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The Mare’s Trick and contraceptive sabotage

Afterglow: bare legged in well worn GM play shoes

The Photo: Floored! Napping bare legged in Gaynors after performing Pompoir and the Mare’s Trick with clenched thighs and pelvic muscles while penetrated from the rear by Marvin. I love it when our passion is so great he takes me on the carpet.

The Mare’s Trick: clenching the thighs and pelvic muscles to prevent a man’s penis leaking blood and losing his erection during his refractory period after ejaculation. With skill a woman can keep her lover continuously hard between a series of his orgasms. Performing Pompoir (penis milking) and the Mare’s Trick takes considerable skill and effort and I’m fortunate that I almost always have an unbelievably intense orgasm at the end that puts me to sleep during afterglow. I know it sounds strange, but having my toes packed tightly in the blocks of Gaynor pointes while I’m milking a lover’s erection or have it trapped inside me gives me additional reassurance that I’m in control.

Menstrual cycling and barrier usage: As this is written (on Sunday 4/12/15) I’m CD9 and newly fertile. I finished my period with a Milex Omniflex inserted for flow control on CD6 because I’m not concerned about contraception during my menses since I have stable cycles and don’t become fertile until CD8 or 9 so the wide internal rim flange of the Milex provides the best seal for menstrual flow control if the wearer isn’t concerned about the possibility of becoming pregnant from a partner under-thrusting the coil spring rim of an Omniflex.  I switched back to an Oves cap this past Thursday when I stopped spotting. I love wearing Oves as it’s so tiny that I can take a very large man in my posterior fornix w/o him feeling it.

The Duke of M****’s new mistress:  Returning readers will recall that in my post for March 27th “The reburial of Richard III” His Grace was to start interviewing candidates for a new intimate companion. I wrote:

“Ashley (Jack’s fiancée) was to introduce him to a dancer friend as his former ballet dancer mistress has returned to Russia to recover from an abortion and to begin performing again with the Mariinsky. He is now interviewing sexually adventuresome ballet dancers Ashley’s age looking for a new intimate companion.”

After more than two weeks interviewing the seven possible candidates “in depth” he selected a 23 y/o soloist with the première ballet company in England headquartered here in London. Her name for her appearances in my blog will be ‘Verity’ (not the name she dances under) and I met her when she came to our clinic for the obligatory full STI panel and serum pregnancy test prior to her initial meeting with His Grace. All seven candidates passed through our clinic for testing prior to meeting with the old bull and I thought she would be the one he would choose as her attitude and looks are quite similar to mine though she is not nearly as dominant, but still will provide him a challenge. The deciding factor though was almost certainly when His Grace found out about Verity’s being SCUBA qualified and her delight in dive-sex as she becomes very aroused even when talking about sex in a hostile environment and she has her own OTS Guardian FFM for diving.

His Grace has almost no women other than me who will dive the Crag Abbey cistern with him for dive-sex even though the water is filtered and heated so that’s pretty high on a mistresses must-have abilities. He has often told me he wishes he had met me twenty years earlier. Not that that has stopped him from inseminating me every chance he gets and I suspect he will continue to want sex with me even with Verity in residence. That could be a problem for both His Grace and me as I’m not sure how possessive she will become with him. She already knows he will never marry her so perhaps she won’t care all that much as long as he doesn’t embarrass her by flaunting his other trysts. Verity and I get along well right now and she is depending on me to help her develop her pelvic skills so I will have her working with Ben Wa ball sets to isolate and manipulate her PC muscled sets for Pompoir and eventually, if she wants to expend the effort, the Mare’s Trick.

Pompoir: The Urban dictionary has the best definition of the term I’ve seen so far, which reads in part:

“Use of the vaginal muscles to milk the penis. Linguistically, this is a French corruption (via the Portuguese) of the original Tamil place-name Pahmpur or Pampur, which is the Dravida Kurumba Pulayam city where this esteemed practice originated.” The link is:

Verity gets a GyneFix, FemCap and Reflexions: Now that His Grace has made his choice and Verity accepted it she came back to the clinic to have a full size, six copper beads, frameless IUD - with the strings removed so she can safely wear a cervical barrier - implanted. And because she will be having dive-sex I fit her with a 22mm FemCap for shallow dives (down to 25 feet) and a 75mm latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm for use at unlimited depths. With a GyneFix implanted she won’t need the barriers for contraception, but will need them for ‘flood insurance’, to prevent the hydraulics of a lover’s thrusts from forcing water into her uterus during dive-sex.

Mews entrance Eaton Square: To give His Grace and Verity some privacy while he tested her skill at dive-sex I let him use the pool at Blackthorn House, Eaton Square. On the back of the property there is the mews entrance. You can drive through a massive timber and steel door into a small courtyard to unload supplies and carry away refuse. It’s also the way the air tanks and associated equipment for diving is gotten to the pool area. It’s quite private so guests can arrive and depart with hardly anyone knowing.

Club hygienic products and pregnancy: One of the rubber fetish clubs in London – not the one owned by the Blackthorn Trust - had been getting a lot of complaints from women who are members and frequent users that they are becoming pregnant from sexual encounters at the club.  Even though there are few women members and clubs try to attract them (because they in turn attract more men) at first club management paid no attention to the complaints until one woman threatened to go to the tabloid press. At that point the club asked our clinic to quietly investigate to see if there could be any possible club involvement in the member’s pregnancies.

The first thing we found was that the women were all on hormonal birth control and none had their partners wear condoms. We ran blood tests, but it had been too long since the encounters of concern and the blood tests were negative for any suspicious substance. Two of the pregnant women were on Nexplanon, the single rod implant releasing etonogestrel. One was on the Mirena IUD that releases Levonorgestrel and two were using NuvaRing which releases a combination of ethinyl estradiol and etonogestrel and is worn in the vagina continuously for three weeks before removing for a withdrawal bleed.  So it was unlikely that any of them had been using their method incorrectly that would interfere with releasing the hormones.

I immediately suspected an employee of the club intentionally planting a contaminated hygienic product of some sort one that would be used each time a woman came to the club.  So what items supplied by the club would be commonly used by women members and could any of them be easily tampered with? Suspicion quickly centered to the supplies in the women’s loo; aloe wipes, hand cream, boxes of nitrile exam gloves similar to the ones available in the bar and each of the encounter sallies that are snapped on before fondling a partner’s genitalia and tubes of a water soluble gel-lube to lubricate the gloved fingers or penis before inserting them in the woman’s vagina. The lube is heavily and frequently used as some women on hormones find its difficult to get wet with their natural lube even with considerable foreplay.

We clandestinely gathered and tested samples of each item that might be used to distribute a progesterone agonist/antagonist, something similar to ulipristal acetate that is used in the EC ellaOne, which binds to the progesterone receptor. Using a progestin for contraception and another med that binds to the progesterone receptors together could reduce their hormonal methods contraceptive efficacy. Returning readers may recall that the instructions for using ellaOne say:

 “After using ellaOne, if a woman wishes to use hormonal contraception, she should do so no sooner than 5 days after the intake of ellaOne, and she should use a reliable barrier method until the next menstrual period.”  

Lube gel tampered with: What we found was the tubes of water-based lubricating gel had all been replaced with counterfeit ones that included  a chemical that binds to the woman’s progesterone receptors for at least twice as long as ulipristal acetate, at least ten days. The pregnant club members were all frequently in the club to pick up Mr. Right Now so their hormonal contraception was quickly sabotaged.  The switch couldn’t have been going on very long or other hormonal users would have noticed fertility symptoms and full period bleeds rather than just a light withdrawal bleed or perhaps no bleed at all if they were enjoying the absence of their periods. An intense interrogation of the employee who was responsible for distributing the tubes of lube got an admission of guilt, she was paid by a rival club, and more of the sabotaged gel was found in her locker.

Fortunately the pregnancies were detected within the first few weeks and all were terminated through vacuum aspiration at our clinic and were paid for by the clubs insurance. There will also be a quick cash settlement if the individual women agree not to sue the club and no one wants the publicity that would bring.  

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