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Red shoes their power and the gory, Summer Solstice

Well worn red Bloch Axiom pointe-shoes

The Photo: A pair of red Bloch Axiom (S0108) paste pointes worn to seduce a man into menstrual sex. A few dancers in my circle wear comfortably broken in red pointe shoes to let a partner know they are bleeding and to entice him into having menstrual sex.

Dancers wearing paste shoes and pointe fetishists know that paste shoes develop an entirely different bouquet of scents – damp satin, Hessian, leather and paste mixed with the wearer’s estrogenic sweat - when worn than do Gaynor Minden pointes made primarily of polymer and satin with just sueded soles and perhaps tips. Even as great a believer in the longer life and superior support of GM pointes as I am I have to admit that the bouquet of freshly worn and damp paste pointes is a more fragrant, erotic and popular scent among fetishists than the somewhat chemical scent of freshly worn and still sweat soaked Gaynors.

Red shoes: Red shoes once exclusively the footwear of royalty became more commonly worn and known in the 19th century - when red dye became far less expensive - as a symbol of the demimonde. In the mid 20th century red shoes became fashionable with conventional young women after films in which red shoes played a prominent part became popular. Two such films were The Wizard of Oz (1939) with Dorothy (Judy Garland) wearing magic red slippers and Victoria Page (Moira Shearer) wearing red pointe-shoes in the film The Red Shoes (1948) based on the Hans Christian Anderson tale of a disobedient girl cursed to dance forever in her new red shoes. Those films brought red shoes back as popular footwear with a touch of the wild and exotic and in some cases the erotic. Today red shoes are still a source of fascination, power and mystery to both their wearer and her beholders.

Red pointe-shoes still have immense appeal for young dancers many of whom see themselves as a modern Victoria Page intending to have it all, a career as a ballet dancer and as a wife to a loving husband. The power of the red shoes lies in their ability to reveal some fundamental truth about the wearer — and deliver a penalty, or prize accordingly.  

Red pointe-shoes and menstruation: Years of training to strengthen legs and feet as well as taped and padded toes allow a confident dancer in pointe-shoes to rise above the discomfort and seduce both herself and the object of her lust or perhaps affection. In my circle of ballet dancer friends red pointes worn during play indicate that the woman is on her period and is interested in menstrual sex.  The power, poise and pleasure radiated while internalizing the pain when red pointe shoes are worn by a beautiful, confident and seductive menstruating woman will allow her to take a normal healthy situation which society teaches should be concealed and use her gory secretions to enthrall a suitor in his ardor so she can lead him around on a psychological penis leash.

Menstruation among women knowledgeable about their bodies has for ages been a source of fascination, power and mystery; enabling women not on contraceptive hormones to captivate their mates with the scent, sight and taste of naturally occurring pelvic secretions during the periodic reset of their cycles to create a new and welcoming environment for an egg should a lover successfully fertilize it. Some even have partners who are interested enough in “swimming in the red sea” to keep a copy of their girlfriend’s menstrual calendar so they have a good idea when she should be at a peak in her libido, when fertile or menstrual. 

Confidence while menstruating: In my course, contemporary sexual health, I teach women to be proud that they are menstruating and use the increase in their libido while menstrual to be creative or strengthen their relationship with a favorite man. So many have been taught that bleeding is shameful and something unclean that it can be difficult for some women to see the positive side of cyclical bleeding even though there may be discomfort associated with it for some few.

The Summer Solstice: A welcome visitor for the occasion, his Grace the Duke of M****, agreed to act as Steward of the Ceremony for the ritual planting of seed. It was a far different position in the Celtic rite from being an active participant as in the past though I had been with him that afternoon in my suite to allow him to plant his seed and milk me before the official celebration began as he is still very fond of me and Verity, his mistress, is not interested in inducing lactation since she is a rising star in the ballet and lactating could cause her career to slow.  As returning readers will recall it is to His Grace that I owe my elevation to the title of 23rd Baroness Blackthorn so I like to accommodate his desires when I can.

The eleven of us, the five couples and His Grace, took a caravan of Range Rovers in case the weather which is quite changeable here turned rainy. It is a short ride from the castle to the Celtic holy site where we celebrated the arrival of summer. Unlike Location Z there are no spiritual prohibitions of mechanical devices in the area, though as I mentioned in an earlier post the spirit guardians protect the site by turning away the curious by causing them to have a strong nameless fear of the area. We all arrived clad in our shearling robes with the women in Gaynor pointe-shoes with sueded tips and the men wearing Grishko canvas split-sole ballet slippers so the suede soles would grip the worn stone surfaces of the altars. While in the castle’s ladies robing room where we were changing into pointes and our hooded shearling robes I made sure that we all used a good thick water soluble vaginal gel just in case some of us couldn’t lubricate naturally from the cold or not being able to get into the moment as there is nothing more distressing than having a gorgeous but dry man thrusting into a dry vagina. He may not be uncomfortable but his partner soon has the soft tissue of her vaginal walls rubbed raw and burning.

We had all been positioned at (but not on) our assigned altars by11:00 PM and blessedly it was dry with only a slight breeze and there were light clouds with a temperature of about 55° (F). The Old Bull had us all mounted on our altars by 11:30 with us positioned to be taken in missionary with our partners kneeling between our legs erect and dripping pre-ejaculate. Then the Goddess smiled on our ceremony and just at 11:30 the clouds parted briefly and we had a good view of the full moon which I took as a sign of her appreciation of my efforts.

And so it was at exactly11:34 PM BST His Grace gave the signal to begin - a white flare launched from a pistol - and our partners penetrated us and began thrusting. As a precaution I had made certain that the men had all taken a male performance enhancer beforehand to minimize the possibility of erection dysfunctions. Not that there had been any instances of performance inadequacies with these men, but this was the first time that they were performing in such an important ceremony and even for the most steely willed it is sometimes possible to over-think the situation and lose focus. I needn’t have worried they all performed splendidly! As any well trained partner would the men all gave us our pleasure first then took theirs along with additional simultaneous orgasms from us when they came filling each of us with hundreds of millions of highly motile sperm.

The after party: We were active on the altars for about twenty minutes during which Tim milked me after I’d orgasmed and been inseminated and was floating in afterglow. To conclude the ceremony our partners gave us cunilingus and we Kegeled as much of our coitial discharge into their mouths as we could. Then our partners helped us down off the altars and we rode back in precession to the castle for a celebratory full English breakfast served with the Barony’s famous Sloe Brandy and afterward there was the ritual burning of the robes in the castles lower ward.

As a welcome change in costume protocol the Goddess permitted each participant to save his or her shoes, unlike in the past when the shoes worn on the altars at Location Z were burned. I had interceded with the Goddess on the women's behalf as the shoes a women wore while being inseminated on an ancient Celtic altar during a Summer Solstice celebration are something to be treasured to be passed down to her daughters and grand daughters. After the ritual burning of our robes since we had been up until 5:00 AM we all retired to our rooms for more snuggling with our men and then lovely afterglow naps.

BREXIT referendum underway: As this is posted the UK is voting on whether to leave the European Union. As I’ve mentioned before I think the UK withdrawing from the EU would be a serious mistake so I hope our citizens will vote to remain part of the EU. Polling stations will be open from 7am (06:00 GMT) to 10pm (21:00 GMT) local time. It’s going to be a long and historic day!


  1. So now that you're no longer doing Loc Z for your celebrations, you now celebrate the season changes at the time the sun crosses the equator or hits the tropic lines? It used to be at sunrise, right? What else is different about the ritual?

    1. In addition to the women being allowed to keep the pointes worn during the ceremony, the Kegeling and cunnilingus and having vehicles near the site this year we used our boyfriends for the ceremony rather than young males selected from the local population.


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