Friday, April 24, 2015

Nancy gets fucked, drysuit masturbation

An actress having her Wi-Fi fertility monitor checked before a dive
The photo: Actresses and birth control. Women using Natural Family Planning (NFP) can wear a vaginal fertility monitor chip in their diaphragms connected by Wi-Fi to test cervical secretions for signs of fertility. Not that the girls need it for contraception with a GyneFix IUD implanted, but use it to track where they are in their cycle so the director can schedule scenes involving reproductive tract secretions after s/he is assured they will have the proper secretions – fertile cervical mucus or menstrual flow – for scenes in which they will be performing.

Drysuit Masturbation: With a properly fitted and correctly inserted silicone sports-plug it is very easy to masturbate in a drysuit. When I’m alone and need dive-sex I can insert a sports-plug, don a drysuit and an OTS Guardian FFM and sink to the bottom of a pool. I vent all the air from the suit adjusting the crotch squeeze so it pushes on the plug then rock back and forth while the head of the plug caresses the shaft of my clitoris. The head is far too sensitive to be touched this way.

Taryn has asked me to perform in a short how-to video to demonstrate how to insert the plug so it caresses the shaft of the clitoris and how to adjust the squeeze of the drysuit to get extremely intense clitoral orgasms from drysuit squeeze.

The Gaynor fitter: Nancy, the lovely 26 y/o ex-dancer and expert Gaynor Minden pointe fitter who traveled with us to the porn film site at Cunt Castle was so excited to be fitting women she and her lovers had seen in the videos they enjoyed during foreplay. I knew she was between boyfriends and asked Taryn if she thought her male actors would mind having sex with Nancy as she loved watching their videos. I knew what the answer would be as Taryn had mentioned before that the men got tired of sex with the same women so a new female conquest would be quite welcome, she just needed to pass the full panel STI exam and be sure to use an effective form of contraception because the men preferred to have sex unprotected. Most of the women didn’t care who the men fucked and rather enjoyed the extra time there wasn’t a man inside them as the men concentrated on trying to fuck both Nancy’s and my brains out. It was such fun!

Before Nancy began fitting the women Taryn introduced her to all the cast and crew of the video paying particular attention to the men. Nancy was thrilled to be working with a group that contained so many men with large penises who can use them to pleasure the woman they are with. Chris gave her the STI and serum pregnancy tests and rushed the results through the lab. All were negative as expected so she was safe to have sex with some of the most frequently tested and famous male porn stars in the western world. She had been fitted with a standard (6 copper bead) GyneFix frameless and stringless IUD a year ago so I gave her an ultrasound to make sure the GyneFix was where it is supposed to be. And just in case she was asked to play a bit part in a pool scene I fit her with a 70mm Milex Omniflex (coil spring) diaphragm to use as flood insurance w/o spermicide in the dome and she is strutting around Taryn’s mansion with her diaphragm inserted and en pointe just as I am as we are setting an example for the other girls who are expected to wear GM pointes and stay on their toes as pare of the new training regimen to strengthen and tone their feet and legs.

Being continuously in toe-shoes and always walking around en pointe did not occur without complaint from most of the actresses, but they realize it builds stamina and the Gaynor pointes with hard shanks take a lot of the pain and effort out of doing it compared to wearing the Freed, Bloch or Grishko pointes they had previously worn for performances or ballet porn scenes. So after two days Nancy and I were accepted as members of the group and the men took turns fucking her brains out. She is having such a marvelous time! She was sore for the first day or two, but there is a smile on her face a bounce in her step and fresh semen draining from her vagina every day we are here.

Pointe-shoes, ballet-boots and Achilles tendonitis: The Achilles tendon attaches your calf muscles to your heel. This tendon is used to jump, walk, run, and stand on the balls of your feet. Continuous, intense physical activity, like running and jumping, can cause inflammation of the Achilles which is known as Achilles tendonitis. The main symptom of Achilles tendonitis is a feeling of pain and swelling in your heel as you walk or run. Other symptoms include tight calf muscles and limited range of motion when flexing the foot.

For women who take pointe and are only in toe-shoes for 45 minutes three times a week and aren’t in high heels continuously all they need to do is stretch properly before and after pointe classes to protect their calves and Achilles tendons. For professional ballet dancers and women into the BDSM lifestyle in restrictive footwear such as pointe-shoes or ballet-boots like me and some of the young women in my circle where we are on our toes for extended intervals there are other exercise regimens and negative heel footwear that will help protect out calves and achilles tendons.

Ballet-boot stamina training: Nancy who is a former ballet dancer and like me is deeply into restrictive footwear is helping me teach Taryn’s porn actresses how to safely wear pointes and ballet-boots for extended intervals w/o damaging their feet and legs.  Taryn’s girls have all been properly fitted with good quality leather ballet-boots from a small custom boot shop here in London. The boots are £1,400 a pair and the toe-boxes are reinforced so they won’t collapse and the heels won’t break off easily. The boots aren’t as good as Gepettos both in looks and reliability, but they are excellent for the price how the girls are using them.  

We are leading the girls on runs and stair climbs in their boots. A few thought we were kidding when we said we were going to take them on runs and go up and down stairs in ballet-boots, but they soon found I don’t joke about a training regimen. Having me lead them gave them an appreciation of what great shape I’m in (I can hear them mutter, “For a 44 y/o.”) but I can run a girl who could be my daughter into the ground trying to keep up with me. It only takes one time for a girl to bloody her toes because her boots weren’t laced tight enough to focus the student’s attention on really tightening their laces before a training session. Toe tape and toe pads help, but the laces have to be very tight across the insteps to be able to perform in them properly.  


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