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Boot worship

Alexandra Potter in Kassiopeya ballet boots

The Photo: The incomparable Alexandria Potter’s legs in Kassiopeya PVC ankle boots showing tight lacing and the toe boxes just beginning to dent and collapse. Not even Alexandra Potter can avoid the toe-boxes of her boots collapsing after a while if she wears Kassiopeya boots. Of course AP can afford new boots and write off the cost as a business expense. Similar boots are currently on offer from Kassiopeya 44 on eBay for $90 USD.

The Swan Twins and the Gemini: I’ve concluded that Odette and Odile aren’t going to be as obsessed with pointe shoes as I’d once hoped. Having seen that they really aren’t interested in making the effort to become proficient seductress in pointes like Willow or a younger version, Bea I’m glad they are at least interested in being the best they can be in ballet-boots and are becoming regulars at the Boot Bar escorted by Castor and Pollux. Returning readers will remember that the Castor and Pollux are the sons of a rival casino owner and when they first met the Swan Twins it was lust at first sight.

Although the Swan Twins are eighteen and technically adults (the ID they use for clubbing says they are twenty-one) as Odette and Odile’s guardian I spoke to the Gemini’s father to make sure everyone understood that there wasn’t to be any attempt by the brothers to force themselves on the girls. Romance or seduction is fine, but consenting relationships is the name of the game.  And a condition of the relationships is that the Gemini must take and pass full panel STI tests each week just like the Swan Twins. Public ejaculation into the spider filament laces of the twins boots while the men are on their knees creates a great deal of excitement with the other women in the club as it emboldens the other male guests by showing that it’s safe to demonstrate lust and submission by inseminating a girlfriend’s boot laces w/o worrying about being made fun of for it.

Toe-tape action at Naughty Pleasures: Bea while walking confidently and performing brilliantly in ballet-boots is obsessed with being the best she can be in pointe-shoes which, as returning readers know or from wearing them yourselves, is a far more difficult shoe to wear confidently and expertly for long intervals on ones toes. The great thing about Bea is that she not only has the talent, but the interest and drive so is willing to put in the training time to be successful.

Bea, Willow, Anya and I have been frequenting Naughty Pleasures pointe-shoe mini-club, Toe-tape, as often as we can, It’s primarily to present Bea to the pointe-shoe fetish community in a relatively safe environment and having Willow and Anya with us helps to draw men to our table where we are all paid court to with suitors on their knees to request a dance. The more aggressive ones ask permission to stain our shoes and ribbons with their semen. As I’ve mentioned in writing about Toe-tape (the club) before all the guests have been screened for STIs and are negative so there is no danger of someone coating our shoes with infected seed and it slows the depositor down if he then seeks and is granted permission to be intimate with one of us. 

Adolph’s boot party: Adolph is hosting a group of European ballet boot fetishists along with their courtesans for a tour of the fetish clubs in town and in LA. I’ve been preparing Bea and Willow for some time to meet them. Increasing the weight of Ben Wa sets and practicing walking running and dancing in BBs as well as teaching Bea and Willow some basic boot fighting techniques as some European courtesans are known to be very aggressive with women they suspect of being a threat to their relationship with a client. The Swan Twins while they say they are into ballet boots and can walk adequately in them are more into posing and receiving boot worship than actually performing and since Adolph said the accompanying women are experts in performing on their toes in ballet boots only Bea, Willow, Anya and I attended the welcoming party knowing we would be passed around. We brought four of Pirates best male escorts for the courtesan’s pleasure. For this sort of party Adolph usually has a small lottery where his women are ‘won” by the European male guests for ballet-sex. Our clinic already had a current negative full STI panel for each of Adolph’s guests both male and female so there shouldn’t be any problem there. Of the German men we were paired with for sex none are older than their mid 40s, are very well endowed, have very high sperm counts and expect to penetrate a female partner while unprotected so it was pleasure as usual as that is typically the circumstances under which we train. The women were allowed to use whatever effective method of contraception we choose or none at all.

Cycling, synchrony and cervical barriers: The guests arrived on Sunday May 4th when I was CD 2 and flowing lightly. I’m pleased to say that all my wards and Anya were also menstrual as they are in synchrony with my cycle. I was surprised that Anya is too, but she synched up again in just two cycles. I think Adolph timed his friends visit to coincide with our menses as he asked where I was in my cycle when making the arrangements and said that the men all enjoy menstrual sex. Because I have a very stable 28 day cycle all my wards and Anya do too, as long as they remain synched with me. For surface sex they can go w/o cervical barriers and I can go w/o a cervical barrier (which readers remember I use as my primary method of contraception) through CD7 when I will have stopped bleeding and become fertile about CD8. Of course if there is any dive-sex we all wear latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms for flood insurance as they are almost impossible to under-thrust.

Of course we all wore latex catsuits and Gepetto’s lightly armored boots with spider filament laces and lace splitter heels. Returning readers will recall that spider filament laces are almost impossible to break or cut and lace splitter heels have the inside heel edge honed to a very sharp edge to easily cut an adversary’s laces  when forced into them if it comes to a fight. New for us, rather than our regular black oiled leather we wore them in pink (Bea and Willow) and white (Anya and I) PVC to fit in with the European women guests vinyl boots. Our vinyl’s have waterproof tongues so semen, blood or urine splattered in the laces won’t leak inside and semen and blood easily wipe off vinyl. Adolph said the European women would be wearing black or gray vinyl Kassiopeya ballet boots and they are. Readers will be familiar with Kassiopeya as the maker of the boots Alexandra Potter is often photographed wearing.

The sleep-over: We slept over at Adolph’s place the first night with our assigned partners and they all had marvelous stamina. Bea, Willow Anya and I are all dominant to at least some degree and our partners, while at the top of their fields in business are sexually submissive so we assertively controlled the frequency of intercourse and gave them sex at least four times that night. It was fun to watch my guy in his mid thirties trying to keep it up for the fifth time and I ended up ripple gripping him to a massive orgasm after which he passed out. I think Bea, Willow Anya and I were a success with our German partners as I overheard them talking before breakfast about establishing a training regimen for their female partners to tighten their grips.

The plan was for Adolph to take the eight Germans and Abigail (Abi) the manager of his underwater sex club, Splash, as his arm candy to LA to do the club scent there for several days.   They flew over in Limnaea II are staying at the Beverley Hills Hotel and hired a stretch limo for around town. Fortunately they flew as there is a major problem on the 15 when a fire during construction of an overpass earlier this week just East of Cajon Pass caused the bridge to collapse which has closed the interstate for the last several days.

Mother’s day on Virgin Gorda: I’ve managed to get Willow, Odette and Odile’s end of year exams pulled up so (it’s amazing what a big donor to the school can get done when she tries) they will finish this Friday and we will leave for my place on Virgin Gorda to celebrate Mothers day with The Duchess and her children, Jack and Fiona and Fiona’s daughter Cyndi all of whom will be coming to stay with the Duchess. I’m hosting a Mother’s Day party for the Duchess and Fiona this Sunday to celebrate. As usual His Grace has generously loaned us the use of his sailboat the Wanton Lass IV for the duration of our stay.


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