Monday, October 19, 2015

Menstrual ballet-sex and body doubling

Posing for Morning Wood before menstrual ballet-sex

The Photo: Wearing tights over a thong-back leotard and a Reflexions flat spring diaphragm I’m CD2 and prepared for menstrual ballet-sex. I’m posing for a photo of Morning Wood’s latest pointe fetish, menstrual ballet-sex, with me in red satin Gaynor Mindens.

Morning Wood and red satin pointe shoes: Returning readers will recall that Marvin AKA Morning Wood, my former psychiatrist and sometime lover, has a delusion that when I wear his dead wife Jenna’s Bloch Alpha S0104 pointes I become her. Given that the supply of Bloch Alpha shoes she had is finite I’ve been trying to guide his fetish toward a pointe maker that suits me better. Shoes that are more comfortable and that last longer, Gaynor Minden, not that Jenna’s shoes don’t fit me amazingly well considering. I think absence has made Marvin much more ardent this past weekend even though my wards who are at school at Cambridge report that he has been seen with Grad school girls on his arm. But then who am I to begrudge him sexual release when I crave intimate companionship as well while we are away from each other.

I don’t want to give the impression that I don’t care, I do and I just want him to be safe. That’s why I’ve had the Grad school students he is being intimate with checked out to make certain they are on LARC which they are, hormonal IUDs in the cases of all three girls, and are free of STIs. It wouldn’t do his career any good to have him impregnate a student lover, not that wouldn’t give his ego a huge boost, briefly. I’m just protecting what’s mine. I want to give him a bit of slack on his psychological penis leash not castrate him. I think his being away at Cambridge is working since when we are together he talks openly about how tight I am – no one else has been able to give him Pompoir – and the other women just provide him relief, not that he isn’t kind and considerate with them.

Since Nikolai was dancing in Romeo and Juliet this past weekend at the ROH Marvin, now a Cambridge Don (at least for this year) came down from Cambridge to keep me company for the first several days while I’m menstrual as I tend to become sexually insatiable then and need a man or men who enjoy menstrual sex. Nikolai understands and I’ve let him know that it’s perfectly all right to bring home one of his ballet Odalisques for sexual release and I’ve had a suite opened at Blackthorn House for his use while Marvin is with me. I know all his Odalisques who returning readers will recall I hand picked for him so when he gets home from the theater, Marvin and I are often up, we will unwind together before we all go to bed.

Since we have been together Marvin has become an ardent connoisseur of menstrual sex as his wife would never have sex with him while she was menstrual so he is extremely ardent during my periods. My circle know that when I wear red pointes I’m menstrual and that idiosyncrasy has trained Marvin when in my presence to become erect and anxious to give me orgasms to relieve my cramps and leave me draining his liquefied semen mixed with menstrual discharge. Actually, he doesn’t really need my pointes color code to tell as he has a keen sense of smell and could tell from my pheromones – not my pelvic musk – when I’m menstrual and wearing a Diva cup as well as when I’m fertile.

Diaphragms for flow control: Depending where I am in my menses I will wear a Reflexions on light days and a Milex Omniflex on heavy days for flow control during menstrual sex when I’m not on thick dark colored towels on my bed or in the shower. This past weekend I was CD 1 and 2 so I wore a Reflexions which allowed Morning Wood to stretch it deep into my anterior fornix which is always a thrill for us both. Even so regardless of how strong the seal is the rim moves around a bit which will leave a sheen of blood on the vaginal walls which transfers to a lover’s penis.  Of course having menstrual ballet-sex while wearing tights is almost certain to get blood on them, but I wear nylon ones for those encounters and try to avoid dripping on them. If I can get to the toilet to kegel out his load in the 20 minutes or so before it liquefies and starts flowing out of me I can sometimes prevent getting blood on them at all.

Fitting actresses for diaphragms: Taryn’s video production company which specializes in porn videos is ramping up to produce a full length film about the Escort service, somewhat like what was done for classical ballet in the 2010 film Black Swan which starred Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. It is to be set in the mid 50s when use of the diaphragm was at the peak of its popularity in the UK. There will be no escorts losing their minds thinking that they are morphing into birds, but a lot of diaphragm fitting and insertion/ removal scenes, abortions and vanillas penile-vaginal intercourse as well as a great deal of fetish sex in pointe-shoes and ballet-boots.   

There will be body doubles in sex scenes for well known actresses if they don’t want to actually have PVI on camera, which I’m told they don’t. Tanaquil, a legendary Courtesan in her day, who is now Taryn’s Procuress, is producing and directing the film has asked me to be the body double for the lead actress since I’m her size with no tats or piercing and I can easily perform ballet-sex and give her A-list leading man Pompoir which none of the other body doubles can. Tanaquil wants to get the actor’s reaction to having his penis milked while he is fully erect, inserted and stationary inside me. He is currently unmarried (recently divorced from his third wife) so milking the penis of this gorgeous and available hunk will be every woman’s fantasy. He is in his early 40s and is supposedly marvelous in bed. However, I’m thinking of recommending he take a performance enhancer so he is less likely to go limp at an inopportune moment since I’m told he has never fucked a woman on camera before. During production of a film I mean.

The A-list actress I’m doubling can hardly stand in pointe-shoes though she supposedly took pointe when she was in high school and has been training for the role for six months. She is somewhat better in ballet-boots as she can stride with considerable confidence, but even with electrolyte and vitamin therapy her calves cramp after she stands in them for a few minutes. She is best while posing sitting putting on or taking off fetish footwear or standing briefly looking fetching while delivering her lines. So, it sounds as though I’m going to get a good bit of screen time. I’m to be listed in the credits so any one who is interested will know who was fucking the male star on cam.

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