Monday, October 12, 2015

Girl-girl sex, ripe rubber

A latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm with its introducer

The Photo: A latex flat spring diaphragm which because of the softness of the dome, the marvelous heat transfer properties of latex and the flat spring rim which makes it very difficult to under-thrust is the best cervical barrier to use for barrier fetish sex even though the latex dome won’t last as long as a silicone diaphragm and some few men and women are allergic to latex. The introducer makes inserting and removing it easier for a wearer with short fingers. The Reflexions pictured is no longer being made, but our clinic can make a similar device to an individual woman’s requirements.

Girl-Girl sex with Bryony’s step-mother: It’s getting difficult to find getaway time now that the ballet company is performing Romeo and Juliet, but the weekend schedule allowed it.  Nikolai and I were invited back to Headlong Hall while Lord A**** is away in the U.S. on an extended business and golfing trip and Bryony came along. Claire had been invited as well, but it was her brother’s birthday and she wanted to be with him then.  Returning readers will recall that the present Countess, who I’ll call ‘Brigitte’, is his 4th wife who was a ballerina with the Paris Opera Ballet and at 26 is younger than Bryony. Brigitte is extremely flexible and is a hypersexual masochist as I am so we understand each other and have become friends since I became Bryony’s mentor. For the weekend Nikolai and Bryony were partners and Brigitte and I were a couple. I was CD16 and had just ovulated while Brigitte was CD12 and fertile. She has a standard (6 bead) copper frameless GyneFix IUD implanted with the strings trimmed off so she can safely wear a diaphragm w/o the worry of accidently pulling it out when she or her Lord, who is a latex fetishist, is removing her diaphragm. Brigitte has lovely firm high breasts which she enjoys having sucked. She also enjoys breastfeeding so we were a good team taking turns sucking each other’s nipples while our fingers were deep in each other’s vaginas caressing the G-spots while our thumbs were massaging the shafts of our clitorises. It’s so nice to find a lovely woman who enjoys milking me!

I was surprised to find how much I’d missed caressing the soft unblemished completion of young female skin and the scent of her shampoo, perfume and the pheromones in the sweat of her armpits while being caressed to orgasm by a lovely hard bodied very feminine dancer.  I think if we could train together for a few weeks I could move her cycle so it was in synchrony with mine. After we had given each other a long slow series of orgasms we lay spent in each other’s arms licking the sweat of one another’s breasts. It was marvelous not to have beard-burn on my cheeks and breasts from a man or have his semen draining out of me. It was just our clear musky arousal lube draining out that we could dip our fingers in and then lick it off to taste our partner’s vaginal secretions.

A threesome: Brigitte told me during our afterglow pillow-talk that she and Claire, Bryony’s first cousin, are lovers. I wasn’t surprised as Brigitte is a very beautiful woman and there is no one more aware of another woman’s beauty than a competitor for available men. Though married to Lord A**** Brigitte likes to seduce other women’s men just to keep her skills sharp. Even so she seems to draw other women to her w/o trying. Not only is Brigitte as glamorous as a Vogue model, but being married if she did accidently become preggers by a lover she could just say that Lord A**** was the father. Well, assuming the baby was Caucasian. However, Brigitte is very careful even with a GyneFix implanted since like me she works extremely hard to keep in top dancing form and would not want a pregnancy to ruin her bikini body even for a few months so she would have a vacuum aspiration and be rid of it.

I got the chance to have Claire as a lover the next night when she arrived unannounced and asked to share Brigitte’s bed with me. It was marvelous with the three of us in that huge bed. Our scent bouquet with different perfumes, shampoos, deodorants mixing with the scent of our estrogenic sweat and pelvic musk was glorious! Claire brought an additional secretion to the group as she was draining fresh semen from a friend of her father’s who fucked her just before she drove over form her parent’s adjoining estate. I found that extremely arousing before we even began to fondle one another!  By then I was CD22 and luteal having ovulated the week before and had an Oves screwed down tight on my crevice just in case a lover blew air into my vagina. You would be surprised how often that happens during girl-girl sex! 

I felt confident even though potent semen had been introduced into our threesome of reproductive age women that I was quite safe, but both Brigitte and Claire were fertile so there was a very small chance that they could become pregnant. I think that was what caused the frissson of danger we all felt while inserting our fingers in Claire’s vagina then inserting them in our own vaginas to share her coitial discharge. It ended up that I gave Claire cunilingus to suck out the remainder as she Kegeled it into my mouth. Like so many other professional ballerinas we all are completely waxed with the exception of scalp hair and eyebrows. I think that makes things so much neater as far as the female pelvic line in tight costumes and oral sex as there is no chance of getting hair caught in ones teeth.

Bryony and ballet-sex: Brigitte, Claire and I, in Brigitte's bedroom suite at Headlong Hall, could hear Nikolai and Bryony having ballet-sex in the hall outside her door as he had her bent over the balcony rail thrusting into her from behind while she was en pointe with her feet a la seconde. I knew from how he takes me during ballet-sex that his right arm was around her thigh with his hand caressing the shaft of her clitoris. He had her gasping, mewing and moaning before she screamed as she came with her vaginal contractions causing him to grunt and gasp as she milked his glans and he spewed thick hot jets of creamy semen against her unprotected cervix.  Actually, Nikolai took her twice more very quickly and she was moaning and screaming; Ohhh! Ohhh! Oh God yes! Just there!!! Yes there! While Brigitte Claire and I lay sprawled across her bed sucking quietly on one another’s nipples and giggling listening to Bryony having her brains fucked out. Since Bryony has a droll sense of humor I suspect she planned to be fucked senseless just outside her step-mother’s bedroom door as she knew we would be able to hear her as she orgasmed.

The pungent odor of a ripe latex diaphragm: I’m teaching the Dryads, Bryony and Claire, who returning readers will recall are working on their PhDs in Psychology at University College London by being Hostesses at the Costume Club (better known to the fetish community as Clever Cunts) about how to ‘ripen’ a diaphragm. It’s really only a matter of not removing the diaphragm for 48 hours after the last act of intercourse so the natural latex rubber can marinate in the female and male genital secretions. The only caveat is that that a cervical barrier or menstrual cup of any sort should not be left inserted with old blood in it. Old blood can cause a very serious infection if left in the vagina so during menstruation the barrier or cup should be removed as soon as possible. Some few latex fetishists have an acquired taste for the eye watering stench of natural rubber marinated in decomposing vaginal secretions and will pull the marinating device out of his partner’s vagina and lick the marinade off the diaphragm. A silicone diaphragm will develop an odor as well, but not to the same extent.



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