Monday, June 6, 2016

Sex and lactating in a one-piece super shiny wet (SSW) swimsuit

Front view of a Realise T-011 Ultrathin Swimsuit

Back view of a Realise T-011 Ultrathin Swimsuit

The photos: A Japanese Realise T-011 SSW T-back swimsuit. The T-011 Ultrathin swimsuit material is SSW "Super Shiny Wet", a very thin and stretchy material, that is slightly glossy and feels like Lycra, Wetlook and similar fabrics. It is 79% polyester, 21% polyurethane. I love how the high cut legs and thong back show off my pelvic gap!

The T-011 Ultrathin and Ballet-sex: We are using the new ballet studio converted from a large drawing room at Blackthorn Castle. It was the first time my circle of friends and our partners participated together in a Ballet-sex class here. The need to keep the legs feet and toes strong and flexible is very important as are the proper shoes, Gaynor Minden hard shanked pointes, to prevent injury from falling off pointe or thrust-drop when her partner is much taller than the woman and there is no step for her to stand on. 

We wore Japanese Realize Wetlook swimsuits because we are trying them out as a summer uniform for Costume Club hostesses. Realize suits are sized for Japanese figures with a smaller busts and hips.  My measurements are 32-24-32 inches which convert to 81.28 cm, 60.96 cm, 81.28 cm.  So in a Realise suit I chose an XXS from the Realise sizing chart it’s about 4cm too small in the bust and just right in the hips. I chose the tight fit across the bust for additional support since I’m lactating and I love how it shows off my figure and the stretchy ultrathin material in the thong allows ready access to my vulva!

Returning readers know I usually like front zip crewneck T-back styles so the T-011 is a very different style for me.  I was surprised and pleased at how stretchy the ultrathin SSW material is as it expands nicely to emphasize the convex head of a sports plug or fits into my labial cleft to display cameltoe. The stretchy thong also allows a partner to pull my thong aside to expose my vulva for rear penetration as I bend over holding on to the barre. Then he can part my labia to position his erection at my introitus for penetration with a gentle and sustained push while he fondles the shaft of my clit with his fingers. After he fully penetrates me I step on to pointe in my hard shanked Gaynor pointes and all the muscles below my waist clench when en pointe tightening my grip on his root. Then if he is anxious I lock my knees, lean into him and let him do the thrusting. I can easily adjust my hips to guide him into my posterior fornix if he is long enough to reach it.

Nude pubes: Regardless of the material in the suit a high cut leg and thong-back style suit requires fully waxed pubes for the esthetics and for wearer’s of rubber suits or ones with relief (crotch) zippers waxed pubes are highly desirable to prevent hair pulling or getting caught in the zipper.   

Sex with unprotected men: I love feeling the skin-on-skin contact with a man as he is thrusting and cumming inside me and having his liquefied semen and my arousal lube draining out of me shortly afterward! As expert as I am with Kegels I can never get all a lover’s spend out on the first try if he is big and has filled my fornices with semen so if I’m in a swimsuit the coitial discharge will wet the crotch of my suit. That’s a common problem with sexually active women around their men and on holiday which is why the pareo is such a handy cover-up. But since all my female guests are draining coital discharge into their suits too we all go around with slippery wet crotches while in the pool or studio areas.

It was a bit different over the May 30th Bank Holiday as we were all menstrual so rather than getting the furniture bloody we tried where we could to Kegel, insert a menstrual cup or diaphragm  and clean up our vulvas with a pH balanced wipe after a penetrative encounter.  As with all penetrative encounters with an unprotected man when I’m in my follicular phase of my cycle – from after menstruation until two days after I ovulate – I wear a cervical barrier (a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm or a silicone Oves cervical cap) to prevent a lover getting me pregnant. Today I’m CD10 and fertile so I’m wearing a latex flat spring diaphragm for contraception as I’m draining fertile cervical mucus into the dome.  

Lactation in a T-011: Since I’m lactating instead of the front closure bra I typically wear the strappy back of the T-011 allows me to easily slip out of the shoulder straps to give an ANR partner unhampered access to my breasts so I can be milked. Or if a partner is into ballet-sex and penetrating me from behind when I need to be milked the T-011 lets me wear my Medela twin electric breast pump harness and be pumping while I’m being taken en pointe with him thrusting into me from the rear. Tim is especially fond of having me pumping while he’s humping (he calls it pump and hump) as he loves how tight my grip is when I’m balanced en pointe and since everything is clenched then I don’t have to put additional effort into it.

The T-011 and Sports Plugs: Returning readers may recall that I’ve gotten Jeff to agree that Labia Labs fitted devices such as sports plugs and Fet-tex rubber fetishwear is licensed to Blackthorn Holdings Ltd as sole distributor for its vaginal and fetishwear products in the UK. Chris, my male Gyn, can fit vaginal devices and the London shop assistants are now fitting Fet-tex catsuits at Blackthorn Ballet and Fetishwear by appointment only.

A new Sports plug design from Labia Labs has a slightly concave anterior lock face which seats against the posterior surface of the pubic bone. This takes the pressure off the urethra while providing tension on the seal of the convex shield head covering the labia and clitoris. Returning readers will recall that Sports Plugs are commonly worn by waitstaff to prevent being vaginally penetrated when groped by customers in fetish clubs. Also most of us in the up-market Escort business wear Sports Plugs routinely when not with a client to prevent being finger-fucked at parties. 

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