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Belinda and pelvic athletics

Pelvic Athletics: Ready when you are Sir!

Rubber Chicks and latex diaphragms: One of Adolph’s friends, ‘Alex’, a wealthy Swiss industrialist and rubberist, brought his submissive personal assistant (I’ll call her ‘Belinda’) with him on a business trip. She is staying at The Lorelei for the full spa treatment including dive-sex lessons while her Master takes care of business here and in LA. Her story is familiar and typical of some female dancers who want an edgier life than most ballet companies can offer. . She was a Soloist with the Vienna State Opera Ballet when Alex met her and they got along so well that he made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. At 25 she had developed a taste for the kinky life (Latex, bondage and rough sex to name a few of her interests) and after dating him while she was still dancing professionally she found her fetishes were amazingly compatible with his. She decided that being her Master’s personal ballerina had the potential for better long-term benefits than the possibility of advancement to Principal with the ballet. She has the title of Personal Assistant, but Alex says the letters PA after her name actually stand for Pelvic Athlete. I would have been far more amused by the joke if I wasn’t using the term Pelvic Athlete for women I’m training who reach a superior level of pelvic strength, stamina and overall ability. However, Belinda certainly meets my standards for being a pelvic athlete because her beauty, stamina and pelvic skills are amazing and her vagina is extremely tight from the pointe training she continues and Ben Wa balls she wears. Like me her standard training set is now a pair of .75 inch solid chrome steel balls weighting 1 oz each. When a woman can keep her pelvic muscles clenched around 2 oz of stainless steel so she doesn’t expel the balls during a développé a la seconde while en pointe you know she is extremely strong.

Belinda is at the Lorelei primarily because an encounter pool is attached to each guest suite. Returning readers may remember when the pool bungalows at the casino were used for underwater assignations, but there are so few of them that suites with encounter pools have been a major draw for The Lorelei plus their far greater privacy. Adolph got me to agree to train her in the techniques a woman needs for a safe underwater penetrative sexual encounter and asked me to choose a male trainer for Belinda. He also wanted me to train her Master which I refused to do until we were able to get access to his medical records and found he is STI negative and is having his status checked frequently.

Preparation: Belinda had a stringless GyneFix IUD placed about a year ago and is very pleased that she still has normal periods. I gave her a thorough pelvic to check that her anatomy was suitable for using cervical barriers. She has a lovely deep post-pubic vault and her cervix is healthy and protrudes into her vagina at an angle that allows her to wear a FemCap that seals perfectly against her vaginal walls. That allowed me to fit her with a 22 mm strapless FemCap and a 70 mm latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm to use during her menses and for ‘flood control’ during dive-sex. Returning readers will remember that a well fitting cervical barrier can protect a woman from having water forced into her uterus from the hydraulics of her partner’s thrusts during an underwater encounter.

I cautioned her about letting Alex ‘help’ her insert both her diaphragm and FemCap. It isn’t a matter of contraception because she has a GyneFix implanted, but she will need her barrier when her vagina floods so it’s important that it is placed properly over her cervix so it won’t displace during sex and for that a woman should not be aroused when inserting a cervical barrier because then it is difficult and sometimes impossible to position it correctly. For the demonstration dive Belinda and I wore string thong bikinis and the men wore Speedo slingshots. I had decided that we would wear our Reflexions latex flat spring diaphragms on her first dive because there is more training required to experience the delights a latex diaphragm can provide. I was hoping Alex would be away on business while my partner and I concentrated on teaching Belinda the basics of dive-sex, but he changed his plans and was there for her first lesson. I had chosen Belinda’s training partner not only for his stamina, but because his equipment closely matches that of Alex (Belinda helped in his selection) and we wanted to see if he and therefore Alex and Belinda as a couple could enjoy having her anterior fornix targeted during sex.

Both Alex and Belinda are qualified SCUBA divers and we all were using short 80 cu ft aluminum tanks and FFMs so we could talk with one another. Adolph had already warned me that Alex has a very strong libido and was likely to try and take me while I was in the pool with him so I wasn’t surprised when Brenda mentioned during her barrier fittings that Alex, in addition to being a voyeur, would want to have sex with me as part of the demonstrations my partner and I would be performing and she didn’t seem upset, saying that it would give her an opportunity to watch him fuck another woman, which she had never seen. While the four of us were on the deck of Belinda’s encounter pool they watched fascinated while I demonstrated how Belinda should check the position of her diaphragm to ensure her cervix was still protected then I applied DiveGel+ (a thick silicone gel lube/biocide deep in my vagina from a prefilled disposable applicator. Then I had Belinda check her diaphragm and insert an applicator of DiveGel+ in her vagina before we all put on our dive gear and entered the water.

The dive: The four of us descended to the bottom of the 20 ft deep encounter pool. Everyone’s ears and sinuses adjusted to the pressure and we were ready to begin. I decided to let Alex take me at the start and get that over with. I hoped that would prevent his lust for me from distracting him during the rest of the demo and give me an opportunity to teach him how to thrust into my anterior fornix and that went quite well. I knew he was on a performance enhancer so he was extremely hard and after I’d checked the position of my diaphragm I let him enter me. It took just a few tries for me to adjust my hips to guide his thrusts until he was able to plunge into my anterior fornix and let the flat spring rim of my diaphragm give me a G-spot orgasm while my latex sheathed fornix squeezed the head of his penis and with six violent thrusts he planted his seed in me. When he withdrew I checked the position of my Reflexions and it was still covering my cervix just as it should. .

Then the escort who was partnering Belinda took her. She had quickly inserted two fingers and checked her diaphragm was correctly positioned before she was penetrated. In minutes he taught her how to adjust her hips to position her anterior fornix where he could more easily penetrate it. It took only a few tries before she became expert at guiding his thrusts and he got her off with a violent orgasm and her strong vaginal contractions pulled him along with her. After he withdrew she checked again to make sure her diaphragm was still protecting her cervix. She said later that having an orgasm surprised her as she usually has to fake sexual ecstasy, but she found the use of the latex diaphragm and being taken underwater with her Master watching extremely erotic.

Then it was time for Alex and Belinda to test the skills they had just been taught. I suggested that Belinda check her lube and perhaps apply another prefilled 10ml applicator of DiveGel+ before being penetrated by Alex, which she did after checking her diaphragms placement. My escort trainer and I watched while Alex took Belinda; entering her gently in modified missionary, burying himself in her as she adjusted her hips to direct his thrusts into her anterior fornix, and within a few minutes he gave her another intense vaginal orgasm before he finished inside her.

Again, when he withdrew she checked that her cervix was still covered by the latex dome. I keep mentioning checking immediately before and after each act of IC to make certain the woman’s cervix is still protected because there can be accidents where the diaphragm is displaced and the woman is unprotected. That rarely happens if the diaphragm was properly fitted and correctly placed, but it can so it’s always best to check. We briefly discussed some tips about where to hold a woman being penetrated while in more or less missionary position and then Alex said he was ready to go again. So Belinda checked her lube and dome position and the couple had another successful underwater encounter, this one about 20 minutes long before she tipped them both over the edge and into ecstasy. Then it was time to surface and both Alex and Belinda were delighted with how the training session had gone.


  1. I had been invited to go wreck diving off Cyprus and it had been a few years since I was reef diving at the family retreat in the Caribbean. I knew I needed fresh training, new equipment and a competent dive master. The guy who invited me was an active diver, former PADI instructor and the owner of the yacht always picked up a local dive master when he had guests on board. Even found a woman instructor. Everything available except some updating from the popular magazines and sites. I put "women diving" in Google and found entire magazines for woman divers. Clearly active woman divers had increased in the years I had been away.

    I could not resist the title "Diving and Sex' and found that three women described their experiences with the conclusion that the enjoyment of sex and diving was diminished by doing them together. Rather the same conclusion that we young women had reached many years sailing among the Hebrides, my home. The first time we filled with salt water, we decided to leave the sex to the myriad islets that afforded privacy. But, I changed my search to "Dive Sex" and found your entertaining site!

    Whatever is real or not is immaterial; you are catering to serious fetishists or fetish dreamers and, no doubt, generate gallons of semen through masturbation. A worthy endeavour!

    You have even caused me to face up to my own diaphragm fetish. Though the need is long passed for various reasons, I now sleep with one in every night. Simply wrote myself a scrip for your favoured Reflexions, forked over six pounds and have improved my sleep, protected myself from the incubus in my closet and increased my masturbation in both frequency and response. Thank you!!!

  2. Hi Brenda,

    >three women described their experiences with the conclusion that the enjoyment of sex and diving was diminished by doing them together.

    Without being protected by a proper thick silicone lube and in warm water an underwater penetrative sexual encounter can be traumatic, so I can understand the probable discomfort the writers and you experienced. I’ve found that the desire for sex in a hostile environment where I’m on life-support breathing from a tank of compressed gas during an act of reproductive intimacy is hugely satisfying. The feel, scent and sound of the of the equipment; the hiss of the demand valves as my partner and I suck gas, the roar of our bubbles as we exhale and my being held tightly in a lover’s embrace as he makes the fluid transfer filling me with his seed. I don’t contend dive-sex is an experience universally enjoyed, but it can be immensely satisfying to some women who have been properly prepared for it.

    >Whatever is real or not is immaterial; you are catering to serious fetishists or fetish dreamers and, no doubt, generate gallons of semen through masturbation. A worthy endeavour!

    I’ll admit dive-sex is an acquired taste (for women) and can be seen as elitist since it’s only for those of us who have enough money to outfit ourselves with proper dive gear (or have someone buy it for us) and who have access to a private pool. Finding a male partner is no trouble at all, but finding a suitable one STI negative can be a challenge. However, for some women who have been properly trained and are using the necessary protective equipment it can be an epiphany. As a school instructor I feel privileged to be able to offer my students the training and exposure to dive-sex in a safe environment so they will be confident enough to enjoy the experience with a favorite partner.

    I really am writing about a very small segment of the wealthy population and the women who service it or aspire to join their ranks. All of the locations I write about; St Lucy’s, Splash and The Lorelei are exclusive up-market venues so the winnowing process for membership is rigorous, including the escorts and towel-girls employed.

    >Simply wrote myself a scrip for your favoured Reflexions, forked over six pounds and have improved my sleep, protected myself from the incubus in my closet and increased my masturbation in both frequency and response. Thank you!!!

    I’m so pleased that you are now wearing Reflexions as incubus protection! I thought I was the only one with them in my closets. I had considered having an exorcism performed to rid myself of them, but found I am so massively turned on when I dream about them that I decided the thrill outweighs the horror. Isn’t the Reflexions dome so wonderfully soft and stretchy and the heat transfer properties of latex are amazing! I’ve always wondered why an incubus’ sharp pointed penis has never been able to puncture the dome when I’m taken in my sleep while menstrual, but I’ve often had nightmares about that happening. I think its mind blowing being taken by a devil while asleep and waking to find I not only survived, but orgasmed during the experience!


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