Monday, May 30, 2016

Period shifting, a bloody good time!

A ten day supply of Norethisterone for shifting a menstrual period

An easy way to move your period: “If you are not taking the COCP ('the pill') then a hormone tablet called norethisterone can be prescribed. The dose is one tablet (5 mg) three times a day. You start three days before a period is due. It can be continued until you want to have a period. Your period will then normally begin 2-3 days after stopping it. It can be taken for up to 3-4 weeks if necessary. This is only for use on an occasional basis for special events, rather than something to be taken regularly.” The complete article can be read HERE.

A menstrual period is triggered by a decrease in a woman’s normal progestin production which causes the lining of the uterus, the endometrium, to slough off and be discharged as menstrual flow. Norethisterone is a progestin taken to maintain the woman’s progestin level to delay her period and can usually be taken safely but there can be typical hormonal side effects such as bloating, stomach upset, breast tenderness and decreased sex drive.

I’ve found that norethisterone works just as well to schedule a bleed when I will be with a partner who enjoys menstrual sex as avoiding bleeding if it will be at an inconvenient time. Norethisterone can be easily obtained from a pharmacy/chemists with an Rx from your medical practitioner or on the Internet. It does take some planning as you have to have the pills and begin three days before your period is scheduled to start. Then stop three days before you want to bleed. I haven’t used it that much, three or four times over the last ten years, but it has worked very well every time for me.  

A down side of period shifting is that it resets your cycle so that any electronic or manual menstrual calendar being kept has to be changed to track your cycle using the new CD1 date.

I thought I would write about this now as The Dryads (Bryony and Claire) and Bea all have been taking norethisterone so we could all bleed together over the May 30 Bank Holiday and the musky metallic scent of menstrual flow and coitial discharge permeates  the air in the ladies dressing room. It’s not a foul rotten meat smell, but is quite noticeable after changing diaphragms or menstrual cups during our holiday ‘period party’ so lots of air freshener is being used. Returning readers may recall that when my wards lived and exercised with me in Las Vegas they were all in menstrual synchrony with me.

All my circle of friends have copper bead GyneFix IUDs implanted so that they continue to cycle naturally with some having slightly heavier menstrual flow from the copper beads dissolving in their uteri. All have had their IUD strings removed so they can wear cervical barriers for flood insurance while having dive-sex and all have totally waxed pubes for ease of cleanup and displaying cameltoe. Now instead of an occasional string check they have periodic ultrasound scans to check correct GyneFix placement.  Since my wards have gone their separate ways when they visit they can synch up with me by taking norethisterone.

Since I’m CD3 and bleeding heavily over this holiday weekend we girls are having such fun enjoying menstrual sex with our lovers not worrying about the possibility of having a gushing incident just taking advantage of it should one occur. Tim as well as the men the girls brought to the castle for the holiday all love the scent, taste and look of a partner with her waxed pubes covered with menstrual and coitial discharge from them swimming in the red sea so we are all having a bloody good time.

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