Saturday, May 10, 2014

To Virgin Gorda for Mother’s Day

The North Sound of Virgin Gorda BVI

Mother’s day on Virgin Gorda: This weekend my Inner circle and I are going to my place on the North Sound of Virgin Gorda for two weeks and to celebrate Mother's Day with Jack's Mom with a big party at my place. Our dive gear has already been sent ahead as have our pointe shoes, practice clothes and contraceptive supplies: Spare diaphragms in our sizes, DiveGel+, Semécide, FC2s, the new EC med ella and Mifeprex just in case something unexpected happens. It shouldn’t, but with contraception nothings is 100% effective.  

I managed to get Willow, Odette and Odile’s UNLV end of year exams pulled up so they  finished today, Friday, and we will leave tonight for Virgin Gorda to celebrate Mother’s day with The Duchess and her children, Jack and Fiona, and Fiona’s daughter Cyndi all of whom will be coming to be with the Duchess. Anya is coming as are Paul (the Swan Twins father), the Gemini and Chris our male Gyn who accompanied our dive gear and contraceptive supplies sent ahead earlier in the week. Attending will be:

  • Her Grace & her current lover Sir Colin A.
  • Anya & Paul both of whom seem to be government troubleshooters
  • Odette, Odile & Castor & Pollux
  • Fiona and Maj. Tree both of whom work for the British Govt.
  • Jack (Viscount Sandbach) & me
  • Cyndi & Chris
Sleeping arrangements: Her Grace and Sir Colin A. will be at her estate; Odette, Odile & Castor & Pollux and Anya and Paul will be staying at Paul’s place next to mine on Lost Cove; Fiona and Maj. Tree will be staying with me and Jack as will Cyndi and Chris.

Travel: I’ve advanced our departure to this evening so we will be landing on St Thomas early Saturday. As there is a strong possibility of thunderstorms and I don’t want to be sailing through the islands at night in storms.  Although, we would be using the diesel engines rather than sails. We will pick up Fiona, Maj. Tree and Cyndi at Dulles. Paul is already at his place next to mine on Lost Cove and His Grace has again generously loaned us the use of his 95 ft. sailboat the Wanton Lass IV and crew for the duration of our stay. Cyndi’s grandmother, the Duchess, who lives in a large estate on Virgin Gorda year round, is again lending us an under-housekeeper to open the house and run the staff with six hand-picked and experienced islanders so things should be well in hand when we get there.

We will be flying in to Cyril E. King Airport (IATA: STT), on south west side of St Thomas which has a 7,000 ft. runway with the west end protruding into Brewers Bay.  Wanton Lass IV will meet us at an industrial dock at Krum Bay, a short drive just south and east of the airport. On Krum Bay there is also an archeological site with human occupations dating between 1000 and 200 BC. Once aboard I was hoping we would enjoy a leisurely sail to my place on Lost Cove on the North Sound Virgin Gorda, but the forecast is for thunder storms and it’s a long sail.

Weather forecast for Virgin Gorda: Low temps in the mid 70° F and highs in the high 70s or low 80s with 60% chance of showers or thunderstorms forecast for Saturday and Sunday and 20 to 30% chance for the following seven days. Oh well, the dive-sex in the cove should be great regardless.


  1. So, where is your place in relationship to the map on this page?

    1. Hi Eric,

      >So, where is your place in relationship to the map on this page?

      It’s on a small cove on the North Sound. There is no commercial activity anywhere near by and the land is all privately owned so my neighbors and I have it pretty much to ourselves which is delightful.


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