Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving prep., Winter solstice prep., Ben Wa balls training

Winter in the Cambrian Mountains

The Photo:  In this view you can get some idea of the vast emptiness of areas of the Cambrian Mountains. It’s still a bit early for snow on the west side of the Cambrians even where Blackthorn castle is located on a crag, because of the warming effect of the weather coming off the Atlantic across St. George’s Channel. The cold and damp of the UK almost makes me miss the dry weather of the Nevada desert at times, but I’m becoming accustomed to it.

Thanksgiving at Blackthorn House: As I mentioned in my entry for November 6th, “Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night” I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving – the last Thursday in November - here in London. Marvin, ‘Morning Wood’, and Bea will be coming down from Cambridge today (the 24th) and Bea is bringing a boy she met there. Chris, my male Gyn who moved from Vegas to the UK with me will be there with a date (one of Nikolai’s Odalisques who is not dancing because of a wrist injury) as well as my next door neighbors in Eaton Square, Alexei a Russian ex-pat and his daughter Veronika who is bringing a date for the weekend. Nikolai is busy performing with the ballet so he won’t be readily available. I will be CD13 and fertile then so I intend to have sex with an unprotected man (or men) while wearing a latex Reflexions FS diaphragm over an Oves cervical cap screwed down tight on my cervix for contraception. Marvin, Chris and Alexi are all well hung, excellent in bed, enjoy milking me and know what pelvic moves I enjoy so I’m really looking forward to hosting the dinner and mating with the new men. My cook from the castle is with me in London and she is familiar with roasting turkeys.  She will be preparing two 15 lb birds as the smaller ones are more tender and moist and there are twice as many wings and drumsticks. We are also having cubed sage dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, candied yams and mince pies the traditional things my mom cooked when we lived in South Western Virginia.

The London forecast is for cloudy and dry weather with temps in the low fifties. The forecast for the market town nearest the castle, Llanidloes, which is on the A470 south west of the rail station at Caersws where The Dragon is parked when I’m in residence at Blackthorn Castle is for rain this whole week with the temperature about the same as in London.  

New location for celestial celebrations: The East tower roof of Blackthorn castle has been inspected for safety and access. It’s a fighting top with a flat stone and lead roof surrounded by a crenulated wall with merlons, the upper part of a crenelation, and embrasures/crenels, the lower part which archers shot through, and the area is large enough for celebrating the equinoxes and summer and winter solstices. The rooms directly below the roof have a stone central foundation column that comes up all the way to the roof  which can support a lot more weight (for boiling oil and stones to drop on attackers) than just the roof itself. The spiral stairway is a typical clockwise spiral ascent to minimize the sword arms of attackers and maximize the sword arms of defenders. So it’s a bit tricky to ascend and descend in ballet-boots and pointe shoes, but since the tower hasn’t been used for a very long time the stone treads haven’t been as badly worn as might be expected for the age of the tower.

I’ve been continuing my stair training, practicing going up and down the stairs to the basement and upper floors at Blackthorn House in ballet-boots and en pointe in Gaynors as I don’t want to be shown lacking at my first Winter Solstice celebration in my very own home. The good news for me is that the roof with its center support can take the weight of a stone altar w/o danger to the fabric of the tower. There was a massive central stone slab that was covered with animal bones the Celtic holy site in the cellars of the tower. I’ve had it moved to the roof as it will make a marvelous altar on which I will have sex – the ritual planting of seed for prosperity in the New Year – in worship of the Goddess Aphrodite, welcoming her celebration to a new location in Western Wales. I haven’t decided who the man (or men) will be quite yet.  

Access road upgrade: Over the summer Charles, my Chamberlain and my estate manager have had the access road to the castle widened, regraded and resurfaced so water runs off the road and the areas prone to slides were stabilized, the culverts under the road enlarged and replaced so now two large trucks can pass one another w/o one having to back into a pull off to let the other past. It was done cleverly with native stone so from a distance the changes are hardly visible, but it improved the safety and cut the access time for the last two miles in half.   

Pointe training update; Ben Wa ball stacking: My London advanced pointe students have done so well that for the new semester I’m having them wear two sets of 1.0 inch borosilicate glass Ben Wa balls weighing 0.65 oz. each – for a total of 2.6 oz. - as mental training to learn to compartmentalize the weight and feel of the balls during pointe class and concentrate on technique and the combinations given. During that training I and every student in the all female class will insert the balls immediately before class in the studio so the students know that no one is cheating and that I’m not asking them to do something that I won’t or can’t do since I demonstrate the combinations before having the students do them. Once they accomplish that I will have them work with 1.0 inch solid surgical steel Ben Wa ball set (each ball  weighs 2.307 oz.) for a total of 4.614 oz. of steel, more than a quarter of a pound) which I call ‘McBalls’. And when they have successfult accomplished that I will have them insert the steel balls and then the glass ones in a 4 ball stack, which they should be able to wear w/o expelling any by next summer. When I’m not available Bryony is teaching the class and she is a superb teacher and is just as enamored of the uses of Ben Wa balls for vaginal training as I am.


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