Saturday, May 28, 2016

Female protective equipment

A student’s protective equipment for ballet-sex

The photo: A silicone Semina coil spring diaphragm mounted on an introducer to aid in its insertion and a pair of hard shanked Gaynor Minden pointes. Students wear both as gorgeous and effective protection for their cervix and toes during ballet-sex training.

Semina is effective and popular with teens: In my introductory sex-ed course, Contemporary Sexual Health, I use Semina diaphragms because they are effective as well as pretty (which makes very young women feel adult, attractive and confident) so a Semina is more likely to be used during surface-sex. The Semina with spermicide in the dome is a good non-hormonal option when young women reach menarche and begin to need protection for sexual intercourse as it will allow sex with unprotected men giving young women experience in coping with coital discharge.

Semina is manufactured and available primarily in Brazil. It is very difficult to get in the U.S. and it is only selectively available from private clinics in the UK. However, it can be worth the trouble for a student who needs encouragement, something that she thinks is pretty as well as adult and effective which can give her a boost in self confidence.

The diaphragm as an anterior fornix thrust-buffer: I’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating because for some of us it can be important. For a woman with a well endowed partner who can thrust painfully into her anterior fornix a traditional diaphragm can provide some thrust-buffering. I usually wear a latex Reflexions flat spring rim which is no longer commercially available or a custom fitted latex FS device made for me by my London Gyn clinic. In addition to thrust-buffering with my latex FS diaphragm I get a twofer! That’s because when I’m fully aroused so my cervix has been pulled up and back out of the way of an average length penis when Tiny Tim one of my magnificently endowed lovers enters me in missionary he can push the stretched latex membrane of the dome up into my anterior fornix. At the same time the pressure of the dome on the tip of my cervix forces my cervix deeper while the increasing pressure of the stretchy dome squeezes his glans as his thrusts push it deeper into my anterior fornix giving me an A-spot orgasm while buffering his thrusts by slowing or stopping them before he hits bottom while at the same time pulling the anterior rim far enough away from the back of my pubic bone to rub against my G-spot.  None of my friends using a diaphragm have had anything like the mind-fucking turns-me-to-jelly pleasure of a simultaneous two erogenous zone orgasms with a single contraceptive device.

Even when a woman can’t get the same over-the-top orgasmic pleasure I get from wearing a latex diaphragm women with well endowed lovers find peace of mind and increases her pleasure while using it as a thrust-buffer to prevent tearing the ligaments holding her uterus in place.

When a latex FS device is not available silicone diaphragms such as the Milex (Omniflex or Arcing rim) or Semina (coil spring), but not a Caya contoured diaphragm - because the Caya has a smaller diameter and deeper dome - work well for thrust-buffering. Of the silicone options I think a Milex arcing spring rim works best since with an Omniflex or Semina the coil spring rims are more flexible so tend to put less pressure on the tip of the cervix.

Even though the Reflexions flat spring diaphragm is no longer commercially available a Gyn clinic specializing in cervical barriers (like the Blackthorn Clinic in London) can have a latex FS device custom made. And because a latex FS rim device has better heat transfer properties and the flat spring rim is almost impossible to even intentionally under-thrust by a mischievous partner it is the preferred cervical barrier used by  latex fetish escorts and as a flood insurance device it can be used for dive-sex at any depth. The down side of a latex device is that it won’t last as long as a silicone one and can’t be used by couples with a latex allergy.

The pointe-shoe as a defensive weapon: Occasionally a dancer in pointe-shoes can find herself at a disadvantage with a male partner who won’t take no for an answer. It’s difficult to out run a man while you’re wearing pointes, but the hard blocks make ideal blunt force trauma weapons if you are willing to use them. A kick to the temple to fracture the skull and knock him out; A kick to the kneecap to crush the bones and make the knee fold to the side or back; or a flexed foot kick to the pelvis coming up under his penis to crush it against his pubic bone all can be effective, though a kick to the pelvis may not be effective if he is wearing a groin protector/sports cup. A dance belt won’t protect his genitals from a hard blow from below but a sports cup probably will.

However, I think it’s unlikely to find an amorous man wearing a groin protector in a dance setting, but dance belts are standard on performing males. I’ve found that crushing an attacker’s knee so he can’t chase me works best unless he has bent over so his skull is accessible with a sharp high kick with a pointed foot. Once his knee is shattered an attacker can’t stand and a knockout kick to his head is much easier.  For a woman with several years’ ballet training putting a foot into an attackers kneecap should be relatively easy as foot placement in space becomes second nature.

Tim is Returning to school: He is being posted to the Joint Services Command and Staff College (JSCSC) after he finishes his leave. It is located at Shrivenham in west Oxfordshire which is quite rural and rather near the eastern border of Wales. So perhaps if he can get an occasional day off we can fuck each others brains out for relaxation. In his case I’m all for doing what I can to keep up the morale of our military. Shrivenham is about 120 miles (a bit less than 3 hours in good weather) up the M50 to Caersws then another 1 ½ hours from there south west on the A470 toward Llanidloes and into the mountains to Blackthorn Castle.

Monday 30 May 2016 (Spring Bank Holiday): The Spring Bank Holiday is already underway and those who can took Friday off and made it a four day weekend. While Easter Term ends at Cambridge on 10 June and exams are rapidly approaching Bea came stay with me here at the castle for the long weekend and she brought a lover with her. Bryony and Claire (the Dryads) are with me as well as they are taking a break from their thesis research on member’s fetishes at my London fetish club (the Costume Club AKA Clever Cunts) on Holland Park Road since a great many members are off on holiday. They have brought male ballet dancers who can make the holiday just before the start of performances of The Winter’s Tale at the ROH. So Tim and I will not lack for marvelously compatible company.

An English Spring: The weather is what I’ve come to expect. At the Castle given its altitude midday temperatures are expected to be no higher than the high 50s (F) and rain is probable except perhaps on Sunday morning. But then the weather in London is forecast to be about the same with perhaps somewhat higher temps, but cloudy and rainy too. Ahhh, an English spring!

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