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Crush training

A BDSM trainee in a ‘Crush’ drysuit w/o inflator hose

In the photo above:
A BDSM trainee is wearing a shoulder entry heavy rubber drysuit with no low pressure hose connected to the inflator port, for ‘crush’ training. You can see details of her suits neck seal and the hood she wears to keep her long hair from getting tangled in her dive gear. She is on the preparation shelf and from her suits inflated chest area it’s obvious she hasn’t completely vented her suit to get as much of the ambient air out as possible before beginning her descent. She has been coached to leave as much air in her suit as she can and still have negative buoyancy as the more air remaining in her suit the slower she will descend to aid in equalization. In a suit like this with a weight belt and no BCD her descent will be uncontrolled down to a net stretched across the diameter of the well. She will have to work on equalizing as best she can and will pick up speed as she descends because the remaining air will be compressed inside her suit. Her goal, once she reaches the net at the 100 foot (30 meters) level will be to masturbate against the rubber crotch of her suit while holding her air consumption to 1.75 cuft per minute or less. She is wearing a nylon/lycra bodyskin to minimize the effect of being pinched by the rubber folds of the suit as it compresses around her. As she gains more experience in crush diving she will wear only a bikini under the crush suit or be completely nude except for nylon booties.

Crush diving is one aspect of BDSM training that I’ve intentionally avoided. I have inadvertently been squeezed in one of my fully functioning drysuits when I accidentally vented air and it collapsed around me. But since I’m lactating it is not a good idea to compress even empty breasts after I’ve pumped much less when they are filled with milk. Not only can the folds of rubber pinch and hurt like blazes, but breast compression can cause clogged milk ducts, something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

‘Crush training’ in a collapsed drysuit: Adolph uses several old heavy rubber drysuits with no low pressure hose connected to the suits inflator fitting for crush training. He uses old suits because the deflated suits ‘squeeze’ causes an even greater need to urinate than the dive itself and the trainee is not allowed to wear a diaper to absorb her urine. Without an inflator hose and valve connected the wearer is unable to control her buoyancy with the suit and needs to wear a buoyancy control device, BCD, or have a lift bag available to be able to return to the surface on her own or needs a handler to assure her safety. No crush training student is allowed to wear a BCD and her instructor, Adolph, is her handler and he will leave her at depth to reach the surface as best she can as, among other things, her ingenuity is being tested. She is not allowed to remove her weight belt so that any positive buoyancy of the empty tank (There is none, an empty the tank is -2 lbs), the air in her mask and hood would float her to the surface. The crush diver wears a single HP steel Nitrox-Ready Worthington X8-130. The specs for that 130 cuft tank are:

*Volume: 130 cubic feet (16.0L)
* Service Pressure: 3,442 psi
* Outside Diameter: 8.0"
* Weight: 43.0 lbs (empty)
* Height: 25.5 inches* Width: 8.00 inches
* Buoyancy Empty: -2.0 lbs
* Buoyancy Full: -11.7 lbs

The trainee breathes Nitrox II (36 % oxygen) to reduce her nitrogen loading on the dive and he gives her a lift bag, but no Spare Air bottle to fill it with so she needs to watch her gas and inflate the bag with the bubble stream from the exhalations of her last few breaths of gas from her tank rather that removing her mouthpiece and pushing the purge button and she must be sure to put a foot in the ascend loop before the bag gets away from her. Her performance score is heavily dependent on how long she is able to remain at depth not how little air remains in her tank when she reaches the surface because she could intentionally purge gas w/o using it. So crush training teaches tolerance to pain and breath control under adverse conditions and requires steady nerves, all important attributes for young divers (either Domme or Sub) entering the BDSM lifestyle.

Dive-sex bottom time calculations: Typically an experienced diver/escort’s surface air consumption (SAC) rate can vary between .5 and 1.1 cu ft and during orgasm it can rise to 2.5 cuft/min or more. For dive-sex training we assume an average of 2.25 cuft/min. If we assume a surface air consumption rate (SAC) for penetrative dive-sex of 2.25 cuft/min x 5 min = 11.25 cuft on the surface.

Crush training bottom time: For Crush training (with masturbation to orgasm) we are estimating an average of 1.75 cuft/min X 5 min = 8.75 cuft on the surface. At 100 fsw (4 ATA) 8.75 cuft x 4 ATA = 35 cuft divided into the tank capacity 130 cuft = 3.7. To get bottom time in minutes: 3.7x5 = 18.5 minutes and that is w/o any rock bottom time air for ascent and deco so the tank will be empty in about 18 minutes +/- depending on how good the divers breath control is. Breathing regular (21% O2) air if the trainee’s bottom time is no more than 20 minutes she needs no deco stop. Breathing Nitrox II (36% O2) her max bottom time is about 25 minutes bottom time before deco is required. So with good breath control she can get her minutes of bottom time into the low 20s if she can stand the pain of her suits squeeze.

Conception in a drysuit: It’s impossible to have penetrative sex with a man when the woman is in a sealed drysuit. However it’s not impossible for her to become pregnant if the woman had sex a few hours prior to diving and she is wearing the wrong style gas-guard. I’ve written about this before and it’s frustrating to me because this is an area that hasn’t been covered in women’s contraceptive training. We are seeing gas-guard problems more frequently now since the weather is warming up and The Lorelei guests are taking drysuit dive excursions to Lake Mead and Adolph has begun crush training in the well. I’ve tried talking with Adolph about alerting the guests at The Lorelei and his BDSM students who use diaphragms as gas-guards and I’ve talked to both guests at The Lorelei and his students when I meet them, but they don’t seem to understand, until it’s too late.

After Adolph tampers with a woman’s hormonal birth control all she has as backup is her gas-guard and if she remembers what it was like to be fertile before she went on hormones she may use a diaphragm for contraception and feel she is well protected. But the diaphragms that European women are most often fitted with are Milex, which is popular in the EC and will protect them in typical residential swimming pools but neither rim style, arcing or coil spring, will protect them on a dive below 30 feet. As I’ve written so often before they need a Reflexions flat spring rim diaphragm that won’t distort due to pressure during a deep dive and it’s frustrating to try and help and get rebuffed and then I’m sought out when they are in trouble from something that could have been easily avoided by using the proper protective equipment.

So there they are typically having sex in their suites or in ballet class the morning of a deep dive and with fresh semen still in their vaginas are sealed into a drysuit and descend deeper than 30 feet either on an excursion to Lake Mead or in The Well during crush training. The women use no spermicide since they are protected by the pill - so they think – and therefore are in the habit of wearing their gas-guards dry (w/o spermicide) and rim of the diaphragm they are wearing distorts, leaks and semen is suckled into the dome and sperm swim into the diver’s cervix. By examining the fluid collected in the dome when a woman removes her gas-guard she can get an idea if it leaked and she is in trouble or not. But, most of the women haven’t been taught to examine the fluid in their diaphragms immediately upon remove. The fluid can be a mixture of liquefied spermicide, fertile cervical mucus (FCM), natural lube from the anterior vaginal wall, or semen that leaked past the rim. If they were familiar with the differences and something looked suspicious they could take ella right away, but even with the ones who suspect many are reluctant to take EC hoping that they are safe and that none of the fluid was semen leakage and two weeks later they miss their periods and test positive for hCG.

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