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Menstrual protection and fellatio

A Diva menstrual cup showing fill levels and removal stem

The Photo: Showing the smaller (size 1) silicone Diva menstrual cup. The Diva Cup holds one full ounce of menstrual flow (30 ml) when filled to the four tiny air holes below the rim). As the average woman only flows approximately 1 to 2 ounces (30-60 ml) per cycle the wearing interval can be up to be 12 hours or longer w/o emptying it. However, with copper IUDs implanted my wards periods can be a bit heavier so on heavy days they may need to empty sooner.

Kassi gets her first Diva Cup: Kassi had been using tampons and panty liners. I introduced her to the Diva Cup menstrual cup (size 1) which is the brand my other wards and I use. A Diva Cup’s total length, including the stem, is 70mm and the cup length is 57mm. for both size 1 and 2 while the rim diameter is 41mm for the smaller size and 45mm for the larger so one or the other should fit most women. And the cup softens with body heat so it forms to the wearer’s body improving its comfort and seal.

My cup switch: Several months ago, I switched to a Diva 2 since the manufacturer recommends cup wearers older than 30 or who have given birth would have less likelihood of leakage if she used a Diva 2. I tried a Diva 2 and found I didn’t care for the larger size. My vagina is tighter than most nulliparous 20 y/os and I’ve had no problems with leakage and I don’t need the additional capacity as I can go more than 12 hours w/o emptying on almost all days with the smaller size so I’m back to a size one again. 

The Diva Cup at St Lucy’s: While St Lucy’s girls should already have the three shot regimen of Gardasil inoculations required for maximum protection from HPV viruses that cause cervical cancers as well as some genital warts – they can start the series of injections as early as age 9 - students aren’t fitted for menstrual cups and contraceptive cervical protection until menarche. The cervical barriers as returning readers of this blog know are primarily for flood insurance to protect the upper reproductive tract  in case the vagina floods during underwater intercourse since nearly all St Lucy’s girls reaching menarche now have stringless mini GyneFix copper IUDs inserted for contraception as part of a clinical study. Thus leaving only a need for effective menstrual protection during high impact activities, on heavy days and while traveling where long intervals between emptying are necessary. An Ideal product for all women of reproductive age is the Diva cup.

So this week I’ve been teaching a group of three girls who just reached menarche how to correctly insert a Diva Cup so it doesn’t leak and how to tell by feel and experience when the cup needs emptying by how heavy it feels, and the interval difference between light and heavy days. With just a little practice they became proficient at insertion and removal and now they love their Diva Cups!

Insertion is a several step process. First before preparing any vaginal device for insertion wash your hands. Then it’s a matter of folding the cup for insertion, spreading the labia, pushing it partly in horizontally toward the tailbone then letting it spring open. Once it’s in the ringed bottom of the cup is grasped and rotated one full turn to ensure it is fully open and seals properly. During the full turn it should rotate smoothly an indication that the cup is fully open. Then push it further in until the stem is just inside the vagina where it can be easily grasped for removal.

The Cup should sit low in the vagina away from the cervix. Placed higher it might leak and it could interfere with the strings of an IUD. Once they are confident that the cup fits properly and they can insert it correctly so it doesn’t leak they can do away with their tampons and panty liners and not have to worry about using a Milex diaphragm for flow control that was tricky to empty w/o spilling the contents… unless they want to use the diaphragm for flow control during menstrual sex. The students are so excited to have reached menarche and get their first diaphragms and menstrual cups as now they are biologically adult and their reproductive years have begun.

For removal the ringed bottom of the cup can be gently pulled to break the seal. If that isn’t successful then insert a finger between the vaginal wall and the cup to break the seal and then gently pull it out grasping the ringed portion of the lower dome while sitting on the toilet. Then it should be washed in a mild unscented soap in warm water dried and reinserted. The cup can darken with use and may be boiled for 10 – 15 minutes if it develops an odor.

Forcing Kassi’s period, an update: On Tuesday Oct 7 she took her first 5mg Norethindrone tablet. She will continue for nine more days stopping on Oct 16th when I will be CD27. That should cause her to spot on the 17th and start bleeding (her new CD1) on Saturday the 18th when we all should be CD1.

Kassi and fellatio:  Even though she has had her Gardasil shots there is still a chance of an HPV strain causing throat cancer a few years in the future so unless the men are screened the safest thing to do is to suck a man off while he is wearing a condom. The bar-condom brand we offer at our clubs is the latex LifeStyles ultra sensitive non-lubricated. That way the fellator just gets the scent and taste of the latex.

I’m teaching Kassi a trick that men love when it happens to them.  It’s part of my course in Contemporary Sexual Health that I teach at St. Lucy’s. If I’m with an uncut man who is known to have a safe sexual history when he’s just about ready to cum it’s always fun to bite through the reservoir tip and force his glans through the hole in the ruined sheath. Then skin-on-skin I manipulate his frenulum with my tongue with his glans forced tight against the roof of my mouth so that just before he comes he’s gasping and trying to shove his shaft down my throat.  But – and this is important or you can start gagging with your air cut off - I have my hand around the base of his shaft so no matter how hard he thrusts he can only spew in my mouth where I can taste his semen and easily swallow it as a nutritional supplement.

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