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The uses of toe and nursing pads

A LilyPadz silicone nursing pad

Leaky nipples: When I began lactating years ago (it was accidentally induced when I came off hormonal contraceptives and had a lover who was hot for and big in to playing with small breasts) I had really sore nipples at first and I thought lactating might significantly affect my career as a classical ballet dancer. Fortunately my nipples toughened up and my breasts even when engorged have never gotten larger than a full B cup. I adjusted my center to account for more weight in my breasts and it didn’t appreciably affect my jumps, but there have been some maintenance issues. Breast care, lanolin on the nipple and areola to keep them moist and reduce the likelihood of clogged milk ducts and regularly expressing my breasts is necessary. I have a pumping regimen I follow to prevent painfully engorged breasts, using adult male or female partners or my Medela double electric breast pump.

One problem lactating women often face and one that affects me is leaky nipples. I begin to leak if I hear a baby cry or sometimes, when my breasts are full, if I see one. That can be distracting if it occurs when I’m in the midst of performing or seducing or being seduced by a hunky man. I’m successfully managing the problem by wearing LilyPadz nipple shields that cling to my breasts and prevent my nipples from leaking. The maker says:

“LilyPadz are a patented, innovative nursing pad made of a skin-like layer of silicone. The unique design of LilyPadz maintains pressure on the nipple while in place and forms a non-absorbent barrier that actually PREVENTS breast milk leakage. No more inconvenient pad exchanges, and both you and your clothes stay dry!”

They are made of medical grade gas permeable silicone and have a self adhesive backing so I can wear them when I’m topless and they are waterproof so I can wear them under a bikini, catsuit or wetsuit for nipple protection when I go diving. To apply them I peel the pad off its holder, a hard round dome, invert it so the sticky side is out and with a finger in the center of the pad firmly depress the nipple. With the nipple flattened I smooth the edges of the pad down over my breast smoothing out any air pockets and I’m good to go. Some women have to adjust to the grip of the pad, but I love how well they have worked for me right from my first wearing! I can jump and spin and they just mold to my breasts so they don’t come off! And they feel wonderful worn under a tight wetsuit.

Dyspareunia: Painful intercourse, dyspareunia, is another common complaint from women who are breast feeding. If it isn’t caused by the healing of the perineum or abdomen after vaginal or cesarean delivery then it’s often from vaginal dryness because lactation reduces the estrogen produced which limits the woman’s production of natural lubricant when aroused. Our male escorts when not in the presence of women call it ‘Tight Pussy Syndrome’ because w/o sufficient lube the woman feels tighter to her partner.

While common during breastfeeding painful intercourse also occurs if the progestin used in her hormonal contraceptive (usually a progestin only method to prevent suppressing her milk supply) dries her out. If vaginal dryness is contraceptive related she can try switching to a different progestin and see if the helps. If it doesn’t and she chooses to stay on hormones a good silicone gel intimate lubricant can often help. I’ve been fortunate that lactating hasn’t affected my natural lubricant or caused any side effects (I never had amenorrhea) except increasing my libido making me more sexually assertive than I was before I began lactating. I really enjoy breastfeeding a man while he is caressing the shaft of my clitoris with his fingers – its tip is far too sensitive for me to stand having it touched.

A LilyPadz fatality: a 23 y/o rubber-chick escort died last week when a client stuffed one of her silicone nursing pads into the 40mm canister mounting of her gas mask during a BDSM encounter. She was lashed spread-eagled to her bed with cables and the ribbons on pointe-shoes from her dance-bag. The hidden security cam showed her last hour as she was tied down and fucked. Her front-zip heavy rubber encasement suit had been opened from both the bottom, to enter her in missionary, and from the top to remove the LilyPadz, a silicone nursing pad, from her left breast to stuff in the empty canister fitting to stifle her screams while her extremely well endowed client who she couldn’t fit all the way inside her (at first) was ramming her cervix.

When she had gone through our escort course I told her she was too trusting and should be certain she knew what a client wanted and that she was capable of safely servicing him before she agreed to an encounter. In this case she had let him tie her body and head down by cables through the D-rings on her encasement suit and modified gasmask so she couldn’t move. She routinely let a client tie her down that way before fucking her, but with her wrists tied to the headboard of the bed where with her hands free she could reach a hidden emergency power release which detached all the cables from the bed in case things got too scary. Unfortunately for her once the cables were tight he slipped inflatable mitts over her hands so she couldn’t operate the emergency release. Then he added the toe-shoe tie-downs for looks and took photos before mounting her. When she saw the size of his erection she began to squirm and scream, but by then it was too late and he took her unprotected and tore her up inside before he got off and withdrew.

Adolph called on me again for my removal skills. Her disappearance was accomplished relatively easily because she was only a mid-level working girl (an Estonian illegal) and working alone from an encounter salle at a satellite location with no family to miss her. She had a lovely body, but was much larger than me so was wearing nothing that fit me. Even so I snapped on a pair of nitrile exam gloves and harvested her encasement suit, gasmask, LilyPadz and three pairs of nearly new pointe shoes (the two Freeds with which she was tied to the bed and the Gaynors that she was wearing) that someone at St Lucy’s might be able to wear and a half-dozen pairs of used gel toe-pads including the pair she was wearing. In the tote she was using as a dancebag/slit-kit I found a partial pack of Cerazette that she was on for birth control and her 22mm FemCap still in its case (that I had fitted her with several months ago as flood insurance for dive-sex) which is too small for me. I was going to take it too, but decided not to because one of her clients might have given her an STI since I last examined her.

It’s becoming common here for rubber-chicks to wear LilyPadz under their formfitting latex apparel (the pads are invisible under the sheerest latex membranes) to protect their nipples from friction of latex or neoprene equipment. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a fatality involving LilyPadz before now as almost all a woman’s protective equipment can be used against her by a scheming man. We know who her last client was so Adolph is determined on avenging her death.

A pair of worn to shreds Ouch Pouch toe pads

Old toe pads and ripe toe-cheese: I wrote about this some time ago, but I’m reminded of it again because it’s in my Tips-for-Tarts lecture in the Advanced Sexual Techniques course I teach so I thought I’d mention it here for women dancer readers and foot/toe fetishists. I like to mention the development of ripe toe pads at the start of the semester so students interested in developing their own unique flavor of toe-cheese can get started right away. And of course used toe pads make great souvenirs for our strippers to give to appreciative members of their audiences who stuff high denomination bills in their G-strings or toe-shoes. The pads are a lot less costly than giving away pointe shoes and they are something a fetishist can carry in his pocket to sniff when he needs a whiff of estrogenic sweat. They also make nice keepsakes to give to lovers who want a memento of an encounter.

Fetish uses for gel-pads: Used toe pads also make great gags for submissive men when a pair of pads is stuffed in his mouth prior to his putting on his gasmask. I like to use freshly worn pads that still have the moisture and flavor of my sweaty feet rather than stuffing his mouth with a dry pair that have lost a lot of their unique flavor. I think the best kind to use as gags are gel pads because the wearer’s feet sweat more (the pads need to be changed for dry ones frequently especially when wearing Gaynor Mindens) and so if not washed develop a bacteria rich pungent and tangy toe-cheese composed of bits of dead skin, nail polish chips, toe-tape adhesive, tights lint, bits of gel cut away by toenails, filth from the studio floor from dancing barefoot in Modern class and the wearer’s estrogenic sweat. And occasionally there is an added ingredient or two, a little puss or blood from a blister, but its best to prevent blisters from happening if possible.

Gel-pads cleaning Instructions

1 Fill a sink with cold water.

2 Add a drop of liquid anti-bacterial hand soap to the water and mix thoroughly

3 Dunk your toe pads into the water to remove any bits of debris that are sticking to them.

4 Clean the toe pads, gently, using your fingers, ensuring full coverage.

5 Rinse the toe pads in clean water to remove the residue from the soap and pat them dry with the cloth then let thoroughly air-dry.

6 If your toe pads are sticky after drying simply dust them with talcum or baby powder. This will also help remove any remaining odors.

AST and chrome steel training balls: This semester in my fourth form Advanced Sexual Techniques (AST) class I’m introducing a few students with well developed pelvic muscles to the use of .75” 1.0 oz. solid chrome steel ball bearings (the same kind I use) as vaginal training balls. Working successfully with 2 oz of stainless steel clenched tightly in your vagina during pointe class is as much an exercise in compartmentalization as strength because wearing balls while dancing can be very distracting. Their successful use will be for extra credit.


  1. Could you direct me to a pair of safe and affordable balls than I can buy online? What size of balls would be a good size to start at? My diaphragm size is 65mm if that helps at all..

    1. Hi and welcome! The size of your diaphragm won’t necessarily influence the Ben Wa set that will be best for you. It’s your muscle tone that counts. In answer to your question I've today (September 17, 2012) posted a new entry entitled: Newbies and Ben Wa balls that should answer some of your questions. If you have more, please ask.

  2. I am astonished by the number of deaths you have referred to over the course of your blog. It is quite sad that thete are so many freaks out there who turn what should be an event of unusual pleasure into a brutal murder.

    1. Hi Ralph, welcome! There is a very fine line that separates lust and hate and sometimes passion accidentally spills over into violence while in some men the line disappears entirely. This is especially true when engaging in some forms of commercial sex if the woman isn’t known to be working in a protected environment.


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