Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Going on vacation

Guess who’s going to Virgin Gorda on vacation.

Diaphragm fitting: The first of the St Lucy’s Summer Ballet Intensive classes began last week. One of the advantages of the St Lucy’s SBI is that the students get a chance to be adventuresome and push the envelope a bit. Offering a beginning dive-sex class as entertainment has really increased the interest in taking ballet here in the summer.

There are minimum requirements, like having to be 16, pass a pregnancy test, and be on an effective method of birth control and with pelvic anatomy to correctly wear a FemCap or diaphragm for flood insurance, to prevent a dive partner from forcing water into the student’s uterus from the hydraulics of his thrusting. We prefer Reflexions latex diaphragms because they are very difficult to under-thrust and impossible to under-thrust w/o the wearer knowing and can be worn effectively on dives of any depth, but for girls with smaller pelvic anatomy a Milex Omniflex are effective for dives of 30 feet or less, And for girls with little to no post-pubic vault a FemCap will usually work well on dives no deeper than 25 feet. And since the encounter pools at St Lucy’s are being used and there are none deeper than 25 feet Omniflex and FemCap wearers should be fine.  

I’ve been helping fit the student’s diaphragms or FemCap and demonstrating proper insertion and removal technique. The male partners for the student’s dive-sex classes are all escort trainees who need the hours perfecting their technique for their dive-sex qualification so the girls are very well serviced.

Virgin Gorda bound: I’ve already sent ahead all the personal dive gear for Anya, Bea, Cyndi, Jack, Chris and several other men so all we’ll need to take are our clothes and personal items when we leave this Thursday, July 18th , for several weeks of vacation. I’m particularly pleased that Anya can join us as she has been working so hard recently and has had no time to relax. His Grace’s sailboat, the Lusty Lass IV, will meet us at the airport on St Thomas. I can’t wait to feel the soft breezes off the ocean and listen to the comforting sounds of the surf.

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  1. Have a great vacation, Jill!

    And thanks for the description of dive sex!

    I was under the (wrong) impression that dive sex involves humping on a pool table in a cheap saloon.

    I wouldn't call that sex. Or pool, for that matter.

    Unless a guy shoots his balls into the side pocket. But any resemblance to pool stops there.

    Stay safe please.

    And don't be concerned about those of us whose vacation consists of kicking cow patties into a peach basket.


    We are easily entertained.


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