Monday, June 15, 2015

Tampons, honeymoon cystitis, Summer Solstice prep

A used Kotex tampon applicator on the beach thrown from a yacht

The Photo: A lot of the vacationers aboard yachts aren’t as considerate as they should be about the items that they throw overboard. Fortunately this sort of trash rarely floats in to Lost Cove.

Tampons and coital discharge: When going commando as my wards and I typically do in latex catsuits and while here on Virgin Gorda to minimize the likelihood of a UTI I urinate and Kegel out as much of a lover’s semen as possible shortly after sex and insert a tampon to absorb the remaining semen that liquefies shortly after an encounter with an unprotected man. Then I let my lover suck the secretions off the empty tampon applicator. They love doing that! With the string tucked up there is no indication of an inserted tampon and no slippery discharge dripping down my thighs.  Too, should there be additional opportunities for encounters with ardent males I can pull out the tampon and put it in his mouth for him to suck on as he has his way with me. It’s amazing how many men let me do that and seem to think it’s erotic to taste my vaginal secretions. Most don’t realize they are primarily tasting another man’s semen.

Hostess training and honeymoon cystitis:  In young sexually active women, sexual activity is the cause of 75–90% of bladder infections, with the risk of infection related to the frequency of sex. The term "honeymoon cystitis" has been applied to this phenomenon of frequent UTIs during early marriage. Chemical spermicide use especially if Nonoxynol-9 is the active ingredient, independent of sexual frequency, increases the risk of UTIs. Diaphragm use - if it is too large so that it presses on the urethra - is also associated with UTIs. Condom use without spermicide or use of birth control pills does not increase the risk of uncomplicated urinary tract infection.

The five trainees have backed off their frequency of intercourse. All have copper IUDs. I had cautioned them about too much too soon and only one paid attention. The other four developed ‘Honeymoon Cystitis’, which while unpleasant is easily treated by a short course of antibiotics. Chris, our male Gyn, gave them the meds and they are feeling much better and are now paying attention to my recommendation that they urinate immediately after sex to flush out bacteria from the urethra and drink cranberry juice to keep their urine acidic. 

Ballet-boots and the female orgasm: I mentioned in an earlier entry that the trainees aren’t expected to work in pointe-shoes, but they will be expected to be able to wear ballet-boots confidently and perform well in them while on Hostess duty at a fetish club. To that end I’ve been having them practice being taken from behind while bent over holding on to the barre or with their hands on their knees while their feet are in second position. If we are too into the moment during orgasm women go rubber-legged and our ankles and knees give way. So I’m trying to teach the trainees to hold back a bit when taken while standing to have some control over their legs to prevent collapsing if their partners don’t support them.

Even with the good ankle support of their boots I don’t think it will be safe for them to be taken to orgasm too frequently from the rear while standing in them, at least at first. That’s because it takes a certain amount of discipline not to totally let go and be consumed by the ecstasy of an orgasm and lose control of your legs. Repeatedly being taken to orgasm while standing in ballet-boots can overwhelm a woman’s discipline (if that’s what an experienced fetishist wants to do) and the trainees won’t have developed enough discipline to safely be given repeated orgasms  while standing in the time they will have been with me. The safest positions for them is on their hands and knees entered doggie style or on their backs with their feet over their heads where a mating partner can hold on to the heels or ankles and smell their leather boots damp with estrogenic sweat while thrusting into them.

The Summer Solstice and my libido: I’m CD17 and ovulated this past  Friday, June 12th , so my libidinal peak is over and I’m safe from pregnancy for the rest of this cycle. My secondary peak, during my period, should begin on June 27th after we celebrate the Summer Solstice at Location Z on the 21st. So I won’t be as driven for penetrative encounters with men as I have been when a celestial celebration at the Goddesses site occurs when I’m fertile or menstrual as several have recently. I’m looking forward to being more relaxed and having my partner do most of the work when I’m taken on the altar.

We will return to London on Monday 15th June to give us a few days to recover from jet lag then travel aboard The Dragon to Inverness to stay at Crag Abbey which returning readers will recall is on a mountain overlooking Loch Ness, before traveling by road to Ullapool and His Graces hunting lodge on the 19th. Then Jack and I will inspect Location Z to make sure all the supplies are positioned and the robing and mess tent are properly equipped before we welcome Summer at sunrise on the 21st.  Sunrise will be at 4:18 British Summer Time (BST) at Ullapool so at the elevation of location Z sunrise should occur about 4:10 AM. Jack says the Gorse is in full bloom and I’m looking forward to enjoying its heady scent. The current forecast for sea level at Ullapool is for scattered showers (why aren’t I surprised? Sigh…) with a low of 9° C which is about 48.2° F. So at the elevation of Loc Z it will probably be in the low 40s or high 30s. Jack assures me we will have plenty of His Grace’s Gorse brandy to fortify us before being exposed to the elements on the altars. Even though the eighteen fire pots filled with burning peat will be heating the area to melt any ice which is frequent at that altitude and wearing full length shearling ceremonial robes it will be very cold. 

Male aristocrats as breeders: As I mentioned in my entry for May 8, 2015 a former lover, Jack, Viscount Sandbach whose father, the Duke of M**** owns the land on which the celestial temple at Location Z is located has already identified five young male aristocrat candidates from his friends families with a view to making the celestial celebrations a bit more up-market with an infusion of wealthy young men into ‘The Old Ways’ to ensure continuation of the ritual sacrifice of nubile young women in celebration of the Goddess Aphrodite during celestial events.

I don’t think Aphrodite in whose temple we will be celebrating, cares as long as they are good breeding males who, having participated in the ancient ritual of the planting of seed, will forever be influenced by their sexual bonding to her at Location Z as their Goddess. Their screening for suitability; clean full STIs panels and sperm counts showing high quality and quantity sperm have already been completed by our London clinic. In preparation there is transportation and hospitality to be arranged in getting them staged at his Grace’s hunting lodge in the hills to the east of Ullapool, a matter to which Jack is attending.

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  1. Sometimes, I do wish I would be available to be one of the celebrants of your rituals on the solstices and equinoxes.


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