Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dry fucked at Naughty’s, Incest by proxy

Off the shoulder cowl neck sweater worn as a tunic with tights 

The photo: Lounge crawling apparel I enjoy.  An oversized off the shoulder cowl neck sweater worn as a tunic over black Wolford fatal 50 seamless tights, which are 93% nylon 7% Elastane, and black suede tipped Gaynor pointes for ballet-sex in public. The costume is comfortable, attractive and practical as I can adjust the neck to breast feed a lover w/o undressing.

Paul was in town: Returning readers will remember he owns a neighboring estate on Virgin Gorda and is the father of the eighteen y/o swan twins who he left in my care while they are enrolled at UNLV. He arrived Thursday a week ago (Oct 3rd) when I was CD14 and had just ovulated so I had an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix in case he was interested in plumbing my depths. It also allowed me to wear a Penetrator plug to prevent pelvic fondling. I can wear a diaphragm with a Penetrator, but that’s a lot of hardware to have inserted at one time. I sometimes wear Wolford Satin Opaque 50 Tights, but they have seams and a crotch gusset so if I’m wearing a Penetrator and expect to be dry-fucked the fatal 50s provide a much smoother fit over the head of my plug and a deep seamless fit between my cheeks than the satin opaque 50s, which have a smoother surface, but a seam that in my experience is more likely to tear a condom during a dry-fuck encounter.

I took him to Naughty Pleasures, the ‘swingles’ club at my casino. When I’m lounge crawling and not interested in penile/vaginal intercourse I wear my tights like male ballet dancers do, with the waistband pulled up as far as it will go then rolled down over a belt to emphasize my mons veneris and the head of my penetrator plug and to fully spread and occupy the depth between my cheeks. That way I can be dry-fucked by the man behind me in queue for a place at the bar in the meat market. A gentleman wears a polyurethane condom (they are less likely to break while the wearer is thrusting between cheeks covered in nylon and Elastane) to collect his ejaculate rather than to spew in my crack and soak and stain my tights. I unzipped and sheathed Paul while we were in a standing room only crowd at the bar. 

Then I turned my back and rolled on to pointe with my feet a la seconde, which clenched my buttocks and prepared for him to insert himself. I’m so small that w/o me being en pointe he would have been thrusting into my cervical vertebrae rather than between my cheeks. Fortunately the crowd was moving to some extent. We were still two from the front of the crowd, but I was close enough to the bar that I could brace myself against the back of a bar stool to take his thrusts. It seemed like forever before he raised my tunic and inserted himself between my nylon sheathed cheeks then he helped stabilize me by holding my hips. Neither of us said anything and he must have enjoyed getting off in a crowd with women standing all around\d him as it took him just a few minutes. His pelvic thrusts seemed undetectable at the shoulder level, but I imagine the women on either side knew what we were doing. One certainly did. I looked over my shoulder and she smiled at me and I smiled back. About that time he came, shuddered, gasped and perhaps covered it by seeming to sneeze.

I came off pointe as he milked himself diwn, stripped the condom off, zipped up and handed me the condom. He wanted me to suck his load out of the Trojan Supra, but I just tied it off and slipped it into my clutch as the results of his STI panel hadn’t appeared on my iPhone. Having relieved himself temporarily he was much better company when we finally got our drinks and then our table was ready and he took me to dinner. At dinner I got a text that his STI panel was clean so I emptied the liquefied contents of his Trojan into my coffee and drank it which seemed to please him. I’m still not sure what he does. He says he is a structural engineer and he travels a lot, but won’t talk about what project he’s working on.

Ballet-sex training: During dinner Paul asked what I’m teaching his twins and I said I have them working on strengthening their legs, but more specifically their feet and ankles so they will be able to confidently and expertly take a partner entering them from behind while balanced on the platforms of their toe-shoes, something Paul thinks is marvelous when I let him penetrate me that way. I know the twins have done that with Himself in the Arboretum and the library at UNLV before the equinox, but while they performed adequately for the time they had been in training their performances were far below the superb experience expected from women completing my training.

He was very pleased that they were learning skills they could use to bend men to their will if that was their desire and wanted to see what the training consisted of. I tried to dissuade him thinking he - like some other fathers who had asked to watch their daughters train - might wish he had never asked after he had seen what goes on, because the sight forever erases any fantasy of the sweet, innocent, naive young woman who he has spent all her life protecting. It also tends to make some fathers furious. The sight of a daughter on pointe bent over holding on to the barre, gasping, sweating, moaning, ankles wobbling while masturbating penetrated from behind by a large mirror mounted dildo in an encounter salle just seems to have that effect on some fathers.

I asked him several times to reconsider saying the experience could be very graphic and he said he understood it would be sexually explicit and ask how I could accomplish it w/o the twins knowing he or we were there. I explained we had soundproofed viewing rooms behind a two-way mirrored wall of most encounter sallies that allowed us to evaluate a trainees progress w/o their knowing it so we could just go into the viewing room and would be less than three feet from the woman training at the barre as she masturbated en pointe while impaled on a suction cup dildo mounted on the mirrored wall.   

Incest by proxy: The next evening I took Paul into the viewing room for the salle in which Odette, the more submissive one, was training. The exercise she was working on was keeping her ankles from giving out during peaks of desire when a woman’s knees and ankles go weak. We can lock our knees safely (if we aren’t expecting to be thrust dropped), but ankles are different and you have to keep them from wobbling or you can’t recover and end up falling off pointe.  We were a bit early and watched her enter the salle. She was wearing a yellow thong-back short sleeve scoop neck leotard and changed into a worn pair of pink suede tipped Gaynor pointes then inserted a 5 ml disposable applicator of FloraFix before performing a fifteen minute barre to warm up. Then she took her eight inch long two inch diameter silicone G-spot training dildo from its case and fastened its industrial strength suction cup base to the mirror at a height she had previously marked and lubed it from a small tube of FloraFix. Then rising on pointe and while standing on the mirror side of the barre she gripped the barre bent over and carefully backed on to the dildo.

The audio from the salle was excellent and we could hear the squish is she buried the shaft in her vagina and her gasp when she was fully penetrated and the tip hit her cervix. Paul watched as she developed a rhythm rubbing the G-spot head across the tactile tissue on the anterior wall of her vagina while I watched him for any sign that he was becoming upset..  He was visibly emotional, but not in the way I had feared. Watching his youngest, (by 3 minutes) daughter Paul wasn’t mad, he was extremely aroused. His woodie was distending his slacks and he was making no effort to hide it as he watched Odette masturbate to orgasm. When she came he turned to me and said, “I must have you!” in a tone that conveyed great need that I’d never heard him use. In the past he had been rather playful even when he was struggling with me to have his way, but not this time.

I had expected we would have an encounter before I took him to bed and had prepared by cleaning and reinserting my Oves and reapplying 5 ml of FloraFix that will remain a bioadhesive gel for at least eight hours at body temperature before liquefying so most of it can drain or be Kegeled out. A knowledgeable woman will coat the area around the entrance to her urethra as that seems to substantially lessen the need to urinate after PVI to flush the urethra of bacteria forced in to it by a partner’s thrusts. Using FloraFix in that way a woman can immediately snuggle into the embrace of her partner and nap in the afterglow w/o worrying about getting a UTI.

While I had expected PVI I hadn’t expected it in the viewing room less than six feet from where Odette continued to give herself a prolonged vaginal orgasm by gently rocking back and forth having the head of her dildo caress her G-spot while sur les pointes a la second.. I was wearing a canary yellow pareo over a matching long sleeve turtleneck thong back cotton Lycra leo by Gottex the Israeli swimwear maker who I have make my swimsuits and play clothes.  There was a portable barre against the mirror in the observation room and I unfastened the pareo from around my hips and draped it over the end of the barre.  As we watched Odette go through her training regimen I had been doing tendus, plies, échappés and développés just to keep warmed up so I unzipped him and eased him out of his tighty whities and he was magnificently erect and already dripping pre-ejaculate.

I turned and faced the barre, piquéd on to pointe, spread my legs to second and bent over holding on to the barre. He slipped a finger under my thong and pulled the fabric to one side exposing my engorged, wet and parted labia and positioned himself to enter me. I had taken him eight or nine times since I’ve known him, but he had never been that hard or large. We’d just had amazing sex several times the day before so I knew he hadn’t been denying himself so he would be more potent, it was watching his daughter masturbate and struggle with holding her ankles steady while in the throes of a series of gently rolling orgasms that must have affected him in that way and I was about to see how he would treat a partner wound as tightly as he was.

In a gentle voice he said,” Are you ok? And when I whispered yes, he said, “I’m going to enter you now.” and slowly pushed his way inside me. It was as though he was a different person.  I looked over my shoulder and saw he was watching Odette as she rocked herself back and forth on the dildo and Paul synched his thrusts to her in and out strokes on her dildo. It was coming to the end of her training session and the students usually try to end a session with one very intense orgasm so she was holding on to the barre now with one hand and fondling her clitoris with her other. She increased her thrust cycles as she neared clitoral climax and Paul increased his thrusts to match hers while fondling my clitoris.  It was magic; the three of us came at the same time she screamed and gasped between screams. I moaned, mewed and whimpered to a lovely bone melting climax and Paul shot his load in me while battering my cervix and screaming, “I love you Odette!”  while my contractions were milking the last drops of semen from him. Thank God for the triple glazed mirrored wall!

Afterward: He collapsed on top of me and we were sweating profusely, gasping for breath and holding on to the barre to keep from collapsing as we gently lowered ourselves to the floor. But he kept nuzzling my ear running his hand through my hair and telling me how much he loved me and that he was going to make sure I got only the best in life. Then he straightened up took a deep breath and said “wow, that was really something, Thank you Jill.” Obviously his delusion was over, at least for the time being. I said nothing about him calling me Odette, but did say I was glad I could be there when he needed me and asked if he was satisfied with his daughters training. He just smiled.

From my perspective (at least for now) I’m very pleased that while in thrall to the rigor of his daughter’s pelvic training Paul seemed to see me as a surrogate for his daughter, a case of incest by proxy. I don’t think he remembers calling me Odette or telling me he loved me. I’m wondering if he will be delusional again with me and if it might occur with me as Odile or if that was a one-off. My being pleased with him thinking I was Odette is – as long time readers may remember - because I wanted to have sex with my father who blamed me for the death of my mother. I wanted to try and reduce his sorrow as he said I grew up to look just like her. But he never wanted to even see me. So he exiled me to ballet schools for training. At least with me as Odette Paul was my father for a few short minutes and for that I’m grateful, but I didn’t realize that until it was over.



  1. Wow... so many great stories... while I struggle to do one a day or every other day. Nice work!

  2. It seems there were quite a few Oedipuses involved in this little tryst. I guess Odette was none the wiser to what the two of you were doing. I believe that Paul was in a Oedipus in reverse in that situation, as we know about your Oedipus Complex at times.

  3. Well, Eric, that would be an Electra Complex. I reject both those, Oedipal and Electra, because in the basics of psychoanalytic thought, they each hinge upon the concept of penis envy. Which, simply stated, is complete bullshit. They are handy descriptors and that use is fine but Freudians really get us messed up. Consider that it is four to five days after an egg is fertilized until the Y chromosome does its' thing. That means we all, as zygotes, began life as female. That means that a clitoris is not an undeveloped penis; it means the penis is an overly developed clitoris. An after-thought, if you will, and hardly to be envied by those of us with unique organs. Everything on the male is also present, in some form, on the female body. However, the uterus and the vagina, each with a unique female purpose, have no analogues in a male body. I for one, have no wish to give up their unique functions - the only purpose of the vagina is to extract semen and it is a unique joy to use it for such (see the reams of Jill's writing on this blog). The uterus has the unique purpose of growing new life. I never used mine for that but it is an option I would not wish to give up.

    Jill, I am fascinated by your ability to discuss your students' sexual activities with fathers. I have frequently discussed a daughter's activities with mothers and it feels quite normal to do so. Even then, observation has not been part of the discussion. Somehow I do not feel that I am being a surrogate for incest in discussing a girl's sexual activity but you accurately describe some of your training as becoming a vessel for "proxy incest." Maybe many of us have been such - who knows what fantasies lurk in our partners mind as he ejaculates into us - but never as clearly as you describe. Even though there is some same generation incest in my past, I have never considered the possibility of surrogacy with some of my partners. More thought required.

    1. Hi Brenda, Some of my graphic discussions with my student’s fathers haven’t gone nearly as well as the conversation and subsequent incestuous encounter did with Paul, but then Paul and I already had a relationship. My experience has been that the more conservative a father is the bigger philanderer he is and as his daughter’s teacher I’ve found it’s often open season on Jill, which gives me an opportunity to develop and apply my own leverage to his daughter's situation.

      I can usually turn an encounter with a Rush Limbaugh type (an old, white, overweight, ultra-conservative, American male) into something positive for his daughter, once he experiences the delights I offer. Men can be amazingly hypocritical, but once I have a man on video he is usually extremely reasonable about his daughter’s line of study, and quite generous, in his way.

  4. Jill, your life seems to be one grand adventure after another.


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