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Pointe shoe quiz July 11, 2013

Who is the maker of these shoes?

This is an interesting one.



  1. Hi, Jill.

    I’ve been reading a lot of your posts. I can’t remember more titillating (and educational) reading since Johnny Redfern passed me a note in class (more than a few years back) describing what he wanted to do with me after church. [Naturally, I told him to get lost. I’m generally the one who decides what I and a guy will do.]

    But I have a question, if you’ll permit me. It’s kind of an anthropological question about how your world works.

    You are a highly intelligent, talented, and accomplished woman---what down here we call a “real man’s woman,” and a “classy dame.” I’m sure the same is true---to a lesser extent—-of the young women that you admit into your world of danger and pleasure. So, how do you allow a mere male (who isn’t worthy of polishing your Ferragamo pumps) ever to think of himself as “Master” or "Sir" and expect you to call him that or to submit to him in any way? A real man (as my gal friends see it) knows deep down that a real women is his natural superior in every way but, perhaps, upper body strength (big deal!) and would never call himself “Master” except as a joke. I mean, who ARE these guys? Down here, any male who acted like he was our superior, would be laughed into the next county. We’d say, “’Master’? What are you, six years old? Here. Put these panties on your head and get outa here.”

    As to the pointe shoe quiz?.... No idea. The closest I've been to ballet is line dancing, and that isn't real close.

    1. Hi again Ester the Queen,

      >So, how do you allow a mere male (who isn’t worthy of polishing your Ferragamo pumps) ever to think of himself as “Master” or "Sir" and expect you to call him that or to submit to him in any way?

      They may expect others to call them Sir or Master, but in my world I won’t and don’t. The only man I know who might deserve a title of that sort is Adolph and he doesn’t expect to be called anything other than Sir by his submissives and the students at his training facility.

      On this blog it doesn’t bother me to answer questions from commenter’s regardless of what they call themselves. I think in most cases it’s a fantasy thing for them (while acting out dungeon scenes etc.) and I’m willing to go along. In real life none of the dominant men I know fancies themselves a Master or Sir – except for British Nobility, and they often seem embarrassed by its use in public. Or if any do would dare voice an expectation for me to address him that way.

      Dominant/dominant sex can be great fun! Once a dominant man is inside me he is at my mercy as I control his pleasure rod and can crush it if he misbehaves. Not that I don’t like rough sex. I love it! I only had to do that twice before the word got around that while I’m extremely good in bed (slight and tight) trying to take advantage of me can lead to the loss of that partner’s manhood. So they usually behave.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Hi again Ester the Queen,

      >I infer (because, as a Queen, I get to use fancier words than a mere "I betcha") that if you clamped your dancer legs around a guy's waist, he'd be bleeding from the ears and calling for his Momma (or Mammy if from the deep south.) within 5 seconds.

      Well, yes, but that’s just to prevent him withdrawing or me pushing him out while I tighten my grip and crush his penis… My ability to do that is a rarely discussed side effect from walking around on my toes in pointe shoes for 30 years, which tightens the pelvic muscles unbelievably! And just like with beating a cowboy sausage crushing a penis takes all the zip out of it…

      Thanks for the link to the Silver Creek Beer Garden in Fredericksburg, Texas. Readers can Google it. Next time I’m in the San Antonio area I’m going to have to stop by. I can’t imagine they have too many girls doing the Boot Scoot in pointe shoes…

  3. Hello Jill ,
    they look like full sole Fuzi pointe shoes ...Fuzi only offers four models a pre pointe . Split , full sole , and a V vamp model. Also you can get the full and split in canvas .
    How did I do?


    1. hi

      Yes, they are Fuzi pointes! Good for you!

  4. Hi, Jill.

    "that’s just to prevent him withdrawing or me pushing him out while I tighten my grip and crush his penis…"

    That would make you......The Jillinator.

    "What happened to his dick, Doctor Dashing? It looks...."

    "Substantially schmooshed, Nurse Nightmoves."

    "Oh, no! You don't mean..."

    "Yes, Nurse Nightmoves, I'm afraid he's been..."


    "He must have acted too big for his britches."

    "Not any more. His nickname will be Stubb."

    "That's the fifth case of Schmooshed Pee Pee Syndrome this weekend."

    "Whomever she is, she's active."

    1. Sigh! A legend in my own time? LOL!

      I don’t do it often. The up-side is that it helps reconstructive surgeons put their children through

  5. I do hope that this is not losing the focus on "whose shoes?" I find these quizzes a bit educational or, at least, broadening. It is also interesting that "an administrator" has deleted one of Esther's posts. I shall assume that Jill is simply respecting privacy for direct communication with a follower.

    OK, Esther, I agree with your general comments and there is no doubt that the woman is in total charge once an erection is evident. From that point on he needs release and we have control of that. To separate the ideas of dominant and submissive one needs to draw the line between reality and the role playing that is going on. As a casual love making session develops, the roles of dom and sub pass back and forth. EG, when he is rimming, he is taking initiative; when she is sucking she is taking initiative. Once the ropes, handcuffs and other paraphernalia comes out, one partner becomes the role playing dom. There is always a safe word to protect all involved for physical, perhaps psychological, damage. This is theatre of of the absurd, not unlike kabuki,for the enjoyment of all. It in no way subordinates the natural supremacy of the woman involved; merely sets it aside a bit for mutual appreciation.

    I have never worn a French maid or schoolgirl costume for some guy's enjoyment but I have strapped myself into a twenty hook Merry Widow with matching panties, garter belt and, even, sanitary belt (my corsettiere made it from trim from the bra), for our mutual enjoyment. It is rather enjoyable to have him fumble with the various straps, fasteners and connectors until the red spot on the napkin validates his "suspicions" whilst helpless to assist him. He may think himself as being in charge as he solves the puzzle but it is a fashion maze that has many variations and was setup specifically to control him.

    Sure, sometimes we want to lay back, spread and be fucked but the lack of variety in the male orgasm, unlike the rich variety we experience, means we need to take pains to vary the experience for him as he "pursues" us.

    Do not confuse temporary submissiveness with yielding control.

    Ok, how's about them shoes?

    1. Hi Brenda,

      I agree completely! Now, about the shoes... A good friend and faithful reader has given the correct answer... I was just holding off posting it to see if anyone else wanted to participate...

  6. I know you're a top, Jill...but have you ever not been?


    PS: I know nothing of pointe shoes, so I can't contribute to the quiz. Sorry.

    1. Hi John, welcome to my world!

      I will switch for the right man when I'm in the mood. But there are so few of them who are worth it! Sigh! When Mr. right isn't available I love dominating Mr. right now. Strong willed men are my faves... I don't do sissys.

  7. Thank you for the informative clarification Brenda!

    The farthest I've traveled from vanilla entertainment is to yell "Yahoo! Ride me, cowboy!" while whacking the guy on his nethers with my Stetson.

    It doesn't add anything. And my hat feathers get all mooshed.

    Maybe I'll try spurs.

    "Ouch! Hey! HEY!! What the dang heck, Queenie!?"

    "That's called incentive, Stubbs. Shut up and plow, buckeroo."

    [Dang, every guy DOWN here's been Jillinated! That gal's got some territory, boy howdy!]

  8. .. I can not believe it. Waited this long to post a answer. There is 13 reply's and none to do with the quiz! Truly unbelievable any way they look like full sole Fuzi pointe shoes ...Fuzi only offers four models a per pointe . Split , full sole , and a V vamp model. Also you can get the full and split in canvas .
    How many gave a quiz answer ?
    Paul D.

  9. Hi Paul, D If you look closely you will see that your answer was posted as the 4th comment and you were correct.

    Some readers like to post a comment when and where the mood strikes them.


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