Sunday, June 30, 2013

Too darn hot, Latex sex

Relief zipper an essential catsuit component

Steamy in Vegas: For the last several days the temperature has been extremely hot here: 112, 114 and 110° F so far today. Fortunately it’s a dry heat, but even so hydration is extremely important in this sort of weather. We are seeing cases of heat exhaustion or heat stroke at our clinic. Unfortunately there have been a few rubber fetishists foolish enough to wear latex or have their Subs wear latex outside in this weather.

With cheap Chinese made latex catsuits the glued seams will sometimes melt and come apart, but the biggest hazard is the cheap zippers becoming stuck in the heat so the wearer or her partner can’t get her out of the suit if she over heats, which is a certainty even if she’s in the shade much less the sun for very long.

Even Adolph isn’t sadistic enough to watch a gorgeous 20-something woman caged in the sun broil to death in an encasement suit; latex catsuit, open face hood, silicone rubber ballet-boots, latex gloves and wearing a gasmask as a psychotic Rubber Dom did with one of his Subs last Friday. We don’t know if she had a heart attack from excessive body temp or if she drowned in her own vomit.

Thongs, Penetrator plugs, rear entry and vaginitis: As hot weather has arrived again our clinic is treating more cases of vaginitis and the source is often the thong panty and incorrect wiping after a bowel movement or anal sex. As the wearer sits the thong moves across the anal oculus picking up bacteria which it rubs in to the soft tissue of the wearer’s labia and a bacterial infection is the result. My dancers, students and I all wear Penetrator plugs as disciplinary devices during pointe classes.  So it’s important to use a bidet, all our women’s bathrooms are fully equipped with them, to make sure the area is bacteria free, which is especially important for those girls offering anal sex.  

Chi and Me redux: I may have reached another level in my ability to mind-meld with the previous owners Chi in the death rubbers I wear, or perhaps it’s just with the previous owner of the one I’m presently using. I don’t know yet. Currently I’m wearing the 4th Ann. present that Bea gave me. If you read my June 1, 2013 entry you may remember that I had met the previous owner, Yvonne, a very experienced 32 y/o French Domme - she was a friend of Tanaquil - at one of Adolph’ parties last winter and liked her so I thought her Chi would be an amazing influence.

It turns out that it’s far more than that. I seem to be able to channel her personality and her amazing way with men. At distance I have typically attracted them with my body. While she had a great bod she could cause any man to fall under her spell with a single glance even from across a room, a power which she used to great effect. That ability now seems to be mine when I have her Reflexions inserted, but it has proved to be a mixed blessing.

Her dive-lover, Claude, came to take her body back to France for burial. I made the mistake of meeting him while wearing her death rubber and now his sexual fascination with her has transferred to me! He says I’m just like her, which physically of course is not the case at all, except that we wore the same type and size diaphragm; though metaphysically while wearing her diaphragm I apparently radiate her aura to him and I when I’m wearing her Reflexions I do seem to attract more men an ability I’m calling “Chi-splatter”.

Yvonne, Claude and dive-sex: Yvonne’s seizure at 150 feet may have been from a combination of etonogestrel and nitrogen in her bloodstream. She was a very experienced diver and was using her own dive computer which may have been defective as it indicated she had far less time on deep dives than she really had when compared with computers of other divers who were with her on all her dives. In any case Claude has decided to remain in Vegas for the time being and since he was Yvonne’s dive-sex partner and passed an advanced level proficiency exam he has earned a spot in my stable of dive-sex stallions.


  1. Hi, Jill,

    This is a bit---okay, it's WAY off topic--but I wonder if you'd comment on this gif.

    It's Natalia Osipova, as you no doubt know.

    My questions are.

    1. Do you think it looks beautiful or hideous? all be weird, but I think it's beautiful because it's hideous.

    2. How come she has laces across the front?

    By the way, I agree with you that something of a person---life force?, spirit?---resides in objects that have been close to them, especially in times of strong emotion. I know ladies who have put on gowns 100 years old acquired from antique shops, who begin to feel that the gown is wearing them, and who swear that their posture and gait are changed as they wear the gown.

    1. Hi Esther, welcome to my world!

      1. Do you think it looks beautiful or hideous? all be weird, but I think it's beautiful because it's hideous.

      Are you talking about her feet, shoes or technique? Her feet are awesome and her technique certainly shows the years of training that has made her one of the world’s great ballerinas. Osipova is 27 years old and has been on her toes for probably 17 years. The shoes she is wearing during rehearsal are old and lovingly worn with the blocks melted to form to her bunions and with threads still showing where the ribbons have been cut away. Old nearly dead pointes are excellent for rehearsing R&J because some parts of it are danced in very soft shoes. It’s a wonderful video clip. Thanks for sharing!

      2. How come she has laces across the front?

      She has darned the edges of the platforms for traction and stability and the stitching at the throat of the vamp is called a vamp extension and is common among Russian dancers. Vamp extensions allow a dancer to go further over the box w/o her toes overflowing the box. In this case it looks as though she cut through the vamp throat and opened it up a bit while adding the vamp extension.

      The Italian ballerina Alessandra Ferri who danced for ABT used to sew cloth vamp extensions in her shoes when she danced Manon because she worked so far over her blocks. These are some of the ways dancers customize our shoes to fit our special needs.

      >I agree with you that something of a person---life force?, spirit?---resides in objects that have been close to them, especially in times of strong emotion.

      I’m so pleased that some of my female readers understand when I talk about a portion of the previous diaphragm owner’s Chi being left in it after her death. I’m sure there a lot of eye rolls from my male readers.

  2. Hi, Jill,

    Thank you for the info on Osipova's shoes. I had no idea that ballet shoes are treated as tools, with so many factors to consider. I had thought that her feet were simply so wide that they split the vamp. [Silly me.] "The poor child has to sew them up herself. No wonder she left Russia."

    I'm amazed at how high and far she can leap, seemingly from a dead stop and powered by one foot and an Achilles tendon. Apparently, ballerinas are not hindered by laws of physics, that are only for us 'civilians.'


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