Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Aimée’s new ballet boots

Coked fetish model injured after photoshoot

Aimée’s new boots: I was really pleased with Gepetto when his boot-shop called yesterday to say Aimée’s toe-boots were ready. When we got there the shop manager was grinning when he told us he was able to produce both pairs a day early because they were able to use the featherweight titanium armor from another order when that customer became injured and cancelled her purchase. When I heard they had armored Aimée’s boots I went ballistic! I hadn’t authorized having armored boots made for her! Actually, I specifically told them not to and when I asked who had authorized armoring her order I was told Gepetto himself had told the shop to use the featherweight plates.

I thought about refusing the order because they weren’t to my specs, but we didn’t have time for new ones to be made and the armor only added 4 oz to each boot which, since Aimée has been practicing in a pair of Gigi’s old boots I was sure she had the stamina to perform in. However, while Aimée was putting them on and being shown how to adjust the anti-slash lacing I went down to Gepetto’s office and asked him why he had told the shop to add the featherweight armor. He pointed out that there had been an increase in puncture injuries to women even when wearing his best unarmored boots (titanium spike heels do not bend or break) and while most of the injuries were from accidents while kidding around with friends in boots there had been instances where older more experienced boot-girls had started hazing much younger girls new to ballet boots. Some of that is a sort of initiation into the entrance level of the fighting boot community and other instances seem to be from envy of younger, prettier women (boot-virgins) entering the pool of boot-girls competing for eligible men with ballet boot fetishes. He said that given the increase in incident involving new boot-girls he thought I would want Aimée’s boots lightly armored to withstand anything short of an attack by a woman in KP Fighting boots. Explained that way I was grateful – again – for his knowledge of the female ballet boot wearing community and the psychological kinks that make some of the more experienced women attack the younger ones.

I spar in KP Fighting boots at least three times a week. I’m in the senior division (40 and over) now, but Anya and I workout together and that’s enough to keep me in fairly decent shape – enough to handle anything in boots – when I’m duty manager at the casino. So Aimée watched Anya and me spar after putting on her boots for the first time. Afterward, Anya and I went to shower and change our boots for dry pairs. We left Aimée in the studio practicing moves that Anya had shown her on a training mannequin in boots and sparing armor. In the studio across the hall there was a BDSM boot-girl photoshoot underway with a lovely long auburn haired model encased in a latex catsuit and German custom made ballet boots with the shaft locks fastened. We could hear from the shouting between the photographer and the model that the photo session wasn’t going the way either wanted it to.

Boot training area risks: At Gepetto’s it’s a good idea to wear a pair of armored boots when in the far back area of the complex where the fighting studios are. That’s because there is almost always a psychological change in women once we put on fighting boots. It’s as though we become goddess of retribution, we can do no wrong and think we can’t be hurt and that sort of mindset can often lead to trouble. Things like confrontations between friends or taking offense when not acknowledged while passing in the hallway. And if a woman in boots is on an adrenaline high after a sparing match or feeling a bit menstrual or on recreational pharma that makes her aggressive that just compounds the problem making her more emotionally unstable. So the area containing Gepetto’s boot fighting studios is something of a high risk area which is why we all wear at least lightly armored boots when in that area.

When Anya and I came back down the hall after showering and changing boots we heard the soft thuds, moans and screams of boot fighting in the studio where we left Aimée. I opened the door and found the BDSM boot-girl up against the wall with the laces of her right boot in shreds and her ankle badly twisted or broken and Aimée’s left heel being thrust down behind and splitting the laces of her left boot and then Aimée’s knee pumping, repeatedly pounding the rubber-girls groin and from the way the model was screaming it was clear she wasn’t wearing pelvic protection. We pulled the girls apart and the rubber-girl rolled onto the floor in the fetal position holding her crotch and moaning her right foot flopping around, and every time it moved she screamed. By that time Gepetto’s security and the EMT unit was there. Aimée wanted to leave, but I told her I wanted her to watch the EMTs at work so she could see the damage she had done to her attacker. We watched as they cut the boot off rubber-girls right foot and found a compound fracture of her ankle which they stabilized and when they cut away the pelvis of rubber-girls catsuit they found her labia had been split and her clitoris crushed.

The video: We had asked what the fighting was all about and neither answered so after Rubber-girl was taken away in an ambulance we played the DVD from the studio’s security camera. We found that when the photoshoot was over rubber-girl strutted into Aimée’s studio and w/o saying a word shoved her against the wall and started groping her groin and breasts. Aimée was wearing only convertible foot tights over a thong bottom leo and her new boots since she had only come to pick up the boots and watch Anya and me spar. Fortunately she had a Penetrator inserted so she didn’t even get fingered, which seemed to be what infuriated rubber-girl and she twisted Aimée’s nipples which by that time were erect and obvious through her pink St Lucy’s long sleeve turtleneck leotard. Rubber-girl then tried to shred the laces of Aimée’s left boot by ramming her left heel down them, keeping her pelvis turned so she couldn’t be kneed, but with anti-slash laces Aimée’s laces didn’t shred and rubber-girl’s heel was trapped. Aimée pulled her left leg back pulling rubber-girl off balance and freed her opponents heel from her laces then stepped in while rubber-girls legs were spread and rammed her heel down the auburn haired bitch’s right laces shredding them. Rubber-girl was so far off center when her laces parted that she fell off pointe and her ankle turned at a right angle and we all gasped knowing what that meant. It was at that point that we had walked in and found Aimée pounding her attacker’s pelvis with her knee. The photographer rather that trying to separate the two was videoing the fight. Gepetto’s security took the memory stick from his camera and downloaded the images of Aimée and his model fighting before erasing them from the memory stick and giving it back. Before we left Gepetto gave me a copy of the video so Anya and I could coach Aimée on how she could have performed better in her first boot fight.

Aimée was still high on adrenaline so to calm her down we took her for ice cream after we left Gepettos and over chocolate fudge sundaes, cokes and coffee we critiqued Aimée’s first boot fight as we watched it on my laptop at Ben & Jerry’s. Anya and I were so proud of her being able to defend herself. It was the defensive moves Anya had taught her that saved her after the model had snorted two lines of snow at the end of her photoshoot. That was when I decided that a 15 y/o isn’t too young to start learning the basics of boot fighting and I have signed her up for beginners’ classes though all the other girls are 16 or 17 years old. I’m certain from what we saw Aimée will be able to compete successfully with the other boot training beginners.

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  1. It's great to hear that Aimee is a natural when it comes to KP fighting, or at least being able to defend herself in boots. It's like she's a prodigy of whatever she intends to do.


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