Friday, October 3, 2014

Kassi’s orientation, Jill’s Notes 1.1

One of Kassi’s first pairs of Gaynor Minden pointes.

The Photo: I had Kassi fitted with hard shanked Gaynor Mindens when the GM rep came by the other day. Like me she wears Freed Classics for performing, but she needed something more supportive and with shanks and toe-boxes that can survive the abuse of playing in them. Fortunately they are a great fit for her and she loves the comfort and support they provide while she is training for ballet-sex.

Kassandra and my other Wards: I’m having Kassi fill in with my ballet troupe while a regular corps dancer is injured. Her self discipline extends at least to the point that she knows not to foul her own nest so I think (fingers crossed) that she will leave her friends men alone. God knows there are enough other gorgeous men around interested in having sex with a dancer and eligible men from the audience crowd the stage door afterward to see if they can date a ballerina so she shouldn’t be short of men to choose from. As I mentioned in an earlier post Kassi has a marvelous personality and can  adapt to almost any social situation so the question is can she control her competitive nature or is there a point at which she will start poaching on her women friends men just to see if she can take the men away from them.


Pelvic protection and grooming: She had been fitted for the Reflexions latex flat spring diaphragm for deep dive flood insurance. At the same time I fitted her with a FemCap as well. FemCap is not as useful, but at depths of less than 30 feet can work well if the wearer is not menstrual and wants skin-on-skin contact on her G-spot. She is adapting well to her GyneFix with no cramping and the little spotting has stopped.

Yesterday Chris measured her for a custom sports plug which can protect the vulva from groping, but is ineffective when a vibi is pressed up against its head and turned on. It’s the new version with a indentation in the locking cam that fits snugly behind the pubic bone to prevent pinching the urethra which can lead to UTIs. The new version also has a channel so the wearer can urinate with it in place rather than having to remove the older version first.

After her sports-plug fitting I took her to Body Buffers, and introduced her to my esthetician who gave her her first Brazilian waxing (she had been shaving her pubes), removing every strand except eyebrows and scalp hair.  Kassi told me she was a bit of a masochist, but I had no idea pain affected her sexually until while I sat with her during her  waxing she orgasmed while tears were running down her cheeks as the esthetician ripped her pubic hair out in strips while she moaned in ecstasy. I wish my other wards and I enjoyed being waxed as much as she seems to.

Footwear: I took her to Gepetto’s shop for a ballet-boot fitting. She’s getting three pairs of the standard lightly armored calf length boots the rest of my wards wear with spider filament laces and three spare sets of titanium lace splitter heels with heel guards and Inman heel guard releases standard on Gepetto’s boots at $3,500 per/pair, but as an owner I  and therefore she gets a discount. While we were there we went into his rubber shop, Latex Lair, and had her fitted for custom chlorinated latex catsuits: three in black and one each in red, yellow and green. Jeff’s latex fabricating shop at Labia Labs out on the 15 actually makes the latex garments and they are very high quality. I love the fetish scents at Gepettos; the oak tanned leather, the boot oil and the smell of new latex and latex polish.

Her menstrual cycle reset: I could wait and see if she will naturally develop menstrual synchrony with my wards and me, but that could take several cycles. She is almost fertile and I want her cycle to sync with the rest of my wards for training purposes so I got Chris to give her a ten day regimen of progestin pills to force her to bleed when the rest of us do. If she takes a 5 mg tablet of Aygestin (Norethindrone) daily until CD 26 of my cycle that should cause her to bleed two days later resetting her cycle and put her period in synch with ours. I’m CD 14 and should ovulate today so she will start her progestin pills this coming Sunday.

Kassi at UNLV: She says she wants to go back to school and get her Masters in Psychology. She already has a BS from Cambridge where she was nearly expelled twice for seducing her tutors and she knows Taryn and has been her guest at Cunt Castle for some of her parties.  I’m not sure how serious she is about wanting her Masters and I want to introduce her to Adolph as soon as she is confident enough participating in dive-sex. So she is getting familiar with sex underwater wearing Reflexions for flood insurance, DiveGel+ as a lube and an OTS Guardian FFM with a comm. link so she can talk with her trainer-lover and not expel her reg during orgasm.

Jill’s Notes 1.1 (rev 10-03-2014)

Some of my friends (in no particular order):

  • Jack: (John, Viscount Sandbach, my primary lover. Though with my various jobs and raging libido I have a multitude of lovers from all walks of life, from escort trainees to extremely wealthy fetish addicts.
  • His Grace: The Duke of M*** AKA Himself, His Grace, The Duke, and the Old Bull who is Jacks father and who has an English title and estates in northern England and Scotland.
  • Alice: The Duchess of M***, who is separated from His Grace and lives with revolving lovers near my estate on Virgin Gorda.
  • Adolph: a good friend and psychopath in Vegas who has a 216 ft. deep dive training facility (the well) an  dive-sex club, Splash and a up-market Spa, The Lorelei, as well as a penchant for making employees disappear.
  • Brad: AKA Morning Wood my most recent psychoanalyst and fetish lover. He is helping me come to terms with my responsibilities as a handmaiden of Aphrodite. However, he is delusional in that he has fixation that when I’m dressed in her clothes I am his dead wife Jenna (from her photos we could be identical twins) who was a dancer killed in a car crash with their 6 mos. old baby two years ago.
  • Anya: A good friend in her early 30s who travels as a troubleshooter for a multinational company
  • Fiona: Jack’s sister who works for the British Government (currently in their embassy in DC) and mother of Cyndi who was one of my wards until she began her studies at Cambridge at the beginning of 2014.
  • Pirate: who runs the Escort service for my casino and whose escorts provide some of the best sex in Vegas.
  • Tanaquil: A retired French Courtesan who is a procuress as well as running Taryn’s business which she inherited from her parents, the best Porn organization in Europe
  • My five Wards: Bea 17 y/o and in the 4th form at St Lucy’s; Willow a 19 y/o Brit-chick who danced for the Royal Ballet and is Jack’s natural daughter by an RB ballerina. Willow now dances in my ballet Co in Vegas and attends UNLV; The 18 y/o Swan twins, Odette and Odile who are the daughters of a friend who is a neighbor on Virgin Gorda in the BVIs. And recently there is a 5th, Kassandra the 21 y/o daughter of the Earl of A*** who looks much like me with a Balanchine body, red hair green eyes and who is left handed. Also like me she was put in ballet boarding schools from a very young age and has great beauty, talent and a natural ability to mesmerize men w/o trying. She is also amoral and will say or do anything to get her way if she wants it badly enough. I first met her at Crag Abbey after the Autumnal Equinox on Sept. 23, 2014 and she returned with me and my other wards to Vegas where I hope to place her with Adolph as a sort of personal Assistant.
  • Andrea: Was briefly my 5th ward, but she developed a blood clot from not using proper precautions during dive-sex and so as soon as she was able to travel was sent home to her parents in Germany who are relatives of Adolph.

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