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Halloween and Samhain at Headlong Hall

“Majesty”, the Fredville Oak, Kent, UK

The Photo: Majesty photo by Paul Anthony Moore  “In Kent, between Dover and Canterbury, is the small village of Nonington. Just to the south of the village is the Estate Fredville Park home to several ancient trees. The mightiest tree of Fredville Park is Majesty; the Fredville Oak which the famous dendrologist, the late Alan Mitchell, and many others think is the most impressive of all British Oaks. Its enormous trunk has a circumference of 12.3 m (40 feet). There are six oaks in Britain which have an even somewhat bigger girth, but these are all short-trunked pollards, whereas Majesty is a 'maiden tree' with a long trunk up to 9 m (30 feet) height. In total the tree is 18 m (60 feet) tall.” The complete article can be read HERE

Socializing young guests at Halloween: Owners of neighboring estates had been invited to the Halloween house party at Headlong Hall and one family brought two young daughters who their parents said were eighteen and nineteen.  I’m a very good judge of girl’s ages and I would have bet they were not over sixteen, but very well filled out with lovely well toned bodies.  My reputation as a barrier fitter had preceded me and the girl’s mother came to me saying that both girls were on the pill and asking if it was safe for them to have sex with unprotected men. She also mentioned that the girls weren’t all that observant in taking their pills correctly so there was some concern that the girls may not be properly protected by the contraceptive hormones they were taking. Brigitte ensured all the guests had been screened and we had had negative full panel STI tests so the default assumption for sexual encounters was that men would wear no protection, though a partner could ask him to and if so he would be obliged to comply. However, at house parties held by aristocrats it is considered unsophisticated (read naïve) for a woman to ask a partner to sheathe his erection when her only concern is pregnancy which she could take steps to avoid w/o her partner’s assistance.

Therefore, their mother was desperately seeking a way to protect her daughters w/o them having to ask new male house party friends to wear condoms. It was something I understood all too well. Fortunately I had a half dozen Caya diaphragms and tubes of ContraGel spermicide aboard The Dragon parked on a siding  at the Canterbury station so I had Emily, my dresser, to pop down to the station and pick up two Caya packs containing one Caya, ContraGel and a reusable vaginal applicator and my set of diaphragm fitting rings. Then I fitted the girls who were reluctant to admit that hadn’t been taking their pills correctly. So Mom sat in a spare bedroom with her daughters while I checked that their pelvic anatomy would allow proper use of a Caya. What that meant was that their vaginas had to be of a size that that takes a conventional diaphragm no smaller than 65mm or larger than 80mm as well as having deep post-pubic vaults to take the relief arch on the anterior end of the rim. In their case my concern was the depth of their post-pubic vaults would be insufficient and that their vaginas may be too small, but all was well as they both had deep P-PVs and took 65mm rings when not aroused. Then I had them insert and remove the Caya several times and when inserted feel that the cervix was under the dome and how to apply the spermicide in the dome – no more than a teaspoon full, 5ml. When we were through their mom and I could tell the girls were relieved and one said she felt grown up having been fitted for a diaphragm a device specifically used for pregnancy protection that couldn’t be explained away as oral contraceptives can for treating skin conditions and regulating cycles.

Celebrating Samhain: According to Irish mythology, Samhain (like Beltane) was a time when the 'doorways' to the Otherworld opened, allowing supernatural beings and the souls of the dead to come into our world; but while Beltane was a summer festival for the living, Samhain "was essentially a festival for the dead". The Boyhood Deeds of Fionn says that the sídhe (fairy mounds or portals to the Otherworld) "were always open at Samhain". Reference

Sex with Majesty: Since I was the only one wanting to celebrate Samhain - which is typically celebrated from nightfall on October 31st to nightfall on November 1st I needed to be in the presence of something alive and very old.  Alistair who saw to it that he was my partner for the weekend said he knew just the thing and agreed to accompany me to one of the great trees in the UK where I could celebrate Samhain by performing my breeding ritual of thanksgiving and present my oblation of pomegranates to the Goddess. The massive oak, Majesty, is located at Fredville Park which is about12 miles down the A2 toward Dover from Headlong Hall. We made the trip after midnight in his Land Rover it took about 20 minutes to get into the park and to the magnificent oak. It’s on private property so Alistair had arranged with the owner for night access.

Majesty’s size can’t really be appreciated at night, but that was made up for by the serenity of the spot and the weather which was cool and dry but of course the ground was muddy from earlier rain and so there I was again in Gepettos leather ballet-boots, but this time getting them muddy. I didn’t worry about them leaking as they were well soaked in Obenauf's boot oil, but the insides get soaked anyway from my sweat. The good news was that there were no spiral stone stairways to climb.

When planning this trip I had no conscious plan to observe Samhain, but in retrospect Aphrodite must have been guiding my subconscious. Precognition I suppose. Why else would I have brought a black leather catsuit (because oily perfumes will destroy latex) a matching leather duster and a custom made scent from a Paris perfumery; a spicy scent of frankincense with cinnamon and a little sweet rush topped off with anise and coriander worn at my wrists, back of my neck and behind my ears. And, I brought along four brass charcoal censors with insulated handles and lids so they could be used outdoors and charcoal briquettes to burn a mixture of Frankincense and Myrrh, two pounds of granular Frankincense and Myrrh though we hardly used more than a quarter pound and a half bushel of pomegranates. The censors I set around the base of the tree at the four cardinal points of the compass and placed a circle of pomegranates around each censor before lighting it. We collected the censors after we were through with our breeding ritual and left the fruit for the deer to consume on Aphrodite’s behalf.

The sex in the presence of Majesty was marvelous! Gusts of wind moaned through the branches and a waning moon still bright shone intermittently through the clouds making the whole scene rather spooky. From the soft rustling overhead it seemed as though Majesty still wore half his leaves though they were quite deep on the ground. I wore the thick leather ‘duster’ coat over my custom made front zip leather catsuit so that when I leaned back against Majesty the rough bark wouldn’t shred the leather. The double ended front zip and being penetrated while more or less vertical allowed Alistair to unfasten my front close clip and zip sports bra and milk me before and after filling me with his thick, hot and very plentiful seed. The scent of warm breast milk from leaky nipples, sweaty leather, and the heavy musk of wet oak leaves mixed with my perfume gave the encounter a particularly robust bouquet. Our mutual passion and delight proved again what a thoughtful and accomplished lover Alistair could be.  


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