Monday, October 20, 2014

Death rubber harvesting from a SL-17B diver

A Kirby Morgan SuperLite SL-17B helmet

The photo: A Kirby Morgan SuperLite-17B fiberglass diving helmet. It’s the one both Adolph and I use for surface supplied diving and it weights 29 lbs out of the water. Under water the three weights, port. Starboard and rear, come factory adjusted to balance the helmet and provide neutral buoyancy.  Even so I like wearing a beavertail jacket with it for shoulder padding as before entering the water you have to put on the yoke/neck dam assembly and then wait while a tender helps with attaching the helmet and its heavy.

Surface supplied diving: I can have a maximum of four surface supplied divers in my 64 ft deep pool at one time and Adolph can have a maximum of eight in his 216 ft deep training facility. With that many hoses it can get a bit crowded and the divers have to watch they don’t get their umbilicals tangled.

For some reason Adolph has recently had his trainees (all women) wear Kirby Morgan SL-17B helmets for a lot of their dive-sex training rather than the usual SCUBA tank, reg and mask gear. There are some advantages to training in surface supplied helmets the main one I think being there are no bulky tanks on the diver’s back, just an emergency gas supple (EGS) pony bottle and associated reg in case the surface supply is interrupted and also the defog/free flow valve that puts cool dry air against the port window. However, I think that’s offset by the need for the diver to wear a safety harness so s/he can be pulled to the surface as the long heavy umbilical with air hose comm. link and  supporting cable is far too heavy to allow a diver in trouble to get to the surface on his or her own unless s/he has a remotely controlled lift and is able to operate it so it requires dive tenders.

Given Adolph’s recent increased interest in dive-sex while wearing SL-17B helmets – perhaps because he is being asked to train women for dive-sex in surface fed helmets - I’ve been having my divemaster train Kassi and her partner(s) in that style dive gear which takes some custom prep for each diver to ensure the neck dam fits well and is worn correctly otherwise there can be serious problems such as what recently happened to a lovely blonde Aryan escort trainee that Tanaquil had sent him for deep-water dive-sex training.   

Neck dam leak: She was wearing a latex over-the-head skirted hood to protect her hair (like a lot of us do) that had to be stretched over the head to put it on. That’s because even with a correctly sized neck dam a back-zip hood would cause it to leak along the zipper where the neck dam sealed against the wearer’s neck. Her EGS cylinder valve was turned off as was the EGS valve on her helmet and she was wearing her beavertail jacket incorrectly - over the hood skirt rather than under it so what seems to have happened is the neck dam did not seal properly because of the seams and zipper irregularities in the neck of the wetsuit jacket. Perhaps that wouldn’t have been a problem by itself, but she hadn’t opened the valve on her EGS pony bottle and when there was a surface supple failure she couldn’t reach the valve to turn it on.

At that point the one-way (non-return) valve failed and with no pressure in the hose drained her helmet of air. If the neck dam hadn’t leaked she may have been killed by the vacuum (squeeze) in her helmet. But the vacuum in the helmet sucked water up through the neck irregularities - seams and zipper track - of the beavertail against which the neck dam was sealing rather than against the smooth hood. The inexperienced diver being unable to reach the valve on her EGS supply was left to drown when her helmet filled with water. Adolph and the drowned girl were operating at the 100 ft level on the safety net, but w/o tenders so Adolph watched her drown while getting off inside her, not that there was anything he could have done when everything went wrong.

I harvest a SL-17B death rubber: When Tanaquil’s trainee drowned Adolph called me to retrieve her body. He knew I had fitted her with a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm (an 80mm just my size) for upper reproductive tract flood protection and he knew I would want to harvest her diaphragm since he had been fucking her when she drowned which made her diaphragm a ‘death rubber’. Returning readers may recall I wear death rubber diaphragms because they give me access to all the previous owner’s experiences through the portion of her Chi that remains in the device she was wearing for sexual protection when she died. When I found her on the net at 100 feet he hadn’t covered her in any way.

The beavertail of her jacket was still tucked up on her back under the weight belt and her legs were spread so I had no problem in inserting two fingers, hooking the rim and pulling out her diaphragm which was slippery with Adolph’s liquefied semen. I slipped my new death rubber into a mesh bag on my equipment belt then fastened her beavertail with its twist latches so she was presentable before attaching her harness to a lift cable and winching her out of the pool.    

When we removed her helmet we found the neck clamp hadn’t been forced shut, but as I mentioned above the surface of the wetsuit didn’t provide the good seal that sealing against the latex hood would have, thus allowing water to fill the vacuum in her helmet when she lost surface supply pressure.

Afterward: Tanaquil was really upset at losing such a promising escort for whom she had great plans.  The body was cremated and her ashes were sent back to Munich where Tanaquil keeps the ashes of other girls w/o families she has lost due to accidents while in her employ. To minimize the likelihood of accidents when Kassi goes to dive her SL-17B with Adolph I’m sending along my divemaster as her tender.

Forcing Kassi’s period, an update: Returning readers may recall that on Tuesday Oct 7 she took her first 5mg Norethindrone tablet. She continued for nine more days stopping on Oct 16th when I was CD27. That caused her to spot on the 17th and start bleeding (her new CD1) on Saturday the 18th when we all were CD1. Rescheduling a period doesn’t always work so well and we have yet to see if she will stay synched with the rest of us, but we are off to a good start


  1. I'm sorry to say such a thing but there are many of your blog posts that deal with Adolph with a woman who has either been killed by suffocation or drowned. I'm beginning to wonder if Adolph isn't a murder of young women.


  2. Hi Shane, welcome to my world!

    I understand your reluctance to mention such a thing. I'm not sure about that, but some of Adolph's partners do seem quite trouble prone...


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