Thursday, September 29, 2016

Clinching the sale

A Full English Breakfast

The photo: A lovely full English breakfast of fried eggs, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, home fries and baked beans with the beans very sensibly served in their own gravy boat.

Ron’s Ballet-sex training: Ron had talked so much about how long and lovely Sophie’s legs are especially when she displays them en pointe that during my warmup and class the next morning I wondered if he had had ballet-sex with her. While he watched I took class, to music from La Bayadère from a small CD player I had brought, in the drawing room that Sophie uses for ballet workouts. The carpet had been removed exposing a lovely hardwood floor and an entire interior wall had been covered with ten-foot-tall mirror sections and a barre had been mounted about three feet off the mirrored wall. So while stretching I asked if he had ever entered her from behind while she balanced on the platforms of her pointes while bent over holding on to the barre. I think of that position as ‘ballet-sex’ but Escorts adept at it call it ‘clenching-the-male’ since when en pointe the woman’s muscles from her waist to her toes are clenched which, when the muscles have been properly trained, can provide an amazingly strong grip so she needs to be very wet to prevent internal injury.

Ron said he’d considered it, but he hadn’t been alone with Sophie in pointe-shoes where he could ask her to try that position. So I told him about the possibility of injury from being under-lubed as well as from thrust-drop during ballet-sex and how Escorts adept at ballet-sex minimize their risk by keeping a prefilled applicator of lube in our purse or dance bag and protecting our toes with the proper shoes and padding. Then having earlier applied a prefilled 10 ml applicator of DiveGel silicone vaginal lube and intentionally dressed to allow him easy access by wearing tights over a thong-back leo I had him stand behind me put his thumbs in the waist band of my tights and pull them down below my hips then pull my thong to one side exposing my vulva for easy access when I bent over and held on to the barre. I think there is no substitute for hands-on training when I’m teaching advanced sexual techniques and this was a good example.

Standing flat in Gaynor Minden pointes with my feet a la seconde I bent over so my back was parallel with the floor. He stepped between my legs, spread my labia, positioned his glans at my introitus and I relaxed and let him gently push his slippery glans glistening with pre-ejaculate inside me. With a long slow thrust he filled me with his wonderfully hard erection bottoming out in my posterior fornix. As he hit bottom I rolled up on to pointe which clenched my muscles around his shaft and he gasped and quivered as my grip tightened around him.

He is taller than me even when I’m en pointe so when he thrust during ballet-sex he lifted me off the floor so he got to see and hear the thud and my gasp as my platforms hit the floor each time he withdrew. His participating while I experience thrust-drop was educational as he can now better understand the danger when the woman’s knees are locked straight to prevent falling off pointe while rubber legged during arousal so during thrust-drop the shock is felt in the knees as well as the toes. Over time this is bad for the knee joints if this occurs too often so practitioners of sex while en pointe have learned to flex our knees momentarily at impact to minimize the stress on our knee joints, but the timing to successfully accomplish that can be tricky. However, if there is a height difference that will cause thrust-drop an easier way to protect the knees is to stand on a slightly raised platform so there will be no thrust-drop. When he came filling me with hot jets of thick creamy semen I closed my feet from seconde closing my thighs and tightened my grip and told him to hang on tight and don’t try to withdraw as I performed the Mare’s Trick, squeezing him so tight that his penis remained erect during his refractory period, while I remained en pointe. Then gave him Pompoir again.

It’s difficult to do Pompoir and The Mare’s Trick while en pointe primarily because the woman has to be continually on her toes the entire time so even well trained ballet dancers have trouble staying en pointe that long unless they have trained in Asian schools as Courtesans. Wearing Gaynor Minden pointes with the very strong hard polymer shanks and internally padded toe boxes make the Mare’s Trick and Pompoir en pointe a lot easier to do w/o foot injury. After The Mare’s Trick and Pompoir we showered together and dressed for breakfast.

I meet Sophie: At 10:00 AM Sophie arrived. She had been invited to breakfast and we seemed to hit it off right away as two dancers have a lot in common. Though after kissing Ron she looked thoughtfully at him and me and I’m sure she sensed that we had been intimate as we were both quite relaxed as couples are after really good sex. Of course that was inevitable since she knew we were going to be discussing my qualifications to teach her advanced pelvic skills and whether either or both of them wanted to proceed with her training.

we had breakfast in a small alcove off a lovely and much larger dining room overlooking a garden so large and beautiful with late summer flowers I was surprised to see it in London, but then I remembered where we were. Both of them were amazed at my large appetite and how little I weight, as I was then at 107 lbs. (my menstrual weight). I told them I can eat a full English breakfast w/o gaining a pound, other than fluid buildup while I’m menstrual. They asked how I managed it w/o having an eating disorder. I explained that my metabolism is on the high side and the exercise I get while training and teaching along with the calories I need for lactation keep me slim so I can eat pretty much what I want. I didn’t mention that Pompoir and The Mare’s trick are very strenuous and use a lot of energy so from the bedroom workout I’d gotten with Ron I needed the calories.  Sophie was fascinated to learn I was lactating with 32B cup breasts and wanted to know my secret, but that was a discussion for girl-talk another time.

When coffee was served after breakfast, Ron told both Sophie and me that he was very pleased with the skills that I demonstrated and that Sophie was a conscientious and energetic student anxious to learn and he would like to put her in my care. She agreed saying that she had asked Ron to make enquiries on her behalf to get the best trainer possible for the skills they wanted her to master. I later heard that he had talked to his grandfather - who has a reputation of being a swordsman with young beautiful South American women - about the choice of a trainer and his recommendation was me. However, as much as I would like to claim him as a client it wasn’t that he had ever used my services, but had heard raves about my skills from his good friend the Duke of M**** and others so had suggested interviewing me.

Jealousy, the elephant in the room: I had only worked with couples twice before to try to effectively teach the women advanced pelvic skills and neither worked out because of jealousy. I say ‘effectively’ because w/o a male’s active participation the woman might well take forever to properly learn to milk a penis with her vaginal muscles. The men could only participate in their partner’s training occasionally because of job commitments and so early on became extremely jealous of their women’s male phys. Therapists. However, those women had been virgin when they met the partners they were with and after a brief start the men couldn’t stand other men bedding their women and both couples cancelled the training. I now have a non-refundable up-front charge to take care of expenses should that occur and that has caused other couples to rethink their need for that sort of training.

So I brought up the subject of jealousy. I knew (because Ron told me) both of them had at least considered and might find it worrying that Sophie would be training at least part time with Blackthorn Clinic male pelvic therapists. There is only so much that can be done with a Peritron, Ben Wa balls and dildos so a woman needs an erect penis attached to an aroused man to train and Ron’s schedule will almost certainly not allow him to meet all her training needs. So we discussed whether Sophie receiving intimate training from other men (all board certified Phys Therapists) was going to be a problem. A look passed between them. She blushed and he gave a little shake of his head.

While neither looked too pleased they understood the need for her to practice with a man when Ron wasn’t available. It was agreed that the question could be reopened at any time if one or the other felt the need, but I think Ron will rearrange his schedule to be with her for training sessions a lot more than he currently anticipates since a man having his penis milked by a beautiful woman while he remains stationary inside her is extremely addicting. What the woman gets out of all her pelvic training is the ability to enthrall her partner giving her considerably power over him without saying a word. I suspect Sophie had not come to Ron a virgin given the reputation of – and my experience with - Swiss finishing schools. So while they are madly in love her training to increase their mutual sexual pleasure will be worth having other men involved in her training when Ron isn’t available.

Clinching the sale: Sophie asked how long the training would take and I said it would depend, but no less than three months if she was a conscientious student and adhered to the regimen that I set. If not, then somewhat longer depending what problems she ran into. I cautioned that regardless of how eager Sophie is to get on with her training it is best to get off to a slow start since overworking the pelvic muscles at first can be very uncomfortable and lead to the dislike of and avoiding the necessary training.  Ron said he agreed that it was best not to rush things and he looked forward to being available when possible which I know he meant. He said he would make it a priority to help her meet the goals of my training program and I could bill his private account for all her monthly training costs.

Sophie and I agreed to meet the next day so I could go over the items in the beginner’s slit-kit that every pelvic student of mine needs and is provided with.  The following day we met for an entire day of shopping for her training needs and had girl-talk over a seafood lunch at Caviar House in Harrods. She really is a delightful and very intelligent young woman. I took her to a fave local dance shop to be fitted with Gaynor Minden hard shanked pointes which look lovely on her high arched feet. I also got her a priority appointment with Chris, my male Gyn, at Blackthorn Clinic and I accompanied her to have the strings of her GyneFix IUD tucked up in her cervix (to prevent a contraceptive diaphragm from interfering with them) and to be fitted for a custom latex flat spring rim diaphragm which she can use as flow control during menstrual sex and as flood insurance during dive-sex. They had her size, 70mm, in stock and she got three as I mentioned that it is always good to have several spares on hand especially if they are made from latex.

Giulietta: Over dinner Ron and I had discovered we were both Moira Shearer fans and talked about the films she was in. In addition to The Red Shoes we both loved the 1951 film The Tales of Hoffman in which she danced the roles of Stella (dancing the role of a praying mantis who kills her partner) and Olympia (a doll that comes to life). We also agreed that another favorite character in the Hoffmann film was the role Ludmilla Tchérina performed as the Venetian courtesan Giulietta, who stole Hoffmann’s soul.   

So I was astounded when Ron gave me the most amazing compliment as he walked me to the car that would take me back to Blackthorn House. He called me Giulietta, and I was very pleased and tried not to blush while thinking he was a lot more perceptive than I first thought! He continued to hold my hand after he helped me into the car and before releasing it put it to his lips and kissed it. I gave him one of my most provocative smiles as he closed the door. I was delighted as I thought of the twenty-four hours we spent together and the intimacies we had shared and thought perhaps our encounter had put him in my thrall. But one can never be certain about these things so early in a relationship and with a man in such an exalted position one should proceed slowly if at all. Sophie was still inside so didn’t see his kiss. I certainly don’t want to beguile him so thoroughly that I take him away from Sophie as he needs a young lovely and accomplished partner who will give him children.

Physically I’m not quite the Giulietta who stole Hoffman’s soul and turned it into an exquisite necklace. However, I do have a lovely figure with long shapely legs, high cheekbones and long hair, but my hair is red not black and I don’t often dress all in black as Giulietta does. But when I go clubbing with girlfriends looking for a man I do think of myself as channeling Giulietta since she was a powerful enchantress who could steal a man’s soul by just looking at him. Over the years as I became proficient with Asian pelvic skills I’ve developed the ability to quickly enthrall most men I develop a physical interest in, and some I have no interest in whatever, just by looking at them. I’m told that look suggests exquisite sexual pleasure in the male mind and I find in clouding a man’s mind that way I have occasionally unintentionally put one of the less interesting men in my thrall. Fortunately, I haven’t done that in a long time. 

I am elated that I was successful in getting the patronage of a delightful young woman and her boyfriend who occupies such a lofty place in English society. I’m hoping that more social contacts at that level will come with this lovely couple’s patronage.

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