Saturday, November 28, 2015

Clubbing costume, Thanksgiving weekend

A cheeky shot of my Wolford Image string body as a clubbing costume

The Photo: A classic with a surprise effect …”This circular-knitted string body with an opaque front conceals an exciting secret at the back: the completely transparent design with an attractive seam up the centre will turn heads. A versatile item for a variety of styles and occasions: it can be worn during the day for a business appointment under a jacket for a subtly elegant look combined with airy, light comfort. When the jacket is removed at the cocktail party in the evening, it becomes an exciting eye-catcher with an irresistible effect.”

My Ideal transparent back string body: Worn with nude Fatal15 seamless tights and a pair of Gepetto’s black calf length ballet-boots it is a show stopper while keeping me fully covered and generally protected except for fingering my clit, unless I’m wearing a sports plug.  It’s a bit pricy, but the effect I get when I enter a room is priceless! Worn with a thigh length jacket it is the ideal ensemble to wear to the ballet or opera when wanting to attract the male gaze as well as female envy in society. The material is: Opaque; 95% nylon and 5% Elastane, Sheer; 76% nylon and 24% Elastane.

With a snap-button gusset it is easy to get in and out of as well as providing quick access to a lover who after unsnapping the gusset only has to pull the tights down over my hips to insert a finger to see if I’m aroused. Even though I’m lactating I’m a 34B and with no bra under the bodysuit I need to wear Lily Padz, adhesive silicone nursing pads, because my nipples leak when I’m aroused and I love how they prevent my nipples becoming erect which could be seen under the opaque fabric and taken as a come-on by men.

I had a photoshoot this past week at Blackthorn House in Belgravia wearing my Wolford Ideal transparent back string body. It was by the Glamour photographers Strutt, Giggle and Pose Ltd at the request of Vogue as a Feature editor thinks an article about me might be of interest.  I’m not so sure that’s the case as I’m pretty salacious if not out right kinky for the typical Vogue UK reader. Actually I’m surprised that an editor even asked for the photoshoot. I remember that U.S. Vogue had been planning an article about me and the casino when I was AD of a small erotic ballet company in Las Vegas. That was just before the great Recession that began in early 2008 with the financial and real estate crises and stock market sell off. Condé Nast pulled it before the writer had time to do more than a walk around since it didn’t seem to be the time to publish an article about the lavish lifestyle being lived by a few people in Nevada when thousands were losing their homes.  Anyway, since I was already thinking of having some glamour shots taken the timing was right. The Blackthorn Barony paid for the shoot so I have control of the photos and can use them in a puff piece for The Costume Club aka Clever Cunts I’m composing for a fetish magazine if the Condé Nast piece doesn’t materialize.  

Thanksgiving 2015: My Thanksgiving Day went extremely well. Everyone showed up and the meal was spectacular with crackers distributed after dessert when every one got a favor in their cracker. Crackers are associated with Christmas in the UK, but I needed a fun way to distribute small remembrances from my first Thanksgiving as a permanent resident of the UK so I thought crackers loaded with trinkets from Asprey’s (cuff links for the men, pierced earrings for the women) would be appropriate. I’m having Crackers at Christmas too!

Before dinner we paired off to play hide the sausage. I was CD13 and very fertile so I wore an Oves screwed down tight on my ripe cervix and double bagged with a Caya so that my partner(s) could shove the steep anterior side of the cervix cup into my anterior fornix. That worked wonderfully for both me and my partner(s) as the unprotected men loved rubbing their glans on the matte finished silicone Caya and I loved having the front of the cervix cup shoved deeper into my anterior fornix. I’m becoming more accustomed to the Caya as I experiment with using it as a toy to safely increase my and my partner’s pleasure.

Additional Thanksgiving guests: In addition to Marvin, ‘Morning Wood’, and Bea down from Cambridge and Bea’s current boyfriend Chris was there with his date, one of Nikolai’s Odalisques who is not dancing because of a wrist injury. My next door neighbors in Eaton Square, Alexei a Russian ex-pat and his daughter Veronika who brought a date for the weekend. I also invited the Dryads; Bryony the daughter of Lord A**** and Claire her cousin both of whom returning readers will recall had been ballet dancers with the RB and had retired to pursue PhDs in psychology at University College London. Neither have steady boyfriends so I invited two more gorgeous hunks as their partners for the weekend. All but Alexei and Veronika staying with Marvin and me in Eaton Square for the weekend.

Shopping: The women all take ballet class with me in the mornings in my basement studio while the men work out in my small gym. Then we go shopping for sales specials as the Christmas buying season has begun and lunch at Fortnum and Mason or Harrods. The weather today, Saturday, has been chilly and sunny this morning with temps in the low 50s and a brisk breeze.  Of course the forecast is for rain this afternoon… Sigh! Tomorrow’s forecast isn’t much better; a bit warmer with rain again in the afternoon. So my costume for the day is a rubber skirt and jacket over tights and Louis Vuitton fetish green rubber rain boots from his Fall/Winter 2011 collection which are now a classic and wonderful with a platform that allows easy fording of puddles.


  1. The photo ops and articles sound wonderful but do u have more or less worry of anonymity now in UK then when working in Vegas?

    Is the pic of you or model of clothing? Striking either way...

    1. Hi Anon,

      >The photo ops and articles sound wonderful

      It will be nice publicity if the article is actually published, not that I need any more. Though as a performer I’m never opposed to publicity of the right sort.

      >but do u have more or less worry of anonymity now in UK then when working in Vegas?

      London is far far larger than Vegas, but I’ve found the people in London (mostly) are very considerate of an individual’s space and I feel safer here than in LV.

      >Is the pic of you or model of clothing? Striking either way...

      It is striking isn’t it? Imagine what it’s like wearing that bodysuit in a room full of men! The pic is of a model. I try never to show my face on the internet. I feel much safer posing for mag. spreads or show promo posters, but even those can be copied and find their way to the Net.


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