Saturday, June 11, 2016

Seren and the Blackthorn Summer Ballet Intensive

Bluebells, spring in the Cambrian Mountains

The Photo: It’s been a lovely spring and the fields of Bluebells in the Cambrian Mountains are gorgeous!

Tim’s cousin: Seren (the Welsh name for star) the daughter of Tim’s Father’s younger brother, his second cousin, is at Cambridge with Bea and unexpectedly came back to the castle with Bea for the Bank Holiday weekend. She is eighteen and becoming sexually active as she has been at Cambridge with Bea for the last year. She has been on COCs, estrogen/progestin birth control pills, and her stepmother - her father’s second wife (Iris) who was a ballet dancer - is concerned that she may have an unplanned pregnancy which even if she terminates it could harm her chances of marrying well.

No, before someone asks, she isn’t Seren Wilson the Welsh Glamour model who at thirty is almost twice Seren’s age. My Seren has a gorgeous hard Balanchine ballet body: big feet, long legs, short trunk, small breasts, long neck, small head and long natural red hair (hooray! Another redhead in my circle) and even before she begins her Pompoir training has a wonderfully strong pelvic grip. So physically in no way is my Seren like the large breasted glamour model Seren Wilson except they are both female. However, I’m sure that Seren Wilson is attractive in her way to men who like large breasts. It’s nice too that both Bea and Seren are eighteen so that there is no problem with the age of consent for sexual activity with whoever they are involved with during training.

Seren is a very popular Welsh girls name and in my wards case it goes back several hundred years in her family. I’m so pleased that Bea is such good friends with Seren as The Dryads (Bryony and Claire) are older and based in London and Odette and Odile went back to finish Uni in Las Vegas where they are in relationships with Castor and Pollux. Now that classes at Cambridge have ended (on June 10th) they will both be with me for the summer.

Through Tim Iris found out that I teach a Contemporary Sexual Health course and has asked that I take Seren’s pelvic training in hand. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have, but since she’s Tim’s family and Seren and Bea are close friends and since Seren can be with me for the summer I agreed to tutor her.  Fortunately Seren’s mother was a ballet dancer and Seren has taken ballet since she was four and pointe since she was eleven otherwise I wouldn’t have taken her as a pelvic student.  After the ballet intensive I plan to have Bea and Seren intern as Hostess at my London fetish club (Clever Cunts) this summer. To protect their identities they will wear full-face hoods when with club members and have no tats, piercing or scars they can be recognized by and since all the male members are required to have negative full STI panels they should be fine.  The British aristocracy has its problems, but the men know a tight vaginal grip when they feel it which is why so many of them marry ballet dancers, or have us as mistresses.

Seren has been having low libido and I suggested that she have a mini-GyneFix (4 bead) frameless copper IUD placed which would protect her for at least three years and allow her to cycle naturally so she can enjoy the swings in her natural hormones. Over the Bank Holiday Chris, the male Gyn from my London clinic, was here and when she agreed he had her hop up on the exam table numbed her cervix and implanted a mini-GyneFix in her fundus in less than 20 minutes.

Seren and the Blackthorn Summer Ballet Intensive: Returning readers may recall that my Ballet Intensive is being held at Blackthorn Castle the 13th century pile whose architectural heritage my predecessors and I are assuring remains safely ensconced in its ancestral terroir.

This year’s ballet intensive first mentioned in my post for May 6, 2016 has had a participant cancel. Fortunately for Seren her strong ballet background enables her to step in and fill that vacancy nicely. She has had all her vaccines as well as a full panel STI and pregnancy test. Though I’m making sure she is kitted out with Gaynor Minden hard shanked pointes for ‘play’ (ballet-sex classes) as well as her regular performance Bloch Axiom shoes. Not to mention the more intimate items like sports, plugs and suction base training dildos for pelvic training. Even with her strong ballet background and daily classes before she came to live with me she had increased her technique and pointe classes to prepare for the Summer Intensive. I think that shows determination a club hostess trainee needs given that she was still taking exams.

Nikolai: I’ve been fortunate to be able to get Nikolai a young (26 y/o) Russian male ballet star who is dancing with the company at the ROH for the 2015-16 season to be Ballet Master for my Blackthorn Summer Ballet intensive. This past year I have been his coach and social mentor. My job as his social mentor has been challenging as he has a tendency to go off the rails in social relationships and tends to impregnate young female corps members who nevertheless are still lining up to have him inseminate them thinking “it will never happen to me as I’m using protection” which is what all the others thought as well.

I think the reason he accepted was to get out of London for several weeks with a totally new field of young women with hard ballet bodies and tightly muscled vaginas. I hadn’t mentioned the possibility that Nikolai was to be Ballet Master. When they learn he will be teaching my students this summer I’m sure young ballet dancers in Europe and the Americas will fantasize about being in his arms as unprotected he thrust lustily deep into their vaginas while their local boyfriends are inseminating them. Going solo it is a fantasy with which any woman can easily masturbate to repeated orgasms. It’s also why I’ve insisted on all ballet intensive participants have GyneFix copper IUDs implanted as Nikolai is certain to inseminate all the students several times before the intensive is over.

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