Saturday, June 1, 2013

Jill’s World Blog’s 4th anniversary

A gift from Jack celebrating Jill’s World’s 4th anniversary

 A note to my readers: The 4th anniversary of this blog was yesterday, May, 31, 2013. In the four years I’ve been posting I’ve had 820,000 page views a testament to human’s fascination with the intimate details of other peoples sex lives. And there is no better place to learn about that first hand than behind the scenes in Las Vegas.

Thank all of you, even the porn spammers, who read and occasionally comment on my writings about what’s going on in my world. Especially Paul D, Eric and one or two others (you know who you are) who are faithful readers.

The Gift: Jack had Bea harvest a death rubber in my size, a latex 80 mm Reflexions FS, and presented it to me beautifully wrapped yesterday evening. The donor was a trainee at Adolph’s deepwater training facility along with Bea and Jack who were taking a cave diving course. The donor had been menstrual and it still had some of her flow around the rim. Apparently she had a seizure at 150 feet while Adolph was in her saddle and it was very quick. They were all breathing Trimix and Bea had to go all the way to the bottom, 216 feet, to retrieve the body which gave her the opportunity to harvest the Reflexions.  I had met the woman, a very experienced 32 y/o French Domme, at one of Adolph’ parties last winter and liked her so I think her Chi will be an amazing influence and inspiration to me. I don’t think I could have been given a more meaningful and intimate gift which speaks to the love and thoughtfulness of two wonderful friends.


  1. Happy Blogiversary, and thank you for sharing your adventures. You live in a world I have no contact with and thus it's endlessly fascinating.

  2. Thank you for sharing your life and your knowledge. I am obsessed with this blog and have learned so much from it. What a thoughtful and special gift both the present and the people in your life are.

    1. Hi Raquel, welcome to my world!

      I'm so pleased that you find my Blog interesting. Thank you so much for being a frequent reader.


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  4. In all these years, have you considered starting a Fetlife group, or posting on Fetlife to increase your readership?

    I'm sure there are many who would love to hear.

    1. Hi Sorrowdusk, welcome to my world!

      I am on FL at I have posted some entries in the writing section of my profile, primarily about how different pieces of protective equipment are used, that might be of interest.

      Very few FL members seem interested (I think there are only 10 of us who list contraceptive diaphragms! Sigh!) But I feel it's important to post them because most women and some men have no idea of the serious problems they can encounter with some forms of fetish sex if they aren't protected.

      Thank you for your interest in my blog.


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