Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sex at Dover Castle

A stone staircase in one of Dover Castle’s towers

Arrival at Headlong Hall: Nikolai, Bryony, Claire and I traveled aboard The Dragon, my two car private rail-office, attached to the train departing St Pancras International at 7:04 AM and arriving at Canterbury West at 7:57 AM. Lord A**** sent two Land Rovers to the station to pick us up and take us to Headlong Hall. Brigitte, Alistair’s lovely young ballerina 4th wife had invited three of her female dancer friends and a few of their male dancer friends from the POB for the Halloween house party as well. As soon as we had settled in Alistair took the men skeet shooting for the rest of the day. Brigitte took all the girls for a tour of the grounds then after a light lunch took us on a tour of Canterbury cathedral.

Friday evening Alistair and I compared notes planning my costume for fetish ballet sex at Dover castle which he wanted me to see. Actually, he wanted to fuck me in a fetish latex ballet-sex encounter with me in a rubber catsuit and leather ballet-boots while on a rampart of the castle at sunrise while I was fertile. Actually I had ovulated on Friday but an egg can still be fertilized 24 hours after release so I was still fertile. It was one of his fantasies that I was pleased to be able to help him fulfill and if we hadn’t done it then we wouldn’t have been able to do it for a few months since the castle will revert to winter hours the first of November.

We left Headlong Hall at 5:45 AM while the rest of the guests were asleep as sunrise was at 6:45. It wasn’t as though Brigitte didn’t know what we were going to do with me strutting out to the Land Rover dressed in a latex catsuit and leather ballet-boots with my figure on full display, but I wouldn’t be returning with muddy boots this time as I did in late September when Alistair fucked me against a mossy wall in Blean woods. So we left Brigitte and the girls to play with the male guests especially Nikolai whom she had her eye on ever since we arrived while Alistair took me on a trip he euphemistically called ‘sight seeing’, which in a sense from his perspective it was.    

Sunrise over the English Channel: Dover is only 18 miles from Headlong Hall so it was a short drive south east down the A2 and with almost no traffic it took us less than 20 minutes to get to the car park at the castle. Timing was a bit tricky since the castle hours are from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. However, Alistair, Lord A****, has a friend on the staff who let us in early and took us to the spiral stairway leading to the top of the tower so we could watch the sunrise over the English Channel. We then had several hours alone at the top of the tower. The open hours change on November 1st and the castle is open only on weekends so our timing was perfect! Fortunately it was sunny a sunny morning with relatively low humidity so visibility was wonderful and we could have seen the coast of France 21 miles to the east if we hadn’t been looking into the sun. The sun rising over the channel was gorgeous!

Ballet-boots on ancient spiral staircases: Fortunately I’m still training in ballet-boots so while I didn’t race to the top I set and kept a fast pace to the top. Alistair wanted me to go up ahead of him so he could watch my hips swing from side to side and the zipper of my custom tailored latex catsuit sucked deep in my butt cleavage as I mounted the stairs. I moved my hips just a bit more than usual to give him a really good show! Going up an ancient stone spiral stairway can be treacherous even barefoot as the stone has worn unevenly from thousands of footsteps over the years. Doing so in ballet-boots is almost as bad as climbing en pointe in toe-shoes except that there is the heel of ballet-boots to rest some weight on if the steps are wide enough to take both the platform and heel. I think trying the climb in poor quality boots would be very dangerous as the toe-boxes tend to collapse while the wearer is climbing in them and ankle support isn’t there.

However, in a pair of Gepettos lightly armored boots with the unitized titanium toe-box and shank and replaceable titanium heels the boots were as comfortable as possible and provided the support needed if my calves could stand the exertion, which with some effort I managed w/o complaint even though I was in the boots continuously for several hours.  Ankle support on ancient floors and staircases is particular important because the surfaces are so uneven and with no ankle support when en pointe in toe-shoes even if the wearer has particularly strong ankles it’s extremely dangerous!   

Afterward, I found walking down the tight spiral staircase from the tower more difficult that going up as I felt I had to hold myself back from going down too fast and loosing my footing. Perhaps it was that I was so loose and still floating in afterglow from being fucked boneless and even though I had Kegeled most of his load out on the roof the remainder had liquefied and was draining into the zipper crotch of my rubber suit where it became cold and slippery quickly which was a distraction from where I should be putting my feet.

Ballet-sex while fertile watching the sun rise: The temperature was in the low 50s (F) with a light wind from the north across the top of the tower. I was sweaty from the climb and could feel the sweat running into my boots which is why I had worn thick wick-away socks to keep me feet relatively dry. I wanted to keep my hood on but Alistair wanted to see my long red hair blowing in the wind and since I was wearing a pair of large sun glasses that kept it our of my eyes and long soft blowing hair fed his fetish I let him strip off my hood and tuck it in his jacket pocket.

He had told me what he wanted me to wear the previous evening so I had prepared. Friday I was CD14 and ovulated so even a day later I still needed to be very careful or end up carrying his child, until I could have at sucked out. Even so, I decided to wear only an Oves cap screwed down tight on my ripe, high, soft and open cervix with the removal loop in my anterior fornix – so it wouldn’t interfere with him thrusting into my posterior fornix, my P-spot, to give me an orgasm when entered from behind. I brought along one of my Death Rubber latex flat spring diaphragms if we changed our minds about in which position I was to be penetrated. I decided not to double bag even though I was fertile and had ovulated the previous morning as I have been wearing Oves alone for protection for at least ten years and have never had a pregnancy scare and because wearing a diaphragm when being entered from behind would interfere with him being able to plunge to the bottom of my posterior fornix because the rim would be in the way.

The Mare’s Trick: As I mentioned the weather was perfect and the clouds to the east over France lit up in glorious color as the sun rose behind them while Alistair stroked off thrusting into my P-spot to give us both very strong orgasms as I bent over with my elbows and forearms on one of the crenels between the merlons in the crenellated wall while I watched the sun rise. He was so gentle opening my relief zipper and fingering me to see how aroused I was. I unzipped his jeans and helped him get his erection out where I found he was already erect and dripping pre-cum. Once he entered me with my feet in second position he bent over and fondled the barrel of my clit so I came easily before he got his rhythm and his thrusts caressed my P-spot with his glans enough to give me a powerful deep pelvic orgasm. After he came I performed The Mare’s Trick for him, bringing my feet together, closing my thighs tightly and clamped down with my thigh, vaginal and abdominal muscles to hold his still erect penis tight deep inside me to prevent his erection wilting while he recycled so he could take me again. He has marvelous recycling stamina for a man his age and he did within five minutes! I let him pull out after asking him to stay inside me for a while so we could both enjoy a few minutes of the marvelous afterglow while still fully mated.  We got back at10:00 AM just in time to join most of the guests for a full English breakfast.


  1. So was Allistair going commando or did he have undies with a fly?


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