Thursday, May 19, 2016

BREXIT yes or no, Tim returns


BREXIT logo from the OXPOL Blog:
To leave or not to leave, that is the question: In the UK on the 23rd of June there will be a European Union (EU) referendum to decide if we will remain in the EU or withdraw. The UK has been here before, sort of, when on September 18, 2014 Scotland had a referendum to decide if would become independent from the UK and decided to remain in the UK.
As there were with the possibility of Scotland becoming independent there would be significant negative consequences in the UK in the areas of trade, cost of living and security should the UK elect to separate from the EU.  Speaking as a provider of minerals, timber, grain, and sheep for both meat and wool my market would be far smaller and prices for my estate’s products lower if the UK were not part of the EU and therefore had a far smaller market for its products. My friends and neighbors in Powys producing local products (timber, grain, meat and wool) for sale to the EU all would be hard hit by any separation of the UK and EU.

A Red Kite the National bird of Wales

The Photo: Almost extinct by the 1930s careful conservation and reintroduction of the Red Kite has brought the species back so it flourishes today in the Cambrian Mountains. We have three breeding pairs living close to the castle.  Image: Red Kite national bird of Wales-1 Milvus_milvus_R(ThKraft).jpg

The Barony has several large stands of mature Sessile oak which my predecessors in the title have taken care to ensure flourish. The Oakwood provide very desirable nesting sites for the Red Kite. The breeding season is March to July or August so is now well underway and my gamekeeper has seen five pairs well distributed throughout the Barony Oakwood.

Snow in May: The forecast was for rain with snow above 1500 meters, 4921 feet. However, Blackthorn castle is at 1,600 feet (487m) the temperature was in the high teens (F) and we had about 2 inches of snow.

“Tiny Tim” returns: Returning readers will recall that the gorgeous man and expert lover, who spent last New Years holiday with me is an officer in the SAS and had to return to duty in late January. I am very pleased to say that he has if anything improved his ardor for me and his sexual stamina. Well, perhaps it is just that he has been away from women for four months as he says there aren’t any ballerinas in the Iraqi dessert where he had been leading an anti-terrorist operation. It is so good to have him hard and thrusting inside me again and draining his semen afterward.

Tim and I are in London at the moment staying at my place in Eaton Square, Belgravia while I’m teaching a small class of ballet students an evening course in Ballet-sex. I have a purpose built ballet studio in the Costume Club (AKA Clever Cunts) on Holland Park Road. In the mornings at Blackthorn House, Eaton Square he takes ballet class with me and teases me about being a Cougar as I’m eleven years older than he, but I know it’s all in fun as it was he who initiated our relationship and I need younger men who have the sexual stamina to keep me satisfied.

It was his previous experience with classical ballet before he entered Sandhurst and afterward taking adult ballet classes when time and location permitted that appealed to me as pleasure in the art of ballet I think is always important in a male partner. His awesomely hunky male body and genitalia are gorgeous and I soon found he was an expert in giving toe curling bone melting orgasms. He is hung like a stallion, but it’s not every well endowed man that knows what to do with all that equipment to drive women wild and he has a following of sexually discriminating female admirers to prove it. 

Tim as a demo partner: Tim has no tats, piercings, scars or other identifying marks on his 6’ 2” 205 lb. hard muscled body so wearing a spandex hood he can be anonymous as my gorgeous partner during a demonstration of ‘Ballet-Sex’ for my class of young women in my Advanced Sexual Techniques course. Returning readers will recall the Ballet-Sex is where the woman is standing sur les pointes a la seconde facing a barre, table, kitchen counter or chair back while leaning over with her body horizontal while penetrated from behind. Ballet sex takes strong toes, feet and calf muscles as well as being able to experience toe curling, bone melting orgasm w/o falling off pointe. Having Tim demonstrate Ballet-Sex with me also gives the class a vivid introduction to the stresses of thrust-drop which often occurs between a tall man and a small woman. Since he is 6’ 2” and I’m 5’ 4” even with long legs I’m lifted about 6 inches off the floor when he buries his glans in my posterior fornix.

Because of the strength and stamina required for this course participating students must have at least five years of pointe training, wear correctly fitted Gaynor Minden pointes and participate in a preliminary toe taping and padding class.  During our demonstration there are gasps from the students when I’m lifted off my platforms at the furthest extent of his thrust when I gasp at his depth as he plunges into my posterior fornix and then the thud and gasp as he withdraws and I’m dropped back on my platforms.

The above is a worst case scenario as a small woman can stand on a small step exercise platform placed in front of the barre or other stabilizing aid over which she leans to be penetrated to equalize the height of their genitals for ballet-sex.  

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