Thursday, April 24, 2014

Seminar side effects, Emma is pregnant

‘Ankle bondage’ foreplay, teasing Morning Wood

The Photo: Teasing Marvin before an early morning encounter after dressing in Jenna’s tights and my Gaynor Minden pointes. He loves watching me bind my feet into my shoes with the ribbons. He calls it ‘ankle bondage’. When I sleep over I dress in Jenna’s convertible foot tights over a thong back leo for class. Jenna danced for the San Francisco Ballet and the women of SFB dress conservatively for class with full bottom leos over tights rather than the Vegas way with thong-back leos under tights for bathroom breaks and quick access for assignations.

As Jenna I’m slowly accustoming him to my way of dressing and since it’s ‘Jenna’ who is making the changes as long as they are slow and he can think of them as sensual he’s quite willing to go along with what she wants or likes. Today I’m CD20 and luteal with a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm inserted for contraception and flood insurance since I demonstrated Dive-sex for my Advanced Sexual Techniques class at St Lucy’s earlier in the day.

Pregnancy tests: Since my girls Bea, Willow, Odette and Odile and I all got our periods there was almost no chance that any of us could have become preggers from our multiple encounters with unprotected men during the cervical barrier seminar we participated in at Crag Abbey over the UNLV Spring Break. Never-the-less the protocol is to test each week and we have all repeatedly tested negative for hCG since then.   

However, Emma, the young wife of a Gyn participating in the seminar, who also participated in the round-robin sexual encounters, emailed me that she tested positive. She hasn’t told her husband yet and it may be his as she was fertile like the rest of us, but was unprotected except by the diaphragm or FemCap and spermicide she wore. And, in the evenings she had unprotected sex with her husband so the child is probably his. Not that the Reflexions and FemCap she used during sex with other seminar participants couldn’t have leaked, but both the FemCap and Reflexions fit her very well and developed strong suction in their domes so it is unlikely.

She said DH had wanted a baby and so they had been TTC for some time so the excitement of the seminar and different partners was probably the stimulation they needed. But to me she didn’t sound all that pleased so I wouldn’t be surprised if she miscarried as so often happens during the first trimester. She didn’t seem the maternal sort and seemed to crave the excitement of sex with different men. She actually glowed after her sexual encounters with the other Gyns in the seminar. I understand the thrill she felt as I’m that way myself.

Morning Wood:  On mornings when I have slept over I Kegel out any of Marvin’s remaining spend from the previous evening and empty and wash the Reflexions and reinsert it with DiveGel+ spermicide in the dome. I dress in Jenna’s things as that turns him on and saves me time not having to change clothes again before work.  Sometimes I’ll put on one of her full bottom leos over tights knowing that he loves stripping it off me. Then he takes me on my back with my tights down around my ankles bent in a hairpin with my feet on either side of my head so he can smell my shoes while he’s thrusting deep into my anterior fornix taking me high and hard. He gives me my pleasure first then spews in me and after he withdraws he licks my waxed vulva clean before I insert a sports plug to block any coital discharge I haven’t Kegeled into his mouth while I suck our secretions off his erection then get quickly to the bidet to Kegel out the rest of his semen before it liquefies. I clean up, reinsert the sports plug, put on my face, grab my dance bag and kiss him goodbye and Jenna leaves for work taking the town car the casino sends to pick me up.  It’s a marvelous way to start a day! After class I change clothes carefully setting Jenna’s things aside so I can return them to Marvin for him to wash as he did when she was alive.

Topical testosterone dangers:  Among the escort candidates our medical staff has begun allowing the use of topical Testosterone products like Axiron and AndroGel, but primarily Axiron. This has complicated their training to an extent as their female trainers have to know who is using topical-T and be sure to avoid the areas (shoulders and under arms) on the men where topical-T has been applied.  Actually what we do is get printouts of the men on topical-T  and have the guy shower where we can watch and make sure he washes the area where he applied the testosterone product.  But some guys on Axiron do raise wood quicker and for longer too, than some of the other trainees. They aren’t necessarily better with their technique but they are really hard!

Topical-T is also becoming a problem in mini-clubs at Naughty Pleasures where men can at times go shirtless like the Boot-Bar and Toe-tape.  So now the bouncers route men to a health-care worker while the women have their bags scanned to swab the men’s shoulders and under-arms and test for topical-T at the door. If a male guest has it on his skin he has to wear a shirt and a different colored bracelet. Side effects for women who are exposed to topical-T are: Increased clitoris growth, breast growth, increased acne and facial hair growth among other things. It’s something that we really don’t want nubile teen girls and up-market escorts exposed to.

The chatelaine: Anya is here for a while so she is staying at my place and watches over my girls when I’m sleeping over with Morning Wood. She isn’t really a chaperone other than checking the STI certificates of their sex partners to ensure that they are clean and are members of our current class of escort trainees and that everyone eats properly and gets to school on time. With the girls working as assistant training staff for the male escort candidates they usually come home to sleep unaccompanied as the trainees give them a very good time for the three hours they were being taken high and hard. The release of multiple orgasms is so relaxing that the girls have no trouble going immediately to sleep after evening sessions.

If the girls sessions with their escort trainee partners have been scheduled for the afternoons then after showering and supper Anya has been taking them out clubbing accompanying them to Toe-tape the new pointe shoe mini-club within Naughty Pleasures to broaden their experience with screened ordinary men known to have pointe shoe fetishes. It gives my girls a chance for comparison and to appreciate how lucky they are to be routinely having sex with well hung expert swordsmen after a few encounters with ordinary males… if a man with a raging pointe show fetish can be considered ordinary. Some of the men who frequent Toe-tape are quite proficient with their equipment and all of them shoot live loads and are taken unprotected so it’s not as though there isn’t a hint of danger for the girls since no method of contraception is 100% effective.

In my absence Anya is also chatelaine, and keeper of the keys to the contraceptives and antibiotics cabinet at my place where we also have Viagra, Cialis and doses of EC, Plan B One-Step, ella and the abortion drug Mifeprex if needed. Since my girls all have copper bead GyneFix IUDs implanted there is very little chance that any of them will become preggers, but some of their school friends spending the weekend have tested positive or had a condom slip off or burst and had to use hormones to take care of the problem.


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