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Fitting actresses with 60 y/o diaphragms, new pussy

A latex diaphragm made in the UK between 1950 and 1954
The Photo: A Lambutt Dalston 92 ½ mm contraceptive diaphragm. It was the style in general use in the UK shortly after the WWII. In those days diaphragm sizes increased in 2 ½ mm increments.

Porn actresses and Escorts: While both vocations are considered sex-workers there is a great deal of difference between the requirements for the two professions.  The actresses don’t have to be outstandingly beautiful just have attractive bodies, don’t need to have a killer vaginal grip or be particularly pelvically talented. Which is often a good thing because with a tight grip if not very well lubricated being repeatedly fucked hard can cause the erosion of the vaginal rugae which is not only extremely painful but requires abstaining from penetrative vaginal sex of any sort for several weeks while the vagina heals. A porn actress just needs to be able to convincingly fake passion as their male partner works himself up for the obligatory cum shot. They just need a pretty face and be willing to perform almost any sex act on cam.

An elite Escort however, needs a killer body, a beautiful face, to be well educated, have a lovely voice, be able to carry on an intelligent conversation with well educated clients and their friends and be very pelvically talented with a strong vaginal grip.

With a bit more vaginal training the Dryads could easily join the ranks of elite Escorts if they wanted to. There is such a high turnover at that level from marriage, injury and disease (not necessarily in that order) that there is always room for two more beautiful girls entering the profession.  The down side is at that level that there is an early sell-by date (generally the mid 30s) unless an individual is gorgeous and supremely talented and the Dryads are already in their late 20s. However, as they are from aristocratic families they should have their pick of husbands.

Actress’s vaginas: After all the actors both male and female as well as the Dryads and I passed full panel STI screenings and the women all had negative serum pregnancy tests to try and eliminate any potential oopses I spent several evenings fitting all the actresses, twelve of them, who were to be in the film with latex flat spring diaphragms colored to appear similar to the one shown in the photo above.  The Dryads, Bryony and Claire, wanted to be involved with the film too to gain insight from a different perspective than being a Hostess at Clever Cunts into the reasons gorgeous young men and women decide on a career in explicitly sexual films, other than the money, which actually isn’t that good and working conditions can be quite bad as well. Even as a porn actress the sex isn’t all that good either since a good bit of most plot lines have the women being mistreated.

Since the Dryads want to become practicing Psychologists it wouldn’t be a good idea to have it known that they appeared in a porn film however artistic it might be. So it was decided they would be extras as latex catsuit girls wearing full hoods on camera so they can’t be identified and with Noms de Théâtre in the credits.

Latex catsuits and menstrual ballet-boot sex: The film script that Tanaquil is working from is set in the mid 1950s in the UK. It’s about a girl from the slums who self-educates and with mentors rises through an Escort service to be the moral conscience behind a member of parliament. It would not be too far off to think of it as My Fair Lady with explicit sex.  It calls for filming at least two encounters showing the preparation for and acts of latex menstrual ballet-sex with the woman in a latex catsuit and ballet-boots made to look like those of the period. Two of the minor porn actresses who are on their periods suddenly became unavailable because of vaginal yeast infections which left openings for the Dryads to have larger roles than just looking fetching in latex as ‘stage furniture’. Tanaquil has recast the Dryads as those women. They will still be hooded or have their backs to the cam so just their hair and not their faces can be seen She recast them because they enjoy menstrual sex and show it w/o acting, have more experience with and are more comfortable in ballet-boots than her other actresses and will be menstrual at a convenient time. They are so excited to have the experience of actually being fucked on cam, performing in major roles in a porn film! Not that I’m letting them go w/o practicing with the well endowed men who will be filling them with semen.

It’s a pity that porn videos can’t capture the scents that develop during the wearing of leather ballet-boots, latex catsuits and menstrual flow during ballet-sex.  Sounds are easily captured: the hiss of the relief zipper being opened, the thud and gasp when platforms hit the floor when thrust-dropped, the creak of leather boots as weight is shifted from one foot to the other while being thrust into and the mewing, moans and screams of delight during the run-up to and at orgasm. However, the scents: the pelvic musk of a fertile female or the coppery scent of a menstrual flow mixed with the tang of latex polish and latex wet with estrogenic sweat, the scent of sweat dampened leather boots and the fragrance of her shampoo go unappreciated by the casual viewer who hasn’t provided for his own stimulation by fondling and licking the relief zipper of an unwashed latex catsuit his mistress was wearing when he fucked her and a pair of her still sweat dampened ballet-boots that he can sniff.   

Sex with a porn actor: You may be surprised to learn that massively hung porn actors aren’t necessarily all that good during a sexual encounter. Apparently the fact that they are having sex so often with actresses who fake a lot of their seeming pleasure leads some of them to not bother to give a female partner her pleasure before they pull out and spew semen for the cum shot. The cum shot is usually a close-up of him pulling out to finish the last several strokes with his fingers so the audience can see the jets of thick hot cream splatter on his partner’s face, breasts, hard flat belly or on all of them if he is a heavy hitter spewing 6 to 8 or sometimes as much as10 ml of semen in five or six jets.

With Tanaquil’s men I’m pleased to say it has been quite different. The boys who will be with Bryony, Claire and me as partners in the video have been quite attentive during our ‘rehearsals’ as the Dryads are gorgeous, tight, deep and from their perspective ‘new pussy’ and with me because I’m known for my pelvic skills as well as a financial backer for the project in addition to also being ‘new pussy’. Our men are all making an effort to give us multiple orgasms fucking us boneless to where we just seem to melt during the afterglow while we each snuggle with our lover.

Male assistance with diaphragm insertion: The script calls for the three of us to allow our partners to ‘help’ with diaphragm insertion. None of the men had ever seen a diaphragm before much less inserted one so we are teaching them how to place a diaphragm correctly; pushing the posterior rim along the back wall of the vagina and under the cervix then tucking the anterior rim up behind the pubic bone and feeling with the fingers to ensure the cervix can be felt under the dome. It can be fun as they ‘accidently’ caress the shafts of our clits so we become aroused and wet which makes the diaphragms that much harder to insert since with arousal the vagina lengthens (tents) pulling the uterus and cervix deeper into the abdomen away from a thrusting penis. Its fun and good practice for the guys who seem genuinely interested in learning to insert a partner’s diaphragm correctly.

Of course we all check afterward to make certain they have done it properly. It wouldn’t matter other than possibly being uncomfortable for Bryony and Claire since they have GyneFix copper IUDs implanted - unless the guys were going to blow air into our vaginas where the diaphragm would be needed as a gas guard - but for me since I use a cervical barrier as my primary method it could mean the difference between safe sex and an unplanned pregnancy. That’s why I always ‘double bag’ with an Oves cap screwed down tight on my cervix under the diaphragm when playing with a man unless I’m menstrual when there is no possibility I will become fertile.   

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