Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hot Shot under-thrust training, a reader’s query, Halloween

Six ml of fresh human ejaculate containing hundreds of millions of sperm

Training partners for Hot Shots: Since my wards all have GyneFix IUDs implanted they are very safe to work with the most potent of our escort trainees. And the guys like having them in rotation since they train with Ben Wa balls so are tighter than most of their other training partners. Personally I like training with the class IV sperm producers (the “Hot Shots”) because even at 42 I still have about a 25% chance of getting preggers on the most fertile day of my cycle if my cervical barrier leaks so it gives me an added frisson of suspense and delight to check the next day and find no semen inside the dome of my barrier. Today there was no chance of any of them getting me pregnant since I’m CD3 and bleeding heavily. The trainees like having me as a partner not only because I have one of the tighter grips, but because they think with my using  belly jelly (spermicide)  and a cervical barrier they stand a better chance of getting me preggers than any of the girls on hormones or a copper IUD. And there is a rather large pool; the odds are currently 70/30 against, waiting for the trainee who can cause me to conceive. Competition seems to make the men more ardent with me. All I have to worry about now is someone sabotaging my contraceptive supplies.

Under-thrusting the Reflexions: I know I’ve said that under-thrusting a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm is very difficult and it is for the typical male partner. But even if the Reflexions is correctly sized it can under-thrust by a skilled and determined partner using the proper technique. However, it will almost certainly be painful, briefly, for both partners and only masochists enjoy the training. None of our escorts has any trouble under-thrusting an All-Flex (arcing spring) or Milex Omniflex (coil spring) diaphragms typically provided to women in the U.S. and under-thrusting them is not usually painful. 

I’m teaching under-thrusting skills to the hot shots since Reflexions is a common rim style in the UK and Europe. As a trainer I always go into an intercourse training session with an empty bladder, but that’s particularly important when teaching under-thrusting while being penetrated from behind. In that position the rim is pulled further out from behind the pubic bone and into the post pubic vault when the vagina lengthens (tents) as the uterus and cervix are pulled up out of the way of a thrusting penis during arousal and by gravity when on hands and knees or bent over a table or barre. The object of the training is to have the man thrust at such a sharp angle that he drives his glans into the gap between the woman’s pubic bone and the anterior rim of her diaphragm. With her taken from behind his frenulum will be protected against the back of her pubic bone and the top of his glans against the anterior diaphragm rim as he pushes into her anterior vaginal wall and bladder to get under the rim and inside the dome. If he’s good that single brutal gasp and moan inducing thrust will be all he needs to breech his partner’s protection.

Wearing the Reflexions flat spring to let the hot shots try to under-thrust it is tiring and messy, but great fun! The guys love trying and some few even succeed! Those are the ones a woman using a flat spring diaphragm for protection needs to be wary of and the ones for whom we can charge the most for an encounter with a woman who likes to gambling on the effectiveness of her barrier protection while fertile. A surprising percentage of young European women who come to The Lorelei, Adolph’s spa for sexually active aristocratic women, have just that fantasy and think their barriers are impregnable. With guests staying at least three weeks and booking a Hot Shot as her companion (the most popular package) the price of a vacuum aspiration is included in the package. About 15% of the women under 35 who book that package have a vacuum aspiration before leaving and some leave pregnant after proposing marriage to their escorts. 

A frequent reader comments: I’ve had a frequent reader mention privately that my frequency of posting has declined and it has. He mentioned too that I’m rarely on Yahoo Messenger. I think it would be more correct to say that I’m almost never on YM any more as I don’t have the time and I don’t like Facebook or Twitter. Google is pushing their blogging community toward Google+ which (right now as I understand the limitations) would mean that no one could read my blog unless they were also on Google+ so that sucks and is to be avoided if possible until Google+ will allow readers and commenters from other platforms to read Google+ blogs.

I have cut back on my posts as my training responsibilities have increased. I try to post to Jill’s World perhaps 2 to 4 times a week depending on my free time. Now with four sexually active girls to train in addition to my other responsibilities my time can be very limited, but I can write a few lines between training classes and eventually post an entry.

I do enjoy writing about my experiences with a wide range of men. I’ve been so fortunate to have been able to sample so many different lovers most of whom were well equipped for and skilled in the art of pleasing a woman, which can be a tricky to accomplish successfully, especially with me.

Halloween: My Company is performing my version of the ballet Dracula for Halloween at the casino high-roller venues. For Adolph’s Halloween party I’m thinking about pretending to have a miscarriage and spew blood and fetal tissue all over some unsuspecting male guest. I can stuff a breakaway-bag of artificial blood and tissue bits up behind my pubic bone (it feels rather like I’m being fisted except its soft) and I can walk around and even stand en pointe if the bag is strong enough not to burst when my muscles contract as I walk around or dance on my toes.

I had thought about using the contents of a vacuum aspiration bottle immediately after an abortion, but decided against it primarily because I can’t know ahead of time if the patient was free of STIs and other blood born infections and if not refrigerated or used immediately the smell and risk of having foreign decomposing blood and tissue inside me wasn’t worth using real aborted tissue.    


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  1. Faking a miscarriage on Halloween? Man, remind me not to be invited to that party. That would be gross! But then again, for some, Halloween is all about being gross and scary. Let us know what the reaction is.


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