Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lactation pleasures and problems

A Medela Easy Expressions breast pump in use

The Photo: A Medela Easy Expressions Bustier double electric breast pump similar to the one I use when there is no partner available to express my breasts and I need to be milked. Now I’m a 32B, but before I started to lactate I was a 32A cup. I think it’s empowering that the model is shown, like me, wearing no wedding ring.

Lactation as a male fetish: As returning long time readers know I’m lactating and have been for longer that I care to think about. I’ve never been preggers. My lactation was accidently induced during a switch of birth control pills when I was in my 20s when I was in Montreal working as a model for a Canadian latex fetishwear house while the ballet company I was dancing with was off during the summer.  I quickly found my then boyfriend liked milking me and as soon as I found that my producing milk wasn’t because I was pregnant or had a pituitary tumor - it was just an uncommon side effect from birth control hormones - I was vastly relieved. We were having such a good time with my amazingly quick arousal when I suckled him and felt my milk come down and his love of breast feeding that I managed to overcome or work around the negative side effects that confront lactating ballerinas.

One side effect being that larger and heavier breasts throw off a ballerina’s center which if she isn’t going to suppress her milk has to be readjusted and gotten used to. Another being a slight (four pound) increase in weight; and still another being hygiene as sometime leaking nipples can stain practice clothes, costumes and street clothes. I soon learned to wear LilyPadz that control leaking nipples, which for me often occur when I become sexually aroused. Until I became accustomed to the idea of wearing nipple shields I would still get caught by the occasional accident and end up smelling of warm breast milk.

When my milk-man boyfriend and I broke up at summer’s end and I returned to the company for the fall season I found men other than my former BF would love to milk me. I quickly tried to arrange to have an available man milk me before class, rehearsals and performances though finding a spot that gave us some privacy could be a challenge if we were traveling. If a man wasn’t available there was nothing to do but use a breast pump to pump my breasts and so I bought my first Medela a twin swing design that worked well for me for years. In an emergency I can hand express my milk but it is time consuming and messy.

In my experience, in the ballet world, lactating breasts, especially on a dancer who hasn’t given birth, were both envied and feared by women dancers with whom I was competing for roles and men, sometimes by the same women who rightly fear that my needing a man to express my breasts could attract their boyfriends with something exceptionally feminine and attractive that they weren’t willing to provide. As you might imagine over the years breastfeeding another dancer’s boyfriend (which I try to avoid unless she is not around and we can meet in private) hasn’t made me popular with my girlfriends and sometimes I made an enemy. That was rarely the case, but there were some tense moments and most women dancers felt far more secure when I was using my Medela in the women’s dressing room or restroom. Actually, on my part it was almost always purely physical since I just needed the help of a man, which I suppose upset so many of them. But like I said it didn’t bother any of them enough to be willing put up with the effort required to induce lactation and care for lactating breasts long term.

I tried watching rehearsals a few times standing along the wall while I was pumping. I wore a shrug or a sweater to cover most of the pump, but I was still such a distraction for the other company members, especially the men, that I stopped doing that before I was asked to. Over the years I’ve managed to hold the increase in breast size to a single cup size from a 32A to a 32B by limiting my milk production. And now when I’m pumping during a rehearsal or when teaching a long class (I try to avoid it if at all possible) since I’m in charge the women have gotten used to it, but I still get longing glances from some men who have not been asked to milk me.  

The nine male trainers and breast feeding: The two sets of Dwarfs+2 have an easier time when rotating through Anya and me than working full out with each of the PA candidates in training. Anya doesn’t work her male partner’s as hard as I work mine. She just enjoys having so many new and STI (including Zika) free men. I’m rather pleased to say that all the men love to milk me, suckling hungrily at my nipples and then fucking me boneless with a series of clitoral, G-spot and anterior fornix (A-spot) orgasms. Only rarely will a man, usually after a full meal, want to enter me from behind to thrust into my posterior fornix while I’m pumping with the Medela. When we are at my place or his, the afterglow nap after being milked and inseminated is exquisite. I drift off with my face buried in my lover’s armpit savoring his scent!

Breast pumping at the February 28, 2016 Oscars: Just to put breast pumping for the elite in the U.S. in perspective there were no lactation rooms provided. Not that there have ever been, but it is a necessity that has been overlooked for far too long. For more about that read the article HERE.

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