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The swan twins get Ballet boots

A commercial pair of leather ankle length ballet boots

Gepetto’s ballet boots: The first part of last week I took the twins to Gepetto's cobbler shop to be fitted for their first pairs of ballet boots. They were so excited! I had been watching closely how they were performing in their Gaynor pointes around our home. I haven’t allowed them to wear pointes to classes at UNLV as they can be too much of a distraction, but they can wear them shopping and on dates (in dry weather), and when working with escort trainees and they do as much as possible. With their previous ballet training and with nearly total immersion in wearing pointes and pointework – when away from the UNLV campus – for the last 6ix weeks their feet were tough enough and ankles strong enough that I thought it time they learn about sex in ballet boots.

Ballet boots, the public perception: The general public, to the extent they are aware of ballet boots at all, seems to see them as primarily BDSM footwear and they are correct as most wearers are only capable of wearing them in the bedroom. Unfortunately, they are also seen as being worn by a less desirable element of society because the women, and virtually all ballet boot wearers in public are women, are seen by security either as potential trouble makers (I’ve learned not to shop in them while carrying a riding crop) or shoplifters or as a distraction for a shoplifting associate. And merchants don’t like BB wearers with unguarded heels in their stores because they can ruin carpets and wood floors and pose a significant insurance risk from falls on marble and tile floors. That’s because the wearer’s weight is more on the heels in BBs than in stilettos where a lot of a wearer’s weight is on her flexed forefoot and there is less stability balanced on the platform and heel rather than the forefoot in stilettos. I’ve written elsewhere about being followed around by mall security as a possible theft risk. Where they think I would conceal anything when I’m in BBs, a leather catsuit and hood carrying a clutch that hardly holds my car keys, lipstick and a credit card is beyond me.

Returning readers may recall that I think it’s easier to walk around in a pair of properly fitted and laced ballet boots than to walk for the same length of time en pointe in toe-shoes.  Unique to ballet boots and what makes them such a favorite of Doms to lock their Subs in, is that the foot can’t be flexed and is forced to remain pointed which can take some getting used to and even if a woman is skilled and strong enough to walk in them running is impossible. So the ballet boot is often viewed as submissive footwear. But worn by the right women ballet boots can convey considerable power to a dominant, which is why I wear them while duty casino manager. Anyway, I’ll be training the twins for ballet-sex in boots and I’m sure they will find it much easier than ballet-sex in pointe shoes as soon as they get past the leg cramps which with the proper diet and boot training they should be able to minimize. 

The Fitting: Gepetto himself measured the twin’s feet and they both have the same arch and instep height, width and length and heel shape so they should be able to wear each other’s boots most of the time.  He fitted them with the ultra-light unitized titanium toe-box and shank stamping with the standard replicable heel locking mechanism. I specifically did not order the custom heel lock that would have allowed them to attach bladed heels. Gepetto showed the girls how the interior and exterior of the toe box and platform are padded to cushion the toes and quieten the sound of the sueded platforms hitting the floor.

He had some try-on boots in their approximate size so he could show them how to lace the boots after putting on toe pads and hose before slipping their feet into the boots. The nylon was smoothed out, the thickly padded tongue positioned and the non-stretch nylon laces were laced very tightly across the instep and ankles. The instep lacing is critical in wearing ballet boots as most of the weight of the body is supported by the instep wedged between the tongue and laces and the insole covering the arched titanium shank that will flex a bit with the full weight of a 100 lb woman. The girls walked around in their try-ons and didn’t wobble a bit. They had been practicing in 5” stripper heels for several weeks so had the walk down quite well except that in boots their feet were pointed and their toes were about an inch off the floor with the internal padding, the titanium box and the outer sound deadening padding and thick sueded leather platforms.  The cost for a pair of six inch ankle boots in black leather is about $3,500 USD and worth every penny as you get three sets of replicable titanium heels two sets of heel guards and you can send the boots back to have the insides replaced twice at no charge. For anyone wondering why a girl would need three sets of titanium heels it is possible to bend a heel if it is caught in a grate or if there was a metal defect one could snap. Or lose one accidently in a dressing room. You can also get slightly different heel shapes other than the standard stiletto, which is mostly what the twins got.

I’d had one of my old black pairs that I wear as duty casino manager refurbished that were ready for pickup that are almost identical to the boots the twins ordered, except mine have the custom replaceable heel lock so I can wear bladed heels on mine. I showed the twins how to snap on the heel guards and use the Inman guard releases on the heels to quickly remove the guards. Returning readers may recall the heel guards are used when the boots are worn in the house or in stores to prevent puncturing carpets and wood floors or slipping on tile, marble or glass surfaces.  Both girls were wet with desire to be taken in their boots and could hardly wait to get them this week. There is usually a four week manufacturing interval, but because the twins are my wards and I’m part owner with Gepetto in his fetish cobbler business and as there were no parts that had to be custom made we were able to pick their boots up today. They wore them home with the guards on so they didn’t cut up the floors of my Subaru.

Options: One important defensive option I got on the twins boots that added ¾ of an ounce to each boot was a layer of titanium mesh between the inner and outer layers of leather shafts and tongue to prevent heel punctures if a boot wearer intentionally rams her heel into a rival’s instep or boot shaft to disable her, which is a fairly common injury as wearing BBs seems to bring out the aggressive side of Domme wearers.  

Another defensive option I ordered for the twins are lace-slitter heels that are edged on the front side. Lace slitters can also be seen as a weapon of sorts, but I got them in case the girls got into a scuffle and accidently rammed a heel down inside another girl’s laces. Boot wearing Dommes are particularly quick to take offense and I can see Odile needing the ability to cut her way out of another dominant’s laces. It happens far more than you might expect. And when it happens the two women are often trapped together like to bucks with locked antlers. But for the girl in lace-slitter heels she has a way to extract herself if it was her heel that went into the other girl’s laces. If the other woman’s heel is down my laces Gepetto’s titanium hooks won’t break or pull out of the leather as the lacing hardware will on cheaply made commercially available ballet boots. The only thing to do then is knee her twice; once in the groin then the face as she bends over, then yank her heel out before she falls over and pulls me with her. That usually ends any argument.

Lastly we ordered the twins boots with shaft-top locking straps with hasps, for two reasons. One because it would give the Sub in Odette the feeling that she could submit to her Dom or Domme by letting him or her lock her into her boots. The other reason was to give Odile the confidence that if she locked herself in her boots anyone attempting overpower her to get her out of them would find it more difficult if they were locked on her feet and give her more time to react.  

Boot oil: I use Obenauf's Leather Oil Preservative (a blend of natural oils, waxes) which Gepetto provides with each pair of his ballet boots. It cleans and softens the leather and protects it from moisture; semen, coitial discharge, blood and vomit, not necessarily in that order.

Hot boots: The only down side to Gepetto's ballet boots is that they are hot to wear, which is a problem common to all ballet-boots no matter what they are made of. PVC, patent leather, rubber and scrap leather pairs made commercially are all just as hot and sweaty to wear, but with none of the advantages of good looks, long wear life and safety of Gepetto’s boots.

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