Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beavertail seduction

Lesbian escort candidates training in beavertails

The beavertail seduction jacket: The beavertail jacket is easy to get in and out of and is ideal as a dive-sex tease. In lighter moments, as a tension release, I teach ‘Beavertail Seduction’ in my Advanced Sexual Techniques class at St Lucy’s and it is a popular facet of the course. Modern copies of the vintage beavertail jacket complete with brass twist-latch crotch fasteners and wrist zippers are available in the new neoprene materials that allow more flexibility in a form fitting jacket so a girl can show off her legs while by opening the front zipper midway she can display her breasts appearing to be available while at the same time seemingly protected from the male gaze. The beavertail-girl and her admirers all knowing that in seconds with one pull on the zipper and opening two twist-latches the delights of her ripe body can be made fully accessible for a sexual encounter. The self lubricating zipper pulls and precision detent twist-latches make Gepettos faux-vintage line of beavertail jackets a must-have in any sexually active female diver’s wardrobe. Another nice thing about the beavertail jacket is that the 5 mm neoprene back protects the wearer if a rented tank harness still isn’t comfortable after adjustment or if she is pushed into and penetrated against a wall while on the surface in a training facility which often happens during training at Adolph’s.

Hoods with beavertails: I’ve mentioned the utility of hoods before, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it again because we see young divers with large sections of their long hair cut away because they couldn’t get it untangled from their dive gear after they wore it loose while on a dive. It’s undeniable that long hair floating around a divers face or streaming behind her when she is moving can be gorgeous, but entangled in hoses, valves and regulators it can limit the range of movement of a woman’s head and sometimes impair the functioning of her equipment. Hoods are ideal for controlling and protecting a diver’s long hair while also providing thermal protection and keep her hair from being used as a weapon against her in a fight. I prefer wearing a hood for an additional reason. I think it adds an element of mystery about me showing the shape of my head while hiding the color and style of my hair and a hood provides an element of anonymity concealing my long auburn hair when I’m trying to go unnoticed.

Our ‘Rapture’ celebration: The get-together at Adolph’s Saturday afternoon (5/21) with a small group of friends was to celebrate the passing of yet another end-of-the-world pronouncement with no apparent effect. Was Harold Camping's ‘prediction’ a scam to suck millions from the credulous, or does he just need a new calculator? This is the second time he has missed his own prediction of an EOW date. But wait! He’s trying again! He has revised his apocalyptic prophecy, saying he was off by five months and the Earth actually will be obliterated on Oct. 21. Go figure! Will the third time be the charm? Will he scam millions more from true believers? I think we have far more to worry about from religious extremists with WMDs.

In any case, we had a great time though Diané was far more sensitive to nitrogen narcosis than any of the rest of us and couldn’t go below 100 feet w/o flooding her mask. Peter stayed with her and they had their own more or less private encounter at 80 feet while the rest of us were enjoying the buzz of nitrogen intoxication at depths between 125 and 150 feet. All the guys behaved themselves, I mean by not pulling their partner’s gas guard out, which I was a bit concerned about since some of the guys think that sort of thing is extremely funny because it leaves the girl vulnerable. Afterward Adolph had a lovely buffet of pulled pork barbecue, smoked salmon, prawns, raw oysters, caviar on toast points, and raw veggies. I thought it was pretty much a male menu, heavy on the protein, but not the usual German dishes he serves so that was a welcome change.

Big Pharma and dive-sex: Pharmaceutical representatives for the major drug houses like Pfizer, Barr, Watson, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer-Schering, Ortho McNeil-Jansen etc routinely meet with the Gyns and Nurse Practitioners at our clinic to educate the practitioners about their contraceptive products. The Pharma Reps are all young, attractive, athletic well educated women who can get and hold the attention of the (mostly male) medical professionals who are their clients. One of the Reps who I have recently become friends with works for Pfizer and until recently she pretty much ignored me. She was courteous enough, but her attention was directed toward the Gyns and PAs who prescribe contraceptives. However, after a friend with an IUD got PID and ended up with a badly scarred fallopian tube from having pool water forced into her uterus during dive-sex Ms Pfizer sought me out. She wanted to be fitted with a professional level diaphragm to use as a gas-guard during dive sex. She had heard from friends in a professional woman’s group she is in that I am the go-to girl for dive-sex protection and training.

It’s nice to be appreciated, but that’s not quite accurate because I don’t train clients who walk in off the street. I have quite enough to do working with the Casino’s escort trainees and with students in my St. Lucy’s Contemporary Sexual Health and Advanced Sexual Techniques classes which are in addition to my being AD for the casino’s ballet company. But she provided an opportunity for me to become valuable to a major Pharma Rep who has the authority to dispense samples of all sorts of meds at her own discretion. My new BFF, Ms Pfizer, is taking a Pfizer contraceptive, the continuous COC Lybrel that is taken 365 days a year (13 packs) so in theory she has no periods in a year. However, in real life that isn’t quite the way Lybrel works for many (about 60%) of the women who take it. A Lybrel blister pack contains twenty-eight (28) yellow tablets each containing 90 mcg of levonorgestrel, and 20 mcg of ethinyl estradiol and after taking Lybrel for about two years she is still experiencing occasional instances of spotting. But because her pill-periods were so painful with other pills she tried she thinks the occasional unexpected spotting is worth the bother. So she has been using an All-Flex diaphragm, inserting it daily, to prevent any possibility of embarrassing bleed-through instances when spotting.

The invitation: She has been invited for an all expenses paid weekend at The Lorelei by Adolph (he is inviting all the Pharma Reps one at a time) and she said she wanted me to give her at an overview of what to expect during dive-sex, but she really wanted more. She had heard she needed to wear a gas-guard during dive-sex and thought that her All-Flex would serve that purpose. However, she recently had an instance with a lover where he managed to under-thrust the rim of her All-Flex and left his seed in the dome. She wasn’t concerned about pregnancy, but was worried, and rightly so, that if her All-Flex was under-thrust during dive-sex she could be at risk of PID or an embolism. So she sought me out to be fitted for the style gas-guard a professional escort uses for dive sex, Reflexions, and to discuss the possibility of it being under-thrust. Additionally, she wanted to know what to expect from Adolph because she had heard I know him well.

The good news: She is not allergic to latex, has a wide pelvic ledge and a 70 mm Reflexions fits her perfectly. She is also PADI qualified for open water so at least she knows how to use her SCUBA equipment which was a big help when we went into the training pool first to practice underwater insertion with a G-spot dildo and then a bit later a male escort candidate joined us (he needed the practice) to give her her first heterosexual dive-sex encounter. I reassured her that while it is possible for a determined man to under-thrust the rim of a Reflexions it is very unlikely because it hurts the man to under-thrust a flat spring rim and it is unpleasant for the woman as well so she would know if the attempt was made. I also coached her to pay close attention to the amount of air she has left because during underwater sex you tend to forget about breath control and gas conservation. Running out of air during an encounter really ruins the mood and makes a man like Adolph very angry.

I told her he has a habit of preventing a partner who runs out of air from starting for the surface until he plants his seed inside her so that delay can be very unpleasant and sometimes extremely dangerous. While things are going his way he has the appearance of amiability. However when something goes wrong he has a very quick and violent temper, so when she is depending on him for her safety I said she should do whatever is necessary to please him. My advice initially took some of the enthusiasm out of her anticipation of the weekend, but she is determined to do whatever it takes to meet Adolph’s expectations – if it gets her a free weekend at The Lorelei – because she has heard how luxurious the spa is. She promised to let me know how her weekend at The Lorelei goes.


  1. Picture... Jill's words... Picture... Jill's words...

    Sigh... They are both great!

    Paul S.

    p.s. I'm curious, these pictures you post of diving activites... are these in your own pool Jill?

  2. Hi Paul S, very few of the photos of divers are taken in my pool. Most are taken in fairly shallow training or encounter pools during training photo sessions.


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