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Training in ballet boots

Commercial lace-up ballet boots for clubbing

Yardley Flood: The twins and Cyndi have a boot trainer, Yardley Flood. Yardley came to us from the Corps of the Royal Ballet by way of Gepettos ballet boot cobbler shop. She is a knife-pointe fighting trainer and excels in working with young women to hone their skills to get the most from their talents. Yardley is helping me with our Sports Hostess training in addition to working with my girls while they learn all there is to know about sex and safety in ballet boots. While the girls won’t be wearing bladed heels or competing in KP-boot fights there are a lot of moves a KP fighter uses that can help an inexperienced woman stay safe when confronted by an experienced and aggressive ballet-boot wearer.

Boot shaft guards: Boot shaft guards are an important part of novice training in Gepetto’s boots. Shaft guards are thin titanium strips in the boot shafts on either side of the ankle to the top of the shaft and are standard in Gepettos ballet boots. Shaft guards minimize the likelihood of sprains and broken ankles in the case of novice wearers falling sideways off the heel due to lack of ankle strength. But more importantly they protect from very common and dangerous side kicks and heel punctures from aggressive competitors. It’s the typical sort of thing ballet boot wearer’s experience while clubbing as alcohol seems to make boot wearers more aggressive, especially to new women seen as competition in the clubs. The twins Chinese ID packages came yesterday so we are going to their first boot club, Naughty’s Boot Bar, this weekend.

Eternity collar and pussy hook: Odile was planning to lead Odette into the Boot Bar as a sleep walker wearing only ballet boots a nightie an eternity collar and pussy hook and see what sort of reaction they got. Fortunately wiser heads prevailed. If she had, would a man have taken Odette away from Odile or would a bull dyke have done it? I’m not sure leading Odette into the Boot Bar by a pussy hook wouldn’t be seen as provoking a riot, but it would have been interesting if I could have watched and not been invested in the outcome.  The twins would have been way over their heads with Odette being led around by a pussy hook even with both Yardley and me in bladed heels if those were needed to dampen some assertive customer’s ardor.  And after a fight the twins Chinese ID would have been very closely examined which could have been a problem.

I’m CD9 and fertile as are Cyndi, Odette and Odile at least for now as the twin’s cycles are still changing. But around me as much as they are and with all of us sweating from training intensely they may fall in sync with my cycle as I’m certainly the most dominant. Odile being fertile I think was the reason for her lack of caution when she decided on the eternity collar and pussy hook for Odette. Peaking hormones can cause us and especially the young to make very risky choices. New girls in the Boot Bar are always challenged by someone as there is a hierarchy in the patrons which seems to be a common thread among experienced and knowledgeable boot wearers and their partners.

Titanium alloy laces: Yardley suggested we all get slit-proof laces (she already had them) if I’m going to take the girls clubbing to boot clubs, which I should have thought of. So back Cyndi, the twins and I went to Gepettos to have the titanium laces fitted to our boots. They work with hook fasteners but rather than tying fit into small clamps at the front top of the shaft. The clamps are much easier to use than I expected and the added security of knowing an opponent won’t be able to slit your laces is a huge confidence builder even for someone as experienced as me.

Training with Yardley: Yardley will be trying to kick and puncture the twin’s boots with her heels during training to show them how even when solid platform kicks or heel punctures are attempted the shaft guards and mesh protect the wearer.  That training is hard on the outer finish of the boots, but it’s worthwhile as a confidence builder for the girls. I have already ordered two additional pairs for both Odette and Odile as they are wearing them so much that they need at least one other pair each to be able to let them dry between wearings. That will give them one pair for wearing in public and a second pair for training, because the training boots not only are sweat soaked after wearing but get scratched up very quickly.

Some important boot tricks:

  • As with pointe shoes, keeping ones nails very short while wearing BBs is important. That’s because even though when properly laced most of the wearer’s weight is on her insteps, not toes if her laces are slit she can find her weight suddenly on her toes with almost no ankle support
  • Learning to be careful while crossing your legs so as not to cut your leg or scratch up your own boots with the boot heel.
  • Wear heavier denier and smaller hose to compress the feet when swollen from use or during menstruation.
  • In a crowded bar or at a party, wear heel guards that will allow the tip of the heel to slide easily over the floors surface. Or, if you are in unguarded heels try to stand on hard surfaces. That way if you take a kick to the ankle the heel will slide with the energy of the kick. Otherwise, in unguarded heels with the tips buried in a carpet or soft wood floors the heel is trapped and won’t move with the energy of the kick and the energy will be transferred to the knee which might be damaged.
  • Clean the boots with a toothbrush and Obenauf's Leather Oil to get the blood and coitial discharge off the boots and out of the laces. After a single treatment with Obenauf's semen, blood and vomit wipe right off. I think Obenauf's has a wonderfully male scent which I find erotic so my boots having a male scented oil on them can be a turn on, especially now when I’m fertile.

University Sports Hostesses: Most Colleges and Universities that have major sports teams (usually football and basketball) have a group of third and fourth year girls who work for the Athletic Department as Sports Hostesses. Sports Hostess act as guides around the campus when talent that coaches are recruiting visit the campus. Having a gorgeous 23 y/o knowledgeable about the recruit’s sport on what amounts to a weekend long date with a very obliging Hostess can be a major factor in getting a recruit to attend a particular school. We have a small but growing “Hostess school” where we train girls sent to us by their school’s athletic department to hone their seduction and contraception skills so they are able represent their school in the most effective way with the boys the coaches are trying to recruit. We like to think that a hostess graduating from our course will be able to lead her recruit around by an invisible penis leash. We even train Gay and Lesbian Hosts and Hostess if the university is recruiting a Gay or Lesbian recruit.

Being a Sports Hostess can be more dangerous than one of our elite escorts because for an escort we are almost always able to test for all STIs and refuse any client who tests positive. With a Sports Hostess She can use male or female condoms, but if he insists she’s almost always expected to take him bareback and swallow if he wants fellatio.  Most Sports Hostesses who come to us for training are on the pill. We try to get them to switch to a LARC method because being with an up-and-coming sports sensation can be very exciting for a college girl even if he is several tear younger and forgetting a pill or pills during a recruiting weekend on campus can end in pregnancy. Still, most decide not to switch to a LARC and over the 2012-13 recruiting season three of the hostess we trained had abortions because they forgot pills around recruiting weekends. I think hat’s rather depressing, but all you can do is present the facts and the girls must make up their own minds.



  1. Jill:

    About your sports hostess entry, I'd have to wonder whether you would've been effective training those girls when Jerry Tarkanian was still the men's basketball coach. (Or did you train some girls when Tark the Shark was still in town? I doubt it, because you're not that much older than I am, and Tark roamed the Thomas and Mack when I was in junior high and high school.)

    Still, the way that you work your magic, it seems if your SH students learn everything right, UNLV might become national champions in every men's sport. But then again, there could be a little NCAA investigation in store if too many 5-star blue-chippers become Runnin' Rebels.

    1. Hi Eric, We have only had our Sports Hostess training course for the last several years. We get girls from most of the schools with major powerhouse sports programs so I'm not naming names. Sports Hostesses are a common part of sports recruiting these days so it’s the responsibility of the athletic departments to keep things within bounds. It’s so common among schools that no one complains and perhaps the SH and the recruit are only looking at old game videos.

    2. "...perhaps the SH and the recruit are only looking at old game videos."

      Oh, sure they are. A 17- or 18-year-old high school superstar and a cute co-ed. They're really going to watch game tape. ;-) ::nudge::

  2. I wish I could get my wife to wear heels, at leadt in private. Well, its not like I didnt know she was a tomboy before I married her.

    Gotta ask: What the heck is an eternity collar?


    1. Hi John, welcome to my world! In a D/s relationship a collar is worn by a submissive to indicate that s/he is the property of a dominant. A true eternity collar is usually made of a non-corroding metal; stainless steel, titanium or perhaps even gold or platinum and fashioned in such a way that when snapped around the submissive’s neck there is no way of removing it (except with a saw) hence the Sub will be collared for eternity. There are a lot of faux eternity collars that can be opened with a hidden latch.

  3. Im familiar with collars in general, just never heard of an eternity collar. I would expect a "gold" collar would need to be either only plated or very low-grade gold (no ,ore than 10k), or it would be too soft to be practical. (I can deform even a thick 14k gold ring with my hands.)

    Also, if worn close to skin, the salt CAN corrode some grades of stainless!

    Am I right in thinking you will never wear anyone's collar?


    PS: Would you be offended if I said that somehow, you remind me a bit of my wife?

    1. Hi John, The gold eternity collars I’ve seen were made of 14K 2mm thick tube stock with matching leash links to cut down on the weight and cost. The two I know of were given as wedding presents from the dominant to his sub and took the place of the ring in the ceremony, though the brides got lovely traditional wedding rings as well. If the Dom is brutal he usually goes with titanium then he can hang her with it if things don’t turn out well.

      You are absolutely right. I’ll never wear anyone’s collar. I’m far too independent for that.

      You know I’m not a tomboy. I’m a very feminine dominant. But if I remind you of your wife in some ways I’m rather pleased. I hope I remind you pleasantly, but if not that’s fine with me as well as I like being able to draw reactions from the people I know or communicate with.

      I know you fantasize about your wife in ballet boots… are you seeing me in that way?

    2. Forgot this: Jill, I see you in pointe shoes & ballet tights.

    3. Yes, pointes and tights are the basic me...

  4. Not fantasize, really...but just once, I'd like to see her in heels. In nearly 20 years, she has never worn them.

    In many (even most) ways, you and my wife are opposites...not least: in addition to martial arts,she took ballet lessons briefly...she stopped because after one too many snide remarks (and an occasional grope) about her developing breasts (as an adult, she's a 36C), she knocked him unconscious. Aside from her knee-length hair, she's still a tomboy and always has been: doesn't own a skirt, usually wears jeans or work pants and jungle boots, as much of a car nut as I am, rides a motorcycle.

    In others, you're alike...mostly, she will not take ANY crap from ANYONE. In high school, she nearly killed the captain of the football team. Like you, she's a fitness fanatic, with a daily routine of jogging/Rollerblading, martial arts, and Nautilus training. Last year her doctor told her she was in the physical condition of an Olympic athlete ten years younger. She's strong enough to lift a mounted semi truck tire (~165-170lbs) over her head.

    And she should be home from work soon. Hmm...should I "interrupt" her when she gets in the shower? =)



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