter should know that. If you are fitted for a Cooper Surgical Milex diaphragm and are in the U.S. they aren’t sold in pharmacies so your fitter will have to order it for you. In Canada a few clinics stock Milex diaphragms. Or, you can purchase any size and rim style on-line, usually w/o an Rx.


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