Sunday, June 21, 2015

The 2015 Summer Solstice

Ullapool and Loch Broom looking North West.

The photo: A clear Summer day on Loch Broom with the village of Ullapool in the foreground. The mountains in the background to the west face the Minch and the Isle of Lewis, They are first to get a lot of the moisture coming off the water in the form of rain or snow and contain Location Z.

Contraception and performance meds for the Solstice:  All my wards have had frameless copper bead GyneFix IUDs implanted so I’m the only one using a cervical barrier, a transparent silicone Oves cervical cap for other than dive-sex. While my wards are no longer in menstrual synchrony with me all of us are somewhere in our luteal interval so theoretically even with no effective method of birth control we should all be safe from becoming pregnant from our altar inseminations. Even so, it’s not a good idea for a woman to go unprotected during an encounter with a potent and unprotected man, which is why I had an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix. The ‘Altar Boys’ took a performance enhancing medication, Viagra or Cialis, as a precaution since performance anxiety and the cold can occasionally cause even the most amorous man’s penis to wilt. 

The Summer Solstice: We had convoyed up from His Grace’s hunting lodge to the staging area where the mess tent and dressing area are located arriving at midnight. Before dressing my wards and I as priestess of Aphrodite anointed our underarms, the inside of our thighs, behind our ears and the pulse points of our wrists with a spicy unguent the scent from which is designed to dramatically increase a man’s desire. Then we all met in the dining area where along with the men who would be our partners we consumed a full English breakfast during which they could smell the fragrant oil with which we had been anointed. After breakfast the women moved to the robing area to be helped into our full-length hooded shearling robes. I had again obtained a dispensation from the Goddess that permitted our wearing Gaynor pointes during our time on the altars while our partner’s inseminated us.  

As planned Bea, Willow, Odette and Odile took their respective places on the subtending altars at the celestial temple at Location Z along with me and our young male aristocrat partners to welcome the arrival of summer at sunrise a few minutes after 4:00 AM. At sunrise there was only a light breeze from the East and icily fog (the temperature was in the high 30s F) which made the sweet scent of the Gorse covering the area outside the ring of tone stones mixed with the earthy scent of burning peat just seem that much richer.

Returning readers will recall that at Location Z the North altar is close to the cliff edge due to the edge and the vertical tone stones there having long ago fallen into the valley hundreds of feet below, but Jack says the rock the altar and the remaining two fire pits are on is quite solid so while it looks dangerous if the wind isn’t blowing from the South the celebrant and her partner on the North altar should be quite safe. Willow always has first choice for these celebrations since she is the granddaughter of His Grace so has precedence and as usual chose to offer herself on the Eastern altar because it’s closest to the rising sun. The other girls chose to celebrate on the altars they occupied for the Vernal Equinox; Bea on the South, Odette on the Western altar and Odile on the Northern one.

Odile is the risk taker and always wants the scary one because the sheer drop is just a few feet away. The wind had been forecast to be from the west, but was from the East instead. Either way would have been ok (just so it wasn’t from the South) however the wind direction had been changing and I wasn’t going to lose a ward due to inattention to detail. So over her strenuous objections I had Odile and her solstice partner wear safety harnesses which was a first for our celebration at location Z.  Other than that there was no difference since being cold and rained on is what we have come to expect during the ritual planting of potent male seed.

The celebration ended as it always does with His Grace taking me after my younger aristocratic lover had inseminated me. I took him astride where I could give him pompoir w/o either of us working too hard. After I dismounted he helped me off the altar and escorted me back to the women’s dressing room tent where everyone else was waiting for us and I dried off and changed clothes. Then we all boarded the convoy of Land Rovers to return to the hunting lodge for the ceremonial burning of the celebrants fleece robes and the women’s pointe shoes before we all set out on the long drive back to Crag Abbey. We arrived in time for a delicious supper of roast salmon after the girls and I had wonderfully long hot soaks in tubs of scented water.

Marvin, Aphrodite and procreation: In his capacity as my psychoanalyst Marvin is helping me come to terms with the responsibility of being the Goddess Aphrodite’s Priestess charged with encouraging the consummation of physical love between men and women.  At first I felt overwhelmed by the responsibility, but he has been able to get me to relax and accept the role I have been given to train my wards and a few other close and physically gorgeous young women to encourage their friends to participate in sexual relations between consenting adults.  While our objective is primarily heterosexual couples in no way is that intended to slight Gay, Lesbian and Transgender couples who have their own vital and creative parts to play in society.

However, it is heterosexual couples on which the future of the human species depends so I have been tasked by the Goddess to stimulate the libidos of men and women with whom I come in contact with the aim of increasing the birth rate in stable relationships. Nothing in-your-face overt with lectures etc., just presenting young health men and women to each other in the most favorable settings for romance and procreation. Marvin thinks it is ironic that Aphrodite has tasked me with increasing procreation while I’m being so obsessive/compulsive about avoiding pregnancy myself by careful use of my favorite contraception method, which returning readers know is cervical barriers.
I’m often told during pillow talk how much a partner would like to find me pregnant from our encounter, which I think is probably a male potency fantasy as my married partners would almost certainly scramble to pay for the abortion. I see my effort to avoid pregnancy while being sexually active as a challenge to the men I’m intimate with increasing their interest in having unprotected sex with me which should carry over to their other sex partners.    


  1. I have tow wonder a couple things about the rituals at Location Z:
    1) On average, how long does these rituals last. I know you have those robes and the fires to give you all some warmth, but I'm wondered about endurance for everyone.
    2) Why did the ancient druids pick such an inhospitable place to worship Aphrodite (or whatever they may have called the goddess of love/lust/desire)? Was the weather way back when much warmer then?

    1. 1) On average, how long does these rituals last. I know you have those robes and the fires to give you all some warmth, but I'm wondered about endurance for everyone.

      Time on the altar is about ten minutes per man, usually less. There is no fondling or cuddling. It is pretty much get on and get off. Like the joke phrase “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am!” And we are all fortified with Gorse brandy. Even so it isn’t a very pleasant experience.

      2) Why did the ancient druids pick such an inhospitable place to worship Aphrodite (or whatever they may have called the goddess of love/lust/desire)?

      I have no idea why Location Z was chosen except perhaps for protection, but Jack has found no indication of fortifications. I think whatever the reason common sense eventually prevailed and they moved off mountain tops to stone circles on the plains and moors.

      >Was the weather way back when much warmer then?

      I don’t think so.

    2. Would you guys ever consider a location a little closer to sea level, or is Loc Z the best place due to its isolation?

    3. Isolation and the fact that His Grace owns the land and can therefore control access to an extent are the reasons that the celestial ceremonies are held there. There we aren't troubled by the media, gawkers and unbelievers during the holy rituals.


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