Friday, June 26, 2015

Ballet-sex and ballet dancers as Succubi

A Semina diaphragm on its introducer

The photo: This is such a lovely photo showing the beauty of the tools used training a modern enchantress. A silicone Semina (coil spring) diaphragm on its introducer which makes it easier to insert, here displayed on a pair of Gaynor Minden pointe shoes. Semina is available in six diameter sizes, from 60 to 85mm, in 5mm increments and is made in Brazil. I use it as a starter cervical barrier for students needing barrier protection.

Summer ballet intensive: I’m working with a large private London ballet school holding a two week adult Ballet Intensive starting this coming Monday June 29th.  I’ll be teaching pointe and am already working with the female students to minimize the risk of conceiving from encounters with male students during the course. The girl’s ages rang from nineteen to twenty-three so all are over the age of consent for sex with male students. All are on some effective form of contraception if used correctly. However, the swimming pool and hot tub are two favorite locations for sex where a woman can float nearly weightless with her legs around her partner’s waist while letting him take her to orgasm and then fill her with semen. No hormonal method or IUD will protect her from the possibility of reproductive tract infections from water forced into the uterus so some form of cervical protection is needed as ‘flood insurance’. A FemCap can be used if the woman doesn’t have an IUD, isn’t on her period or is being penetrated when deeper than 25 feet underwater. The depth limitation is due to the uncomfortable squeeze of the dome on the wearer’s cervix below that depth. A correctly sized and properly placed diaphragm can be worn effectively at any point in a woman’s cycle, at any depth and with lube in the dome for IUD users to prevent the strings sticking to the dome. So a diaphragm is the barrier of choice.

Students and Semina diaphragms: Vaginal flooding during underwater sex is fairly common. Fortunately having water forced into the uterus is not, but it does occur and a pelvic infection can jeopardize a woman’s fertility. So I am fitting the students with contraceptive diaphragms to be worn to prevent uterine flooding from a partner’s thrusting during underwater sex. I fit the students with transparent silicone Semina coil spring diaphragms. Semina is made in Brazil and as a piece of protective equipment is far more attractive to young women than its Milex Omniflex counterpart making it something of a status symbol and fashion must-have for young sexually experienced students.

For young nulliparous women Semina is as effective as the more common Milex Omniflex (coil spring) and the Milex Arcing spring styles because their vaginas are tight and don’t need the heavier spring strength and wide seal flange of a Milex required for an effective fit for older women and women who have given birth. Semina is not available through NHS clinics and can only be obtained in the UK through a few private Gyn clinics.

Gaynor Minden pointes and ballet-sex: During the ballet intensive I will teach a course in ballet-sex, which as returning readers know is having penetrative intercourse with the woman entered from behind while en pointe with feet a la second bent over holding on to a barre, chair back or other suitable support. The course participants have been selected from women recommended by their local UK ballet teachers as having taken pointe for at least six years, have good technique and stamina and are in good physical health. Additionally they must have a current negative full STI panel and because there is intentional grooming they were also selected for the wealth of their families since these women will be influential as role-models in their circles of friends.

The equipment list for the course strongly recommends Gaynor Minden pointe shoes if the student can be fitted correctly. This is because they need no breaking in and the interiors of GM pointes polymer toe-boxes are heavily padded which makes standing en pointe for extended intervals and perhaps experiencing thrust-drop during ballet-sex much more comfortable than in pointe-shoes made of traditional materials. We also suggest bringing at least four pairs since thee polymer blocks don’t breathe and so are very hot to wear. Two of the sixteen women have arrived with pointes made of traditional materials so we shall see how they hold up in the ballet-sex classes.

The ballet dancer as succubus: A succubus is a female enchantress from Medieval Christian demonology that performs its evil deeds by having sex with male victims. Sucking out their victims vital fluids they hold the chosen male in their thrall. The incubus is the male version of the demon. It’s thought that in religions with sexual taboos like Christianity, the demons offered a convenient way to explain unwanted pregnancies, incest, and nocturnal emissions as being the work of evil spirits.

The present day embodiment of the succubus is a lithe and assertive ballet dancer who can hold men in her thrall by a single glance and who is adept at Pompoir. Having a single act of Pompoir with her seals his fate as her plaything as long as she is interested in him or his health permits. Once enthralled her prey is milked of his vital fluids and energy by repeated acts of intercourse which her charms have made him unable to resist. But then what man can resist having Pompoir practiced on him? Once a woman adept at Pompoir (also known as the Shanghai Grip) has milked him with her powerful rippling muscles she has him on a psychological penis-leash and he will do her bidding.

The wake of a beautiful predatory woman adept at Pompoir and with libertine tendencies is often strewn with the destroyed marriages of men who fall under her spell. Hence, some gorgeous, predatory and pelvically talented ballet dancers could in some sense be considered Succubi. Though I’ve been called a Succubus I don’t think I fall in that category, well not entirely, as I try to stay away from married men. But if they are adamant about their need for me I will sometimes acquiesce.

Pompoir training: I’ve been successful in teaching Pompoir [the milking of the male penis as its owner remains stationary while his partner’s vaginal muscles tighten and relax in sequence squeezing his glans and shaft until he ejaculates] to two of my wards, Bea and Willow. The other two, the Swan Twins Odette and Odile, weren’t willing to put in the time and effort. Perhaps they will change their minds later.

I’m introducing Pompoir as a concept to my ballet intensive students. There is no time to teach the methodology which can take months to successfully master so I will just cover it in a lecture-demonstration where I suck in and expel a glass test tube from my vagina and answer any questions the girls have. I hope to encourage an interest in some of them to pursue Pompoir training further on their own.

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