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Boat bunny dive school, K-valve killer

Latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm and introducer

The photo: A latex flat spring diaphragm worn for flood insurance to prevent water being forced into the uterus when the vagina floods during dive-sex. In this photo you can easily see the triangle with the size (in mm) in the center of the dome that works as a stimulator for the glans of men who are long enough to reach into the wearer’s anterior fornix.

Boat bunny dive school: Jack and Taryn  (with my permission) jointly arranged for two groups of students; six girls from Cambridge and six boys from Oxford who were planning sailing vacations in the BVIs to meet in Lost Cove where I agreed to give them dive-sex training. The twelve of them also were a convenient excuse to introduce new adventuresome candidates for those of us (my wards and I) who train escort candidates at home and are used to having a supply of new sex partners.

I was aware about when the two groups would arrive so I had Chris, our male Gyn, bring enough extra Reflections diaphragms in a range of sizes and DiveGel+ in prefilled disposable applicators to take care of the Cambridge girl’s needs during dive-sex. I was surprised to find that three of the girls were still on the pill even though it was a good progestin-only-pill, Cerazette. Each tablet of Cerazette contains 75 micrograms of desogestrel which metabolizes into etonogestrel, the same progestin in Nexplanon and NuvaRing. And, because of the long half life of the progestin it has a dosing effectiveness window of +12 hours, one of the longest of the POPs.

We gave the girls urine pregnancy tests just to make sure it was safe for them to dive and they all tested negative for hCG. However, two of them tested low for the effectiveness level of etonogestrel which was because the girls were taking weight loss pills that increase their metabolisms flushing out the progestin faster than intended by the pill maker. I suggested that they stop taking their weight loss pills as they were interfering with the effectiveness of their hormonal birth control which they did, but it may be too late to prevent break through ovulation. That being the case it is very important that both wear their diaphragms and spermicide for every act of intercourse for at least the next week while the progestin effectiveness levels are restored in their bodies if they haven’t already progressed too far to prevent ovulation.

The concern with an unintended pregnancy when taking contraceptive hormones is that the pregnancy may be ectopic, outside the uterus. If that’s the case there is nothing Chris can do to safely terminate the pregnancy while we are here as he would need a sterile operating room and equipment to surgically remove the reproducing tissue. So while the girls are here I’m going to try and watch those two closely so at the first sign of trouble we can either terminate a uterine pregnancy or if ectopic send her home for surgery.

The Oxford men are delightful, marvelously male while being relatively gentle and very well endowed with amazing stamina, a randy girl’s dream come true! Given that I’m CD24 and luteal as this is being written I just need cervical protection for flood insurance as I should get my period this coming Friday. Having dive-sex with the Oxford men has been such a lovely few dive-sex encounters as they are so anxious to learn!

The K-valve killer: In both the U.S and BV islands this spring there have been the usual number of disappearance of young female divers who have gone diving alone which is to be regretted, but it’s not suspicious given the hazards of solo diving, especially for amateurs. More worrisome is the number (three so far as is known) of young women who have died while diving and were found with their K-valves closed. The most recent of these occurred the other night in Lost Cove and I saw it happen.

The moon is waning and moonrise is about 5:30 AM so at 3 AM when I was watching activity in the cove it was very dark. Even so my Celestron electronically stabilized video recording telescope allows me to read a newspaper on the deck of a yacht in the cove during the day and the night vision adaptor allow me to see activity on deck well enough to identity the people involved from the balcony of my bedroom a half mile away.  I had just had one of the Oxford men and he was asleep in my bed, but my adrenaline was still pumping and I couldn’t sleep so I wheeled the telescope cart out onto the balcony locked the cart in place and checked to see if the people on the two yachts other than the Wanton Lass were having sex on deck, which is a very common practice.    

The two visiting boats in the cove were a white 40 ft rental from Spanish Town and a black 60 ft privately owned and on the teak deck of the privately owned boat were a man and woman on a padded cushion off a deck chair locked together in missionary with her legs around his waist and him with his hands under her shoulders holding her in place while he finished in her. I had put in my ear-buds and switched to the audio from the marker buoy that was less than 40 feet from their boat and with the filters working canceling out the wind and wave noise I could easily make out the couples conversation.

Apparently she was newly pregnant and wanted him to marry her. He was married and wanted her to terminate the pregnancy. She refused and threatened to tell his wife and he said she shouldn’t threaten him as he helped her into her SCUBA gear as she complained about him throwing the key to her aux engine into the water and being unable to find it on the cove bottom in the dark.  He said he had a key that might work and went below to get it and came back with a bottle in his hand as she was testing the seal on her FFM with the ambient breathing valve shut. When he came back she opened the ABV and he held up something and as she reached for it he squirted fluid from the bottle into her ABV and she collapsed on deck quivering then lay still. He closet her ABV again, turned off her K-valve made sure there was no air in her BCD, untied her thong and pulled it off her and threw her over the side. She immediately sank.

Body retrieval: I had been frozen to the eyepiece of the telescope and it was less than a minute from the time he squirted what must have been chloroform into her ABV until she disappeared below the surface and there were no bubbles. I rushed to get a flair pistol and fired a white flair over the cove and for a few minutes the scene seemed to be as bright as day. The black boat raised his anchor and under aux power left the cove in a hurry. There wasn’t any point in rushing down to the cove as the unconscious diver was certainly dead in the fist few minutes after she sank. Still I got Jack out of bed with one of the Cambridge girls and we went down to the pier and out to Wanton Lass for our SCUBA and then over to chloroform girl’s boat so we could begin searching for her when the sun was up enough to light the bottom which was about 6:00 AM.

Fortunately the search was brief, but as expected tragic as we found her wedged against one of the concrete tether blocks used by couples during underwater bondage and dive-sex. Had her killer anchored more toward the center of the cove she would have drifted along the bottom with the tide or into the aquifer outflow channel and quickly been washed into the sound. I couldn’t inflate her buoyancy vest as her K-valve was shut off and I didn’t want to touch it in case there might be DNA information on it so I slipped a lift bag under her arms and inflated it and we followed her to the surface and on the trip up I had an opportunity to notice that she was indeed missing the side-tie thong to her bikini and I remembered seeing her attacker remove it before rolling her over the side.

A fresh death rubber: Once we got the body on board her boat and put her in the shade of a sun tarp with a lovely breeze across the deck I gloved up and checked her vagina to see if she was wearing cervical protection and found she had the standard dive-sex cervical protection, a Reflexions latex flat spring diaphragm, inserted and still had semen in her vaginal vault. I pulled it out and it was an 80mm, my size, and I looked more closely at her. I didn’t want to break the seal on her FFM as there might still be fumes from the gas that caused her to pass out. Her eyes were still open and staring at me and I wondered if she had felt anything as she was asphyxiated while sinking 30 feet to the bottom with her air shut off. Most of her face was covered by her masks oral nasal unit, but from what I could see I think her death was fast and painless.

I went into the cabin and looked through her tote and found not only the case for her diaphragm, but the box that it came in and her name, Hollister T*****, (Holly for short) and Rx number on the box. She had gotten it last summer at one of Chris and my fitting clinics at Spanish Town that had been set up by Her Grace for the sexually active divers in the boating community, so I had helped fit her and she was one of the three women from that clinic who took the same size diaphragm I do. I took the Reflexions box and case since I was going to take her Reflexions to add to my death rubber collection. There was another diaphragm, an older but still serviceable Reflexions in her tote so I lubed it up and inserted it making sure the posterior rim was well behind her cervix and deep in her posterior fornix. Then we radioed the authorities in Spanish Town and told them what we found before returning to the house for breakfast and to await the arrival of the police.  

During breakfast I soaked Holly’s Reflexions, in isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes to sterilize it. As the newest addition to my collection of death rubber diaphragms, ones being worn by a woman when she was killed during a sexual encounter, I was anxious to insert it as quickly as possible so I could benefit from the previous owner’s Chi which adds to my confidence and her knowledge of all the partners she had been with and her techniques for satisfying them. By the time the police boat arrived I had Holly’s Reflexions inserted and developing a very strong seal with two loads of Jack’s semen splattering the dome and draining out of me into a yellow thong bikini with my hips covered by a matching micro-fiber and Elastane pareo.


  1. Doesn't isopropyl alcohol damage latex?


    1. Hi John. No, isopropyl alcohol will not damage a latex contraceptive diaphragm if the device is left submerged in it no longer than 30 minutes. Isopropyl alcohol is a common method for sterilizing diaphragm fitting sets in Gyn offices.


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