Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Diaphragm tricks, Holiday planning

One of my 80mm latex Reflexions FS diaphragms
The photo: One of my latex Reflexions flat spring rim diaphragms and a pair of my red GM play shoes. The Reflexions maker, Lamberts, stopped making them at the end of 2014. The long white polymer device in the photo is an ‘introducer’ that was once a standard insertion aid and it too is no longer being produced. You can tell how soft and stretchy the dome is by how it lays in soft folds and the heat transfer properties of latex membrane are awesome! A flat spring latex diaphragm has become a must have for ritual sex during celestial celebrations as it allows me to cycle naturally while protecting me from the common consequences of sex with a virile and unprotected man.
Diaphragm tricks: To increase the strength of the seal (the suction) in the dome of a correctly sized and properly inserted diaphragm you need to express as much of the air in the dome as possible. The wearer should do that immediately after insertion by inserting the first two fingers of either hand into her vagina and press the dome against the anterior wall of the vagina and into the anterior fornix as far as it will go being sure not to damage the dome with a fingernail in the process. I wear my nails short, but even so while using the pad side of the finger the nail tip will come in contact with the dome especially while pressing it into the anterior fornix so care or a nitrile glove should be used.
Labia Labs latex (3L) diaphragms: Returning readers may recall that in March of 2012 I mentioned that Gepetto had teamed up with Labia Labs to produce a line of latex diaphragms with coil spring rims in standard sizes from 55mm to 90mm in 5mm increments. And now he has added a latex flat spring rim to take the place of the Reflexions of fond memory. He decided against producing an All-Flex arcing spring rim device because there were patent licensing costs and an arcing spring rim is needed primarily for women with lax muscle tone which is of no concern to Gepettos target market, escorts with fetish specialties and some of the tightest and strongest vaginal grips in the world.  The devices can be custom made in half sizes (2.5mm) and can be provided by special request. The Labia Labs Latex (known as 3L) line of diaphragms is now being offered exclusively through our women’s clinic here in London and only to hostesses working for Clever Cunts and Taryn’s stable of Escorts both of which are now run by one of Tanaquil’s stable masters. The exclusivity of the 3L flat spring diaphragm gives our girls a significant advantage over other escorts serving the fetish community.
The 3L line 80mm flat spring user roster: Having the Latex FS diaphragms dispensed exclusively by my clinic has enabled me to do a much better job of tracking women taking the 80mm size which is what I wear. So if an escort dies during sex with a client while wearing her latex 3LFS I know about it right away and can attempt to harvest her diaphragm before the body is sent to the morgue. In those instances the diaphragm becomes known to me as a ‘death rubber’ as it contains a small portion of its former owner’s Chi that contains all her pelvic skills and fetishes so when I wear a ‘death rubber’ its former owner’s sexual knowledge and skills become mine.
When it was announced that the Reflexions would no longer be available I despaired of ever being able to restock my ‘death rubber’ diaphragm supply, but Gepetto and Labia Labs in offering the 3L latex flat spring will allow me to continue harvesting latex flat spring diaphragms from unfortunate wearers for the foreseeable future.  
Winter Solstice, Christmas, 12th Night & Virgin Gorda planning: Trinity College Cambridge Christmas vacation is from: December 14 Monday, Last day of undergraduate and graduate classes, to January 25 Monday, Undergraduate and graduate classes begin. Being off for five weeks will allow Bea, Willow, the Dryads (Bryony and Claire) and Marvin (Morning wood) along with the girls boyfriends to spend the Winter Solstice, Christmas and 12th Night at Blackthorn Castle and then have several weeks with me along in the BVIs at my place on Lost Cove on Virgin Gorda. I was pleased that the Dryads want to spend the holidays with me rather than their parents though I think it was the lure of time in the BVIs and the possibility of multiple partners that tipped the scale in my favor.
My cycle and the moon: I’ll be fertile, CD11, on the Winter Solstice which will be on Tuesday December 22nd. The moon will be waxing and 89% visible then and will be full on Christmas Eve, Christmas and Boxing Day, December 24th through 26th. I should ovulate on Christmas day. Being fertile on the Winter Solstice is awesome as it brings good fortune from the goddess.
Training for seminarians: I’ve been engaged to provide lust training for young men studying at a local seminary. The Head Master thinks it’s best to have them knowledgeable about what temptations await them before rather than after they take vows of Chastity Poverty and Obedience. It’s a novel approach, one I don’t think many seminaries have tried with success in the past. This is my first day with them and I gave them an overview of contemporary sexual health and then paired off for individual training with the first one. The order in which I’m taking them – it will be in a delightfully outfitted encounter salle at the seminary - was decided by drawing straws.  I’m certainly looking forward to taking each one in hand and to bed for a day. They are such lovely well muscled young men and are all supposedly virgins meaning that they have never had penile vaginal intercourse.
As this is written I ovulated four days ago and I’ll be luteal for almost the next two weeks and then menstrual so I can initiate any who are interested in menstrual sex as well. I’m going to train them with neither my student nor me using contraceptive protection of any sort. That way we both will have maximum tactile sensation during intercourse. I will have a different eighteen year old spew hot, thick, creamy semen deep inside me each day and have their sperm in my tubes every day for nearly two weeks with no worry about pregnancy. What fun! As I write I’m draining the first one’s liquefied semen, the bit you can never entirely Kegel out, into the cotton gusset of my tights. That is such a sensuous feeling! What a marvelous opportunity to enjoy young men at the height of their sexual potency!

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