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Cunt Castle, drysuit training, flood insurance

A shoulder entry Northern Diver drysuit

The photo: A Northern Diver drysuit showing the latex neck seal which can be troublesome if the suit is being used to control diver buoyancy with no external buoyancy compensator. A ruptured neck seal can lead to drowning if the diver is unfamiliar with emergency surfacing procedures.

Cunt Castle: Taryn's home north east of Cambridge is known fondly to her friends as ‘Cunt Castle’. One of the stonemasons working on the renovations (before she moved into the Manor) called it ‘Cunt Castle’ and the name seems to have stuck with her circle of friends, though not with the locals, or at least not to her face.

Taryn asked me to spend a few days at her Cambridge manor house to advise her on a new ballet training regimen for some of her porn empire’s best actors. I was asked to bring Marvin ( my psychiatrist) and Chris (my Clinic’s male Gyn) as it was to be a comprehensive reevaluation of both the male and female actors and survival training needed before production begins on a new rape series videos the first of which has the working title ‘Drysuit Conception’.

I brought my group up from London on the Dragon along with two pallets of contraceptive supplies and Nancy our Gaynor Minden pointe-shoe fitter from my Blackthorn dance supplies shop along with her pallet mounted container of pointe-shoes. The manor house has its own private rail siding which was built in the early 1900s when rail travel was at its peak and fuel and other bulk supplies were brought out from London by rail. Because of Taryn’s business she has a fully equipped Gynecological exam room in which minor surgical procedures can be safely conducted. And I helped Chris do the diaphragm; FemCap and sports plug fittings for the seven porn actresses as well as ultra sounds to check the positions of the girls GyneFix IUDs. And the pointe fitter fit them all with three pairs of GM hard shanked shoes with suede tips which they will be wearing for pointe and stamina training.

Taryn also has a woman Divemaster in residence to check and repair pieces of dive gear and tend to the refilling of tanks with regular air. Her pool though only a few years old is no more than 30 feet deep so she has no need for enhanced air mixtures of any kind.

Screen Play: The story line for ‘Drysuit Conception’ will span several installments in 20 minute videos. It begins with the heroine in a pool side dressing room inserting the Milex diaphragm she uses for flood insurance, then donning a deep pink shoulder entry Northern Diver drysuit (similar to the one shown in the photo at the top of this entry) before diving alone learning to regulate her buoyancy. During her training she nearly dies when her neck seal is slit by a bikini clad jealous rival flooding her suit and trapping her on the pool bottom where she is left to drown.  With creativity and a major effort she manages to get out of the pool by herself and lies exhausted on the pool deck too weak to get out of her drysuit.  

A man enters the pool area finds her and helps her out of her tank harness. Getting her on to her hands and knees he helps her get her head and arms out of the suit. Then kneeling between her legs he pulls the suit down over her hips where it lays in thick folds around her thighs. By that time she is somewhat aware of her surroundings and is gasping and shuddering. He leaves her on her hands and knees with legs spread trapped in the heavy fabric and boots while he pushes her thong bikini to one side exposing her vulva. He spreads her labia and inserts two fingers in her vagina searching for a cervical barrier. He inserts a finger between the vaginal wall and the diaphragm rim, breaks the seal and pulls it out and when she turns her head to see what’s going on and opens her mouth to ask he stuffs it in her mouth as an effective gag. She can taste her fertile cervical mucus secretions along with the lactic acid spermicide that fills the dome. Her tongue can’t dislodge the rim jammed behind her upper teeth and she can’t use a hand to remove it as she needs both of them to prevent falling on her face.

She is so glad to be alive that when he mounts her from behind she enjoys their encounter during which he gives her a mind-blowing G-spot orgasm and holds her in ecstasy until she faints. After their intense encounter she is so exhausted that her faint turns into a deep sleep on the pool surround still partially in her drysuit. Later as she regains consciousness she is startled to find her diaphragm in her mouth and realizes she was not thinking clearly when she let him pull it out and stuff it in her mouth and wonders if the EC drug ellaOne in her purse in her locker will be enough to prevent her from becoming pregnant.  When she wakes up her lover has disappeared leaving only his liquefied semen draining out of her and a wonderful memory of the ecstasy he gave her with such an amazing orgasm.

Eight weeks later when she finds she’s pregnant and goes for an abortion she recognizes the father of her baby. He is a gorgeous young Gyn at the clinic, but not the one who performs the vacuum aspiration sucking out the small amount of reproducing tissue ridding her of the consequences of her drysuit rape encounter. She did have time to notice that he was wearing no wedding band. Before leaving the clinic she asks the receptionist who the young doctor is and decides to meet him socially as she desperately wants more sex with him.

Ruptured neck seal training: One popular scenario for dive porn is the damsel –in-distress who when saved ravages her dive buddy to show her lust for life after a narrow escape from drowning in her flooded drysuit. To properly video the escape scene the actress whose neck seal is slit – often in films by a jealous woman trying to kill her for having an affair with her boyfriend – needs to know how to safely get to the surface by herself with limited air and no external buoyancy device.  For this sort of escape scene a stunt-double is often used.  

I am teaching Taryn’s stunt-double, one of the more experienced actresses, how to intentionally invert herself to inflate the legs of a drysuit with a torn neck seal so she can reach the surface and the dive platform of a yacht or the walk-out ledge or the shallow end of a training pool where there are ladders or the water is shallow enough that the diver with the torn neck seal can climb, walk or crawl out of the water. It’s takes a lot of core strength when at the surface to basically do sit-ups with the tank on your back to grab the platform, ladder or ledge to get your head above the surface. Fortunately as dancers the girls all have that ability.

The use of a stunt-double for most of the dangerous scenes is to minimize liability for injuries, limit the number of hazard pay bonuses and minimize equipment damage, in this case the number of neck seals that need to be slit.  I’m working with her and one or two other girls who want to learn how to save themselves if a neck seal fails. The Divemaster has a supply of Northern Diver latex neck seals to replace the ones intentionally slit and any others than might leak.  

Vaginal flood insurance: The porn actresses are all quite young and some are very shapely with wide hips and lovely large, high, firm breasts, only a few of which have been augmented with implants. However, there is a growing market for actress/divers with ballet experience and Balanchine bodies so Taryn is recruiting from the dance schools and ballet companies. These days most porn actresses are on LARC methods, usually copper bead frameless GyneFix IUDs with the strings removed so they can work menstrual sex scenes during their periods so they get bloody sex work when their friends on hormones aren’t bleeding enough for good visuals on menstrual sex videos.

Almost all the young ones want children eventually so in addition to contraception it’s important to protect their upper reproductive tracts from having water forced into the uterus when the vagina floods as it typically does during dive-sex. So they have come to me (well Taryn has on their behalf) to be fitted for cervical barriers to reduce the likelihood of having a partner’s thrusts force water through the cervix during underwater sex. It’s amazing to me that so few women realize the possibility and danger of having water forced into the uterus during underwater sex, but perhaps that’s because so few of us ever experience the pleasure of having penetrative sex underwater.

Enemas and SCUBA sex: In preparing for penetrative underwater sex a knowledgeable woman takes the usual precautions for contraception and flood control and empties her bowels and bladder before donning her swim gear. However, if she knows that she will be penetrated by a very well endowed partner she should give herself an enema to make sure her lower bowel is empty when she will be taking the thrusts of a very large penis. Failure to evacuate the bowel with an enema can lead to some very messy situations causing loss of production time and the sterilization of a lot of equipment all of which costs money for porn production companies. That is why porn actresses working for Taryn’s company are required to have enemas prior to suiting up for underwater sex scenes.

Given Taryn’s business and her fondness for sexual encounter parties the women’s dressing room at the underground pool at Cunt Castle was sized with the need in mind to care for a large number of simultaneous users. It has ten toilet stalls so none of the actresses has to wait in line for toilet time. A very good thing when we all are giving ourselves enemas simultaneously or are menstrual.




  1. My wife and I have had scuba sex many times. How deep can we copulate safely without her using a cervical cap?

    1. Hi Dan, welcome to my world! I'm glad you and your wife enjoy SCUBA sex.

      >How deep can we copulate safely without her using a cervical cap?

      Well that’s the thing; there is no absolutely ‘safe’ depth. There is risk even in a hot tub although having water forced into the uterus is relatively rare. It’s dependent on a great many things such as: the couple’s anatomies; how tight she is and how hard he is and if she is fertile when the cervix is ‘ripe’ - high, soft and open. In theory a woman on hormonal contraceptives is less likely to have water forced into her uterus because her cervix does not ripen since she doesn’t become fertile and in addition her cervical mucus thickens. The vagina often floods during penetrative underwater sex especially if the woman is on her back and the labia are parted when he fingers her G-spot and parts them in preparation for inserting himself.

      If you want to be safe w/o using a diaphragm or FemCap then have her insert a nitrile FC2 female condom before she goes into the water. When you enter her inside the FC2 that should limit any vaginal flooding to inside the condom so the hydraulics of your thrusting should force the water out around your shaft not into her uterus. While the visual of the large outer ring hanging out may not be a turn-on the FC2 is usually available from most pharmacies while a cervical cap or diaphragm should be fitted and Gyn visits are expensive.


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