Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sex and the push-up bra

Adjustable racer-back details of front close extra lift bra

The photo: The racer-back of a VS So Obsessed front-close push-up that provides extra lift which in fetish circles is sometimes called a ‘razor-back” because of the number of elastic back bands that have been slit - or weakened so they come apart while the wearer is on the dance floor - by jealous rivals usually in a fetish club ladies’ loo using a razor blade paint scraper as an offensive weapon. A box cutter will work as well though I think it’s too heavy and bulky to conveniently carry in a clutch while clubbing. Because costume sabotage is common among competitive women it’s always a good idea to go into the ladies loo of a fetish club in pairs to watch one another’s backs.

Sex and the push-up: For Balanchine bodied ballerinas like me; long legs and neck, short trunk, small breasts and head the push-up bra is a necessity when out clubbing at venues where there is a need to show cleavage. The extra lift gives me (a B-cup with lactating breasts) amazingly deep cleavage that when worn with a revealing top guarantees a man will have a hard time looking me in the eye when talking to me because he can’t get his eyes off my cleavage. When that happens I can sometimes see the drape in his slacks change as he becomes hard and fanaticizes about cumming on my chest and watching his semen drain down my cleavage and my pelvis begins to tingle as I start to become aroused. I’m shamelessly brazen when the mood strikes me, especially when I’m fertile, so thinking about what he might do to me if I could get him alone gets me wet and all because I’m wearing a push-up. Marvin has no idea wearing a push-up affects me so strongly that way.

Extra lift front closure bras are amazing to breast feed in too and it’s such a surprise to a new man when I offer to let him milk me.  I love playing with a man’s mind like that while feeling amazingly desirable, feminine and very attractive and it works not just with men I meet for the first time, but with the men I’m around all the time as well; Marvin, Chris my Gyn, Alexei and Jack to name a few.

Veronika and her Ben Wa set: Returning readers will recall that Veronika is the ballerina daughter of my close Belgravia neighbor and Russian ex-pat Alexei. She asked me to help her increase her pelvic skills and one of those is Pompoir, being able to milk the semen from a man while he remains stationary inside her.  It’s what I use to call ‘ripple grip’ which I think better describes that muscle flexing technique. The primary training device for isolating and strengthening of the vaginal muscle sets to be able to milk a man effectively is a pair of Ben Wa balls.  I have her training with a one inch diameter surgical stainless steel set.

Each ball weighs 2.307 oz.) for a total of 4.614 oz. of steel, more than a quarter of a pound and she has become proficient in moving the balls up and down her vaginal barrel while performing household tasks and can even hold them in place in pointe class doing jumps and développés while en pointe. Pompoir is said to be one of the sexual skills that Wallis Simpson used on King Edward VIII that made him so in thrall to her that he abdicated the English throne in order to marry her.

The Mares Trick is far too advanced to be teaching at this point in her training, but being able to successfully accomplish Pompoir is an important requirement on the way.

She has been trying out her penis milking skills on several of her ballet partners and has set off something of a rivalry between them for her attention. However, she is still looking for Mr. Right while enjoying Mr. Right Now. That’s quite similar to what Morning Wood and I are doing, enjoying secondary sexual partners to take advantage of situations that arise and to fill urgent needs when we aren’t together.  As the saying goes “when I’m not near the man I love I love the man I’m near.”

The contraceptive sponge and pregnancy: In our clinic we have recently seen several women testing positive for hCG after using the Today sponge. The Today contraceptive sponge is not currently available over-the-counter in the UK, but can be purchased on the Internet. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone produced by the syncytiotrophoblast, a portion of the placenta following implantation. The presence of hCG is detected in pregnancy tests. has Today sponge vaginal contraceptive sponge – box of 3 for 17.36 GBP which depending on how much sex you have might be a good deal compared with condoms.

The Today sponge contains the spermicide Nonoxynol-9 (N9) and is supposed to be capable for protecting against pregnancy for an unlimited number of acts of IC over an interval of 24 hours and should be removed no earlier than 6 hours after the last act of IC and should not be worn continuously for more than 30 hours. When it first came available in the U.S. it was advertised as being effective for 48 hours, two days, which is how the Today sponge got its name.

We had another walk-in patient who wanted help removing a sponge that had been forced into her posterior fornix by a well endowed partner. She has short fingers and freaked out when she found it was off her cervix and she couldn’t reach it. She could have used a long handled spoon to tease the sponge out from behind her cervix, but was too upset to think clearly. We removed the sponge soaked with her fertile cervical mucus and semen and gave her the EC pill ellaOne.

Happy Easter: I’d like to wish my readers the blessings of the Easter season. Even though I’m a Priestess of the Goddess Aphrodite I respect the beliefs of my readers of all different faiths.


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